La Pass Month 3 Finished

La Passacaglia Month 3 complete
La Passacaglia Month 3 complete

After finishing Month 6, I went back to month 3 and finished the last bits over the weekend. I am thrilled to be completely caught up.I didn’t have that much left to sew on Month 3, but in total there was a lot to complete and it seemed to take a long time. Those thin triangles are everywhere!

I do feel slightly bereft at not having anything to work on for La Pass. I gave myself a little shake, however and started working on Gelato’s binding, which has been waiting for months.

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4 thoughts on “La Pass Month 3 Finished”

    1. Thanks! I am thrilled and trying to finish two bindings that have been languishing for months before month 7 arrives next week. Apparently, it is a beast!

    1. Thanks! I can’t take much credit for the fabrics as they are part of the BOM. Still, it will be gorgeous and my small fabric substitutions will make it unique.

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