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Corner Store Finished


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton thread


    • Machine Pieced
    • Machine quilted


  • Year: 2010-2012
  • Size:

Quilted By:

  • Jaye Lapachet


I started this quilt in 2011 after seeing a very small version of it in a book by Lark Crafts called Pretty Little Mini Quilts. I didn’t really mean to start it is, but it was a potato chip kind of project. I couldn’t stop making the blocks. I really only made a placemat sized number of blocks until 2012 and then really got busy on it. I was planning to send it to Colleen to quilt, but decided I couldn’t wait and quilted it myself. I am relatively pleased with the quilting. I do like the border quilting quite a bit.