Stepping Stones n.2 On the Wall

After FOTY 2016, I put the Stepping Stones n.2 on the wall. I thought of doing the Blue Gradation quilt, but I needed something relatively easy. HA! I chose wrong. This quilt isn’t difficult and all the center blocks are finished. I need to make all the border blocks and in the design of the … Continue reading “Stepping Stones n.2 On the Wall”

Flowering Snowball Update

I am progressing well on the Flowering Snowball. I seem to be able to sew about a block a night. These are hand pieced, which is why they take so long. I am trying to decide how to put the blocks together – by machine or by hand. I am thinking that I will put … Continue reading “Flowering Snowball Update”

Spiderweb Revisited

One thing I have learned (or hope I have learned)is that projects get stale for me. This means that I need to focus on them, get them done and move on. Have I said this before? I think so. I am reiterating it here. I have a stack of various sized strips I have been … Continue reading “Spiderweb Revisited”

26 Projects List Update

Shocked that I am updating you so soon? I have progress and a new categorization for the projects. Am I just making myself feel better? Probably. Here is the list, again, still in no particular order. This time I have some annotations and I am crossing things off that are well in hand: Stars for … Continue reading “26 Projects List Update”

WIP Wednesday

Some of the blogs do a feature every week called WIP Wednesday where they show a work in progress. I don’t want to do that every week, but somehow this week it seems appropriate. This is the project that started the whole Bullseye project. This has been on my mind lately, for some reason that … Continue reading “WIP Wednesday”

Zig Zaggy Top Done?

This project was, in some respects, all about the fabric and using a whole line of fabric. However, it became more about the piecing as I worked through the rows. It was a pleasant challenge to cut, press, sew, press, trim sew and press. I was able to use the bias to put the rows … Continue reading “Zig Zaggy Top Done?”

Chunking It – For Frances

If you haven’t started listening to the Off Kilter Quilter podcast, I suggest that you go over and start right away! TFQ taught me this method of putting quilts together. I have adopted it as my own and use it for block quilts. Very occasionally I’ll put a long border on after the center of … Continue reading “Chunking It – For Frances”

FOTY Diamonds

While TFQ was visiting, we had to attend a family event. She was invited, but declined to attend, so she stayed home and rested. One of the things she did while resting was iron the fabrics that I had washed, but had not yet pressed. TFQ is one of the fastest pressers I have ever … Continue reading “FOTY Diamonds”

Magazine Indulgence

Last week I went to Borders to buy some magazines for the Wellness program at work. I couldn’t help stopping by the hobbies section and picking up a few bits of inspiration. Yes, you do see an issue of  Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine in the batch. It had an article on pineapples. Despite my hiatus from … Continue reading “Magazine Indulgence”

AQ Glossary

Words/Acronyms used in Posts Auto Pilot Quilting– see Rote Sewing AMH MTT – Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote. A great bag, a great pattern. You don’t think it will really come together, but then, magically, you have a bag. You should make several. Brain Dead Quilting – see Rote Sewing BSBM – Big Sister Bossy … Continue reading “AQ Glossary”

Puzzling Through the Eye Spy

This week was kind of crazy week work-wise for us. As I result, last night was the first time I got back to the Eye Spy. I spent the time with a bit of sewing, a bit of cutting and lot of puzzling. I am puzzling through the best way to put it together. As … Continue reading “Puzzling Through the Eye Spy”

Another Mosaic to Influence Quiltmaking

Borders have been on my mind lately,especially as I work through my Crazy Test quilt. I think about the value of borders when the self bordering technique does not work. Here is another Ferry Building mosaic. The thing that struck me about this mosaic was the two different (large) borders. They are distinctly separate, but … Continue reading “Another Mosaic to Influence Quiltmaking”