Quilt Class: More Squares

Double Four Patch
Double Four Patch

This is a bonus block. I would like you to make it and use your fabrics to practice the techniques you learned in making your Nine Patch block. While this block is firmly rooted in square patches, there are a lot more seams to match, but not so many that you can’t do it. You can make this block or not. Remember Practice Makes Perfect.

Use a quarter inch seam allowance

All the supplies you need were listed in the Nine Patch Tutorial

You will also need these Double 4 patch Cutting Instructions

Use the same group of fabrics you used for the Nine Patch so you can use this block in the same quilt, if you choose.

Some tips:

This block has a different grid than the 9 patch. It has a 2×2 grid. That means that there are, essentially two patch across and two patches down. In this case you make one of the patches up from a Four Patch, so you sew each 4 patch, to a two plain square and then sew the halves together.

You can do it.