Thinking about Brown

Brown has come up recently and so I have been thinking about it. A friend said she thinks  of me when she uses brown. WTH?? I always claim not to use brown. For the most part, that is true.

DH Face Masks - May 2021
DH Face Masks – May 2021

Recently, however, I made some masks from brown. You probably noticed that they were brown when I posted about them the first time. DH actually looks good in brown. All three of the browns in the photo have been in my fabric closet for YEARS. It was a good time to use them and I didn’t cut carefully.

Sweet Dreams Pillowcase
Sweet Dreams Pillowcase

Sometime ago, I made a pillowcase for my mom that is actually brown, though I always call it chocolate. Calling it chocolate makes it easier for me to take. It is a rich color and I enjoyed making it. I really like the chocolate box fabric as well as the combinations of fabric I chose to coordinate.

Calm quilt
Calm quilt

My sister also likes the turquoise and brown combination. I made a quilt for her with some brown. If I made it again, I would add a LOT more turquoise, but it is ok and Lil Sissy loves the quilt.

Mostly, I don’t use brown because it is depressing. The pillowcase above is not depressing and the brown accents in the quilt are just accents, which is nice.

It seems that I have also made some things for the guild using brown. The three above are a bit depressing. I didn’t choose the fabric for the cat bed and the blocks are made from scraps.

I guess I use all the colors, even brown now and then. I don’t feel like I have to buy more brown fabric, though I did consider buying a brown hot chocolate print similar to the chocolate box fabric above at Calico Creations the other day.

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6 thoughts on “Thinking about Brown”

  1. I have a drawer of brown fabrics waiting for inspiration. Much of it was given to me, and I think it is useful for “guy” donation quilts. There are some new lines of fabric coming out (Moda’s Smoke & Rust is one, I think Art Gallery has one too) that incorporate brown + grey + cream and looks really modern. I have a couple of feather patterns that would work well with them. But–maybe in the fall–right now I want to use flower colors!

    1. I can understand the flower colors! I am excited about bright colors right now, too. I don’t even know, however, if the Fall would make me want to work in brown. Thanks for reading and commenting!

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