Various & Sundry 2020 #2

Many of you have chosen words of the year. I was reading Friend Julie’s blog and she brought up some interesting questions related to her word of the year, Worth. I have never found this to be a useful exercise, though I haven’t really tried either. Periodically, I use a book like 365 Tao and … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2020 #2”

Various & Sundry 2019 #1

Patterns, Projects & Tutorials I know that Christmas and the other gift giving holidays have passed, but it is never too early to start collecting ideas for next year. Making stuff takes time! Marie Bostwick has some ideas and brief directions on some quick gifts on the Fierce Over 50 blog. She also has some … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2019 #1”

Various & Sundry 2018 n.2

Patterns, Projects & Tutorials I subscribe to the newsletter, which I often delete. I was just about to delete the Valentine edition (I am NOT making a V-Day quilt this year, despite my love of that heart quilt from QuiltCon) when I saw that they had a compilation of bag projects. The variety of … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2018 n.2”

Various & Sundry #6- Mid May

Books, Patterns, Magazines & Projects I am blowing through Marie Bostwick’s Second Sister. This is her most recent release and not part of the Cobbled Court series. I thought I would be resentful, because I really want to know what happens in new Bern. I was pleased to find that I really like the characters, … Continue reading “Various & Sundry #6- Mid May”

Various & Sundry 2015 #2

Frances had a podcast episode sometime ago about what we call ourselves. Barbara Brackman has some fun on her blog about that as well. Have you looked at the glossary lately? I updated it after writing the Maryland posts. If you would like to provide input on creativity and your habits around creativity, fill out … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2015 #2”

Houston Quilt Festival 2014, pt.2

The first thing we did after Julie and I met Marie Bostwick for breakfast 😉 , was look at quilts. Mom and Miss Vickie met us near the beginning of the quilts and we got on with it. We had barely started looking at the quilts when I had the best quilt experience EVER. We … Continue reading “Houston Quilt Festival 2014, pt.2”

Various & Sundry #11 – mid October 2014

Have you taken a look at the tutorials page lately? There are a lot of great step-by-step directions on various quiltmaking techniques and I have made some updates lately. Exhibits, Websites and Blogs I have a quilt in an exhibit at the San Francisco Public Library. The exhibit, Primal Green 2, started on October 11 … Continue reading “Various & Sundry #11 – mid October 2014”

Various & Sundry 2013 #14

What I am Reading Heat Rises by Richard Castle River’s Edge by Marie Bostwick Frozen Heat by Richard Castle Deadly Heat by Richard Castle The Murder Room by P.D. James Yes, there is a lot of murder and mayhem going on in my reading life right now. The Heat books were all Kindle books, 2 … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2013 #14”

Quilts in Print

Here is a list of references to quilts and quiltmaking that I have found in fiction and non-quilt book non-fiction as I have read. These are not specifically quilt books or in the quilt fiction genre. I will add references either as quotes when I read the book or as descriptions if I listen to … Continue reading “Quilts in Print”

Various & Sundry 2013 #8

Reading I know I haven’t been good about telling you what I am reading. I have just finished Midnight Riot by Ben Aronovitch. Carolyn of BBQ suggested the series. I am listening to the second in the series, Moon Over Soho, on audio. I am also reading A Single Thread by Marie Bostwick. I read … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2013 #8”

Book Review: A Thread of Truth

A Thread of Truth by Marie Bostwick My rating: 3 of 5 stars I enjoyed this book and thought it was well written. One thing that jumped out at me was that the pacing was different from many of the novels, and especially mysteries, I have read recently. Initially, I thought the book was moving … Continue reading “Book Review: A Thread of Truth”