Pamela Informs the Tarts

Summary: This post talks more about how the Pamela Allen class with CQFA  will inform the Tarts Come to Tea.

I find that a good class will inform my work in a way that other experiences don’t. I don’t see quiltmaking in a vacuum. I see it related to other art and that is one of the benefits of taking a class from Pamela Allen. She really brings her training in art to the quiltmaking/fabric collage world. Her comments about artists in other media really enrich my quiltmaking experience.

After sleeping on my class experiences I went up this morning to look at the Tarts. There are things I like about it and things that really need improvement. I actually wonder if I should just start over and make the piece in the style I worked in over the past couple of days? I am loathe just to toss all the work I have done, so I came up with a different solution.

When working with Pamela, she suggests putting a background down (which has already been layered with a back and batt) quickly and then cutting pieces to put on top of the background. One of the things that I liked about this method is the layering. I have had layering and the way it creates textures on my mind lately and the class experience solidified some of what I was thinking about.

With the Tarts, I think I will finish my plan so that I have a solid top. Instead of, then, sending it out to be quilted, I will put some kind of stabilizer, or additional stabilizer on it and then add another layer of fabric to the top in the Pamela Allen style. I think that will add movement to the piece and make it more interesting.

Tarts Kettle
Tarts Kettle

I have always wanted to add some stitching and embellishments and will do that after I get the piece quilted.

The Tarts, as they are now, reflect my A type personality and I want to move the piece beyond that buttoned up feel to the piece. The motifs are interesting and the fabrics are fun, but it really needs movement.  I took another photo of the entire Tarts and plan to print it out. Once I do that I can take notes on how I want to add layers.

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6 thoughts on “Pamela Informs the Tarts”

  1. If you use a lighter weight muslin fabric for your base, then add layers with a light weight fusible web like Misty Fuse, it will keep your quilt from getting too bulky. Or you could just crazy quilt the whole thing with decorative stitches…I’ve seen some beautifully layered art quilts that were done that way.
    Whatever you end up deciding, I’m looking forward to seeing it!

  2. Beena: I was thinking of using tear away stabilizer, which is what I have been using for the machine applique. I will have to experiment, though, because I do want to be able to handstitch through the layers to add some texture that way.

  3. One of the things that could add movement is to have the steam from all the tea cups and the kettles. I SO SO love the colors and whimsy of this piece and am glad you’re not going to start over again. The steam could be done with some different kinds of fabrics perhaps, or with hand sewing and embelishments. just an idea.

  4. Kristen: since I took Pamela’s class I have been thinking about whether to incorporate some of her free cutting techniques into this piece. I was thinking of either quilting the steam in or stitching it with some kind of perl cotton. Today I had the idea to use something that looked a little smoky like fabric, but not boring like grey – perhaps one of those hard to use irridescent fabrics?


  5. YES!!!! That’s what I was thinking!! Something irridescent would look really cool. it could give a nice 3D effect too. Oh dear. Just realized the time. I need to at least pretend to go to bed!!

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