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Change of Seasons (2004)

For a long time, I thought about how entitites (people, plants, animals, etc) change as the year progresses. Change of Seasons was started in a class with Judy Sisneros, who is known for her landscapes. I had a firm idea in my mind of what I wanted to do when I arrived in class and could not be persuaded to create a landscape. I had been thinking about the idea of the one tree depicted in different seasons for a long time. It was a challenge to choose the correct fabric to reflect each season. I used Sisneros' 'scrunching' technique to create dimension in the bark. I also used the quilt/appliqué technique to apply the leaves and blossoms.

This quilt was shown at:
Marin Quilt & Needle Arts Show 2004 (Special exhibit for theme)

Collection of the artist


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton thread

  • Techniques:

  • Machine piecing
  • Hand sewing
  • "Scrunching"
  • Quilted Applique'
  • Change of Seasons

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