Bonnie Hunter released her 2019 mystery quilt on Friday. All of the clues will be posted on the Frolic! tab on her site. Normally I wait to see what the quilt looks like, but I decided to do it. One reason was that when I read through the whole first group of instructions I was, once again, impressed with Bonnie Hunter. She may not have an MQG aesthetic, but she has sound techniques and good designs.

I am mostly following her color scheme so far. There is only one clue, so that isn’t saying much.

One of the reasons I decided to do this was what Bonnie said about cutting. She said

“When cutting, do NOT leave the ruler line you are measuring by on the mat NEXT to your fabric.  Get it UP ON THE FABRIC.  Be sure the line is ON the fabric, not next to it.  Don’t leave the line on the mat.”

This is something I never have been able to find out. Nobody really taught me to rotary cut, so I never knew where the lines on the rulers went until I read this  post. I should be embarrassed to tell you, but I am not. I make quilts I love and I have good technique. It can always be better and this is me getting better.

Author: JayeL

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4 thoughts on “Frolic!”

  1. I JUST finished Ringo Lake this weekend. It only took two years. It was my second Bonnie Hunter quilt. My Mister says I am not allowed to do another Bonnie Hunter quilt! lol Truth be told, I asked him to forbid me to do another of her quilts. lolol
    Hmmmm, but now that YOU are doing it, I am more tempted. Maybe I can keep it a secret from him? hahahaha
    I could use my Acuquilt too. Perhaps that would make it easier and more accurate???

    1. Well, I don’t think that 2 years is too terrible. There ARE a lot of little pieces. I think you should make whatever project you want. Perhaps you want to wait until all the clues have been released and you see what the project looks like? That is the sensible thing to do and what I usually do. I am not being sensible at the moment for some reason. Go for it!!!

  2. Jaye,

    I just read Bonnie’s comments about cutting, and I am totally confused. I looked at her pictures in the tips and techniques and am mystified. Are the pictures pre-cutting or afterwards. I think what she saying is that the line needs to be included. If so, that may explain some of my troubles (sometimes with cutting).

    1. Yes, she is saying that the line on the ruler should be on the fabric. Her pictures are not very good. Do the test she suggests for an accurate 1/4″ seam allowance. I have had that problem with cutting as well, too.

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