Sew Day Again

We had an extended Sew Day again over the weekend. I took Friday off to work on the Oxbow Tote. There was supposed to be a ‘workshop’, but those of us working on the project just worked at our own pace.

Everyone else was working on things I would have rather worked on. I really should have brought some piecing and just done that.

Cyndi's medallion
Cyndi’s medallion

Cyndi has been finishing up projects lately. She brought the pieces of this medallion top and was able to get all the rest of the borders on.

I have to say that I couldn’t see where this was going before all the borders were sewn on, but finished the design is really good. It all comes together. Even the heavy red part in the center works within the whole design.

MaryC helped Gerre work on a quilt for a friend’s daughter who graduated. The pattern is Chain Link from Amy Smart, Diary of a Quilter. I have seen this quilt before, but never up close or in process and I was interested to see that it is a good use of a charm pack (or 2?). The two of them working together made good progress.

I think it must have been pre-cut weekend. ;0

Maria's blocks
Maria’s blocks

Maria was doing some blocks with a jelly roll, which she arranged in a fun and interesting way. On point the design is so fun and cheerful.

Maria is always thinking outside the box and making interesting quilts. She brings something new every week and I am so impressed with what she comes up with. I kind of want to make these blocks and do something similar.

All in all, despite my bad mood, it was a fun two days.

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  1. BTW, the on-point blocks sewn by Maria are from the Carolyn Friedlander pattern “Orla”. It’s the quilt I was collecting 2-1/2″ strips for earlier this year for a charity quilt. A fun and easy pattern.

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