Finished: Russian Rubix

Russian Rubix Completed (front)
Russian Rubix Completed (front)

Normally, I don’t like to post until the quilt is completely done, but the binding on is good enough for me this time. I never thought I would finish the binding on this monster, but I finally did. I am only half way through the sleeve, but that will be finished soon.

I started thinking about this quilt in July of 2013, so it is under 2 years that it took me to complete it. That is pretty good for a quilt this size.

I am pleased with how it looks. I don’t find the grey background to be too depressing and the back is very fun. Both Kelly and Gerre asked me about the barcode fabric. It is from Timeless Treasures and I bought it awhile ago I found some on Etsy a few weeks ago when Kelly asked.

Russian Rubix Finished (back)
Russian Rubix Finished (back)


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    1. I don’t find this grey depressing, but because we have so much fog, I have to be careful about the colors I use otherwise my workroom becomes a dark hole rather than the happy place I want it to be. This grey works very well.

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