Door Prize Bag

As mentioned, the BAM meeting was on Saturday. I am in charge of the door  prizes and we are still choosing a winner despite having the meetings via video chat. Ii have a great team and couldn’t put together such great bags without them.

Woven Tote by Carrie P
Woven Tote by Carrie P

We first made items to fill the bag, then partway through the year I asked for volunteers to also make tote bags. To date I had been using random shopping bags,  which isn’t as nice. Carrie, who is actually a glass artist, made the woven tote I filled on Saturday.

It is different than a quilted/sewn tote bag. The texture is fabulous and I love the detail on the handle straps and the beaded bit hanging down.

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Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

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  1. I’m so glad you liked the tote bag I made Jaye. You have done a fabulous job of heading up this raffle gifts group. It’s been a fun group to participate in mainly because of your creative enthusiasm.

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