La Pass Joined

La Pass M10 & M6 joined
La Pass M10 & M6 joined

I finished Month 10 a few days ago. As mentioned, I am waiting for Month 11 to arrive. I started looking at the piecing directions for all of the rosettes and decided to dip my toe into joining some.

I was a little stunned after working out the details and doing the sewing. I am not going whole hog into joining all the rosettes, mostly because I have nowhere to store larger pieces. I do plan to join more as I have time.

I think the two look great and I can’t wait to see more of what happens as I join the pieces


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2 thoughts on “La Pass Joined”

    1. As I said in the email I was kind of stunned after I put these two together. I am not exactly sure why. Also, not super stunned, but a feeling like “OMG! This will be a quilt sometime not just a bunch of rosettes”

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