February 2024 Donation Blocks

I don’t know if I started off strong or not. I am diligently using 2.5 inch squares as leaders and enders, so I am slowly working up a nice stack of blocks.

Starting Pink and Black QST #4

Pink & Black QST #3
Pink & Black QST #3

I started the fourth QST donation quilt. I wanted to use the pink 16 patches I had been making and this pattern is still interesting enough for me to want to make another top.

I am quite enamored of pink lately, for some reason. I am going with the flow and not trying to fight off the urge to use some pink.

Pink & Black QST #3 - testing more pink
Pink & Black QST #3 – testing more pink

I thought about using something other than white for the background, so I did a little testing. It didn’t really work out, so I ended up going with white.

I am glad I used my mantra “make visual decisions visually”. Even a solid (lower left hand corner) was a little too much pink for me. I could have tried other pinks, but decided just to get it done, so I cut up some white.

Brown Strip Donation Quilt Ready for Quilting

Brown strip donation top
Brown strip donation top

I wouldn’t exactly say I finished this in record time, but I did work hard to get it done and off my design wall.These quilts aren’t difficult to make. The blocks can take some time, but go together quickly if the strips are available and I use the leaders and enders technique.

This is the third quilt finished from my black-grey-brown scrap drawer. It never ceases to amaze me how little fabric it takes to make a quilt. This one, including borders and sashing took about 3 yards.

I showed it to Marty, who loves the nuanced subtlety of brown, at Sew Day the other day and she loved it. She wanted to know if I was a brown convert. No, no I am not, but I am glad I made this quilt and got rid of the brown scraps I had.

While we were looking at the quilt, I pointed out some of the fabrics I used in really old quilts, like She Had to Have her Latte. That is the fun of scrap quilts – seeing old fabrics and remembering a previous project.

Brown strip donation quilt back
Brown strip donation quilt back

I had a large piece of ‘tea dye’ colored fabric that was almost perfect for the back. I had to add on a bit more, but it was nice to get that large piece out of the fabric closet.

The fabric has postcards on it. I tried to read the messages, but I finally decided they must be fakes as some were impossible to read. That, or they were intentionally blurred.

Another project and more fabric out of the house.

I remembered that I used up quite a bit of brown for the Henry Softies.

Starting the Brown Donation Top

Brown donation blocks
Brown donation blocks

I finally scraped together enough blocks to make a brown (ugh!) donation top. This will be the third quilt I finished from my brown-grey-black scrap bin.I might even have enough blocks for one more grey quilt.

Fortunately, they do not scream brown at me. The lighter-beige strips help.

Finished Black Strip #2 Donation Top

Black Strip #2 donation top
Black Strip #2 donation top

This quilt is off to the guild for someone else to quilt and bind.

I added a larger border on the sides to make it less obviously rectangular. I didn’t want people to think only super skinny folks could use it.

This quilt was popular after listening to Christina Cameli give us her Big Ideas lecture. Get her to come to your guild! That is a great lecture.

January 2024 Donation Blocks

I am pleased that I finally achieved my goal of one block per day for the month. I have had this goal for awhile and it has taken time to achieve it.

I am still working on the Black, Grey and Brown strip blocks from my black-grey-brown scrap bin. It is pretty easy to make these in quantity using leaders and enders.

A couple of the 16 patches are straight from the box available at Sew Day. I needed some leaders and enders as I worked to finish the Grey Strip donation top at Sew Day, so I grabbed them to use. I am glad the Community Quilts team has them available.

Improv from Strip Quilts

As you have seen when I have made other Color Strip donation tops, they have been followed by an improv version. I have been putting a few pieces together from the black/grey/brown (mostly black and grey) scrap bin, but it isn’t going well.

Leftovers from black/grey strip quilts
Leftovers from black/grey strip quilts

Well, I have made chunks of improvisationally pieced fabric, but mostly they are unsatisfactory. Also, I am not sure if I have enough small scraps to make three quilts. I also am not sure I want to combine the three colors into one quilt.

The grey piece looks really good and I don’t really want to ruin it. The others are meh.

I am tempted to bring them to the guild and see who wants to work on them.

Black Strip #2 Donation Top Continues

Black Strip #2 in process
Black Strip #2 in process

I am using this project for leaders and enders, so it isn’t progressing as quickly as it might otherwise. Still, progress is good.

These are the additional blocks I made, some of which were rejected from Black Strip [#1].

It has that weird shape again and I don’t have enough additional blocks to make it wider. Not having additional blocks is a good thing in terms of scraps as it means I am working through my scraps (making room for more!). On the other hand, it is a not ideal situation for actually using the quilt. I might have to go with wider sides and narrower top/bottom when I do the borders.

All of the 2-in-1 Cases

2-in-1 Cases - officer gifts
2-in-1 Cases – officer gifts

Today is the day where we give the officers their gifts.

Carrie, Sue and I spent last Saturday at The Granary, a local quilt store that has a great restaurant nearby.

We bought gift cards for the officers and spent time, in between eating, looking at quilt supplies and wrapping the gifts. It was another fun time with Carrie and Sue.

Black Strip #2 Start

Black Strip #2 donation top in process
Black Strip #2 donation top in process

Even though I need and want to make Pantone blocks, I started on the next Black Strip donation quilt.

Yes, I went with the pink cornerstones. I just can’t help myself sometimes.

This will be a small one, though there is a small possibility I’ll make it larger. Stay tuned.

Grey Strip Donation Top Finished

Grey Strip donation top - finished
Grey Strip donation top – finished

I was able to finish the grey strip top at Sew Day, then work on the back at home. I am pleased that this top is finished and am already working on the next black version.

With the back, it is another 3 yards used for a good cause.



Grey strip donation back
Grey strip donation back

I have now made 14 of these quilts, with the help of my guild colleagues.

See the other colors on the Color Strip page.

Tula 2-in-1 Case Finished

Tula 2-in-1 Case
Tula 2-in-1 Case

I finally finished the Tula 2-in-1-Case. The binding gave me fits. I am pleased, however, that it came out so well. Choosing a Tula Tiny Stripe for the binding made coordination easy.

The inside is an old feather print I had. I like it and it is light colored so the recipient will be able to see what’s inside. I suppose, however that is not as important with a bag that opens flat?

Tula 2-in-1 Case - open
Tula 2-in-1 Case – open
Tula 2-in-1 Case -back
Tula 2-in-1 Case -back

The back is fairly normal. It is just the back of a bag. There is an interesting bit of symmetry because of the way I cut the exterior panel so that the lady would be centered on the front.

I don’t yet know who the recipient will be. Stay tuned!

AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case

AngelaB's 2-in-1 Case
AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case

Angela is a relatively new member who volunteered to make one of the 2-in-1 cases for the officers. She did a really wonderful job!

The colors are really great. I think the binding picks up and enhances the purple in the dragonfly print really well.

I love the fussy cutting she did, though she claims it was a happy accident. The cover really looks like the dragonflies were placed intentionally.

AngelaB's 2-in-1 Case - interior
AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case – interior

The inside mimics the outside, but uses a lighter print to still allow the owner to see what is inside.

She really matched the interior print and the zippers well.

AngelaB's 2-in-1 Case - interior detail
AngelaB’s 2-in-1 Case – interior detail

Angela’s zippers also went in beautifully.

I am completely impressed with this version of the case. You can see the other completed 2-in-1 Cases in a previous post and my, second, in process case in a post from earlier this week.

Grey Strip Donation Top Started

Grey Strip - sashed
Grey Strip – sashed

I am going great guns on clearing out that black-grey-brown scrap drawer. This is the second quilt I have started using scraps to make blocks.

I want to get it done quickly, but vacation is over and work takes time, so I’ll work on it as I can.

Tula 2-in-1 Case

Tula 2-in-1 Case exterior in process
Tula 2-in-1 Case exterior in process

I realized I needed one more 2-in-1 Case for the officer gifts so I decided to make a Tula version.

This is a really singular print and I wouldn’t normally choose it for a gift, but it kept calling to me for this project. I really hope one of the officers is a Tula fan!

I carefully fussy cut the image of the woman so that it would show up on the front.

Tula 2-in-1 Case interior in process
Tula 2-in-1 Case interior in process

I also made the inside first so that any seam allowance problems, as mentioned when I made the last case, could be dealt with by cutting the exterior a different size.

This version is really coming together quite quickly. I am surprised at how easy it is compared to how difficult the directions seem.

Tula 2-in-1 Case-sew in magnetic snap + tab
Tula 2-in-1 Case-sew in magnetic snap + tab

This time I am also using one of the sew-in magnetic snaps. I used the edge of the square-ish zipper foot to sew around the magnet part and it worked pretty well. I can sort of see the stitching on the outside, which I am not thrilled about, but am leaving and hoping for the best.