Jaye A. H. Lapachet has been a quiltmaker since 1986. She specializes in contemporary quilts and does not usually accept commissions. She has taken numerous art and quiltmaking courses and maintains a studio near San Francisco, California.

Some of Ms. Lapachet's quilts are for sale to special buyers. Prices start at $1,000.00. On all sales, rights for display, derivitive works, copyright and approval on subsequent sales are retained by the artist. Quilts are not suitable for hanging in kitchens or use as table coverings. Quilts committed to shows may not be immediately available for delivery.

Visit Jaye's blog at http://artquiltmaker.blogspot.com to see more on what Jaye is currently working on.

"See" (started in 2003)

See was begun in a David Walker two day seminar in September 2003. See was started as one of the exercises, but inspired by the chinese symbol for "See" in the book, Everyday Dao by Deng Ming-Dao. [ Larger Images ]

"The Tarts Come to Tea" (started in May 2002)

This photo was taken in April 2003 and is my full design wall. "Tarts" is so named after the tarty looking teapot in the upper lefthand corner. In this photo, the top of the quilt is nearly completed. This is the quilt that I wish I had been able... [ Larger Image & More Info ]

"Bullseye" (started in January 2001)

A collaboration with Julie Z. Stiller (http://www.JZS.homestead.com). The book Quilts from Aunt Amy got us started. We chose the background color and cut the background squares separately, then sent those to the other person. [ Larger Image & More Info ]

"Solid Stars Friendship Quilt" (started in 2001)

Star blocks in various sizes made with solid fabrics and including some black. These blocks were exchanged with members of various Internet quilting communities for blocks of their choice. [ Larger Image & More Info]

"He Tried to Make it Up to Her" (started in 2000)

Collaboration with Jeanne Neptune. Part of the 'She' series. Fusing, improvisational machine piecing and machine applique. Drawings of flowers and vases done by Jaye Lapachet. (Started in 2000) [ Larger Image ]

"Spider Web" (started in 1998)

Part of the Four Seasons series (Autumn). Foundation pieced spider web design using scrap strips in random sizes. Foundations made with Electric Quilt 3 As of February 2003, all the blocks for this piece have been... [ Larger Image & More Info]

"Pointillist Palette 4: Night" (started in 1998)

This piece is fourth in a series of six quilts exploring the relationship of color using the Pointillist Palette Collection of Fabrics from Debra Lunn & Michael Mrowka. (Started 1998) [ Larger Image ]

"Nosegay" (started in 1998)

Part of the Four Seasons series (Spring).A variation using the classic Nosegay pattern with an innovative set. Started in a 1998 class at Black Cat Quilts with Doreen Speckman. (Started 1998) [ Larger Image ]

"Her Eyes Were Bigger Than Her Stomach" (started in 1996)

This quilt top, started in January 1996, is the first in a series of improvisational collaborations with Jeanne Neptune of Seattle. First in a series of 'She' quilts. It based on fabrics with food motifs. [ Larger Image & More Info]

"Leaf Friendship Quilt" (started in 1994)

Leaf blocks made by members of Ms. Lapachet's former quilt group. Classic set. Leaves from fabrics by Nancy Crow for John Kaldor will be appliqued on top of the piecing. [ Larger Image & More Info ]