Spiky Stars

Spiky Stars at Marin Needlearts Guild Show
Spiky Stars at Marin Needlearts Guild Show

This quilt was pretty innovative for me at the time. I was inspired by a Doreen Speckman class. This is the second or third quilt I made from the idea. I have ideas for more of these and I even have fabrics selected, but haven’t ever gotten around to piecing more of them. Doreen Speckman, about whom, I am sure, most of you have forgotten or never heard, was a great teacher. She was also funny and made classes a joy to take. I also took a Nosegay class from her.

Spiky Stars at Marin Needlearts Guild Show winner
Spiky Stars at Marin Needlearts Guild Show winner

I remember walking around the aisle and seeing my quilt with two ribbons, including an especially large one for Judge’s Choice and being really thrilled. I called my friend right away – from the show!- and told her.

Later, I stood and listened to a lady try and figure out how I made the quilt. I have won ribbons since, but this large and impressive ribbon still means a lot to me.

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  1. Wow, that is a blast from the past, it’s fun seeing these older pictures. I remember this beautiful quilt and the whole Peaky & Spike thing you explained to me way back when. I never got to take a class from Doreen, she sounded like a great teacher.

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