Recent New Fabrics

There is no way I am going to make anywhere near my 100 yard goal this year. As it stands, I’ll be happy to be in the black by December 31.

True Colors & Coneflowers
True Colors & Coneflowers

Last month, I talked about cutting the La Pass pieces wrong. That was my excuse for getting some of the Tula Pink True Colors. I needed a little more of the dahlia (lower left corner), but decided to get some of the others as well. I know they will show up in La Pass as we expand out into the other rosettes.

You see the coneflowers as well, I know. I couldn’t not buy more. I may use a little of in La Pass, but I also want to make more I Spy Pouches from it.

Curiouser & Curiouser + Peacocks
Curiouser & Curiouser + Peacocks

I also bought some of the dripping roses. I saw an Inside Outside Pouch by Aneela Hoey that someone made with the dripping roses. I only had an FQ and that wasn’t enough to cut the two main pieces of the pattern. I cut something else, but that wasn’t what I wanted, so I bought these fabrics and will cut out that pattern soon. I will use it for the thread I am using for La Pass.

The black and white are just extras for the project and I wanted more of the peacocks so I could sub in that fabric when I didn’t like some of the others. My sewing life seems to be all about La Passacaglia right now.

Quilty Box n.3

Quilty Box n.3 contents
Quilty Box n.3 contents

I received the most recent Quilty Box a few days ago.

I like the boxes – the actual cardboard container – since they are great for mailing things.

I like receiving good mail.

This is, however, the last one I will receive. I decided not to renew for all reasons I talked about in the post about Quilty Box n.1 and Quilty Box n.2. Also, the fabric was cut to make a certain project and that didn’t work for me.

Quilty Box n.3 contents
Quilty Box n.3 contents

This one had Sew Tites and I can always use Sew Tites!

I also liked the charm pack. I really need to find a scrap project that uses 5 inch squares. I have tons in addition to all of the charm packs I have collected.

Quilty Box n.2

I am on month 2 of my 3 month Quilty Box subscription. Victoria Findlay Wolfe provided this month’s project – a lozenge quilt. I didn’t really get to enjoy this one yet, because of the Workroom Refresh.

Quilty Box n.2 open
Quilty Box n.2 open

I was still excited to receive the box. Everything is such a wreck at our house that a little treat was a good thing. This time I didn’t know what would be in it, so it was a complete surprise. The picture (right) is exactly what I saw when I opened the box. They wrapped it pretty nicely, if simply.

The booklet has a couple of projects inside as well as a Q&A with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

I didn’t know what to expect in this box. There was another label, some mini fabric bolt cards, a seam ripper, a spool of Aurifil, acrylic templates for the quilt and the booklet. The seam ripper is a serious Havel one. I’ll put it in my La Passacaglia kit.

Astrid Fabrics
Astrid Fabrics

I like the fabric. The amounts were better this time. I got 1/3 yard cuts and can make the quilt pictured on the front of the booklet, if I add some background.

I don’t need everything in this box, but the overall contents were better. I think I just want to open mail and dream about the contents. I am pretty sure I don’t want to organize it, find a home for it or put it all away.

Quilty Box

Quilty Box arrived
Quilty Box arrived

I subscribed for 3 months to Quilty Box. Anna Maria Horner’s Bright Eyes fabric line was included in this first box. I wanted to subscribe because of the AMH fabrics. I didn’t buy any Bright Eyes when I was in Oregon & Washington, so getting some in the mail was good.

Quilty Box open
Quilty Box open

I was excited to receive the box. I didn’t know exactly what was in it. The picture (right) is exactly what I saw when I opened the box. They wrapped it pretty nicely, if simply.

The booklet has a couple of projects inside as well as a Q&A with Anna Maria Horner.

The fabric, of course, was the main attraction. There were, however, other items in the box as well. The items included a label, a spool of thread, and a needle threader.

Quilty Box Fabrics
Quilty Box Fabrics

I liked the fabric, but I didn’t really like the amounts. They provide the amounts needed to make the quilt on the front of the booklet. I would have liked some more of the poppy fabric and less of the plaid. I have no plans to make the quilt top, so I started using the fabric already.

I know I seem like I am never happy with these boxes. I guess I just need to shop for myself!

Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect
Butterfly Effect

LillyElla designer, Nicole, has a new project out, Butterfly Effect. LillyElla is the designer of the Mini Maker Case and also the Undercover Maker Mat. I do like her projects.  Pink Door has fabric packs, papers, and acrylic templates.

I need another EPP Project (or any project???) like I need another hole in my head, but I am still very tempted. My friend, Lindsay, is working on Smitten and I love to see the progress she is making. Of course, she takes it with her places and works out in by bits while she is out. I never really go anywhere where that would work. I have the half-hexie project I haven’t worked on in months. Also, I have La Passacaglia papers and templates waiting for me to make into something.

It would be stupid to spend money on this new temptation, but I am still tempted.

New Fabrics

Brocade Peony, Irises, Feathers
Brocade Peony, Irises, Feathers

I kind of lost my mind after watching the Free Spirit Facebook Live with Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably.

The top fabric is Brocade Peony. This is a different color way from a similar fabric I bought a couple of years ago. I used it in the 4 Zip Organizer and also in the All Rolled Up Tote as the lining and love the design. I like the Crimson colorway (left) even more. I can’t wait to figure out something fabulous to use it for.

I bought the irises thinking I might make a bag for my aunt. Her birthday is on the 21st and she adores irises. I wasn’t really thinking about time in a logical way and I just don’t think I will have the time to make something before then.

I bought the Feathers on a whim. I only have a yard and will have to think of something that suits the design to make.

FOTY 2018 Finished

FOTY 2018 Finished
FOTY 2018 Finished

I am finally posting about a finished FOTY 2018. I actually finished the binding a month or so ago, but somehow it never made it on to the blog 9as far as I can tell!). I finished the top in July and took it to Colleen shortly thereafter.

Once I got it back, I had to sew the binding and the sleeve. The piece is ready to hang and I can move on to getting FOTY 2019 quilted.

FOTY 2019 Top Finished!

Fabric of the Year 2019 Top Finished
Fabric of the Year 2019 Top Finished

I finally finished FOTY 2019. It seems like it took forever. I starting putting it on the wall on September 11, but I had just torn the ligament in my foot and I just couldn’t work on it.

I started to make some slow progress starting around October 4. I didn’t really start sewing anything until about October 31.

These quilts usually don’t take that long, but like many things in 2020, this piece took more time. I am going to move away from UFOs and make something I haven’t started after working on a few bags and Christmas gifts.


Fabric of the Year 2019 - mid-November 2
Fabric of the Year 2019 – mid-November 2

Part of the process is ripping and I had to rip as I was very close to finishing the FOTY 2019 top.

The quilt top started out correct. It is not sewn together completely in the photo (left), but all of the pieces are where I wanted them.

I continued sewing -and it is a lot of sewing to get these Fabric of the Year quilts together- to make chunks.

FOTY 2019 - Letters upside down
FOTY 2019 – Letters upside down

When I had about 12 seams left, I realized that something had happened.  I had reversed a section somewhere along the process.

I can tell because the letters (white on red serif print) are upside down. I try to get the directional prints going in the right direction when I make these quilts. They do have a top and a bottom. I was nearly done sewing the quilt together. I could have gotten the quilt done before dinner if I had just continued. The question, however, becomes “will I notice this forever?” In this case, the answer was yes.

One good thing about this type of quilt is that I could rip out that one section, resew it and finish the quilt, which is what I did.

Except that I also tried to figure out where I went wrong. I know that on November 14 that section was oriented correctly. On November 23rd, it wasn’t. Sometime in that 10ish day period, something happened and that chunk was turned upside down.

It is hard to keep these pieces correctly oriented. By ‘correctly oriented’ I mean in the place I want them. Most people wouldn’t notice and in 10 years, I might not notice either. I notice now, however.

It is fixed and the quilt top is on its way to being finished.

FOTY 2019 Nearing Completion

FOTY 2019 - late November 2020
FOTY 2019 – late November 2020

After sewing all the pairs together, I really started to pick up speed. I spent a few hours on Saturday and a few more on Sunday making progress. I have about 12 more seams to sew before I finish the top. Yay!

It is still large, but I am always amazed at how much smaller pieces end up as the seam allowances disappear.

FOTY 2019 Sewing Progress

Despite fighting with my blog technology, it hasn’t really stopped me from sewing. Even if I can’t talk about my project, I still want to make the projects. I am happier when I can talk about the projects, but making them is primary.

Fabric of the Year 2019 - mid-November
Fabric of the Year 2019 – mid-November

As a result, I have been working hard on FOTY 2019.

Even if I have only a few minutes, I have been sewing a few squares together. I have most of the pairs sewn together and will work on sewing the pairs into 4 patches over the weekend.

FOTY 2019 Beginning of Sewing

Fabric of the Year 2019 - sewing start
Fabric of the Year 2019 – sewing start

I arranged the squares for Fabric of the Year 2019 to the point where I felt I could start to sew.

I started in the bottom left hand corner as I thought the dark part was mostly to my liking.

I wasn’t 100% happy with the center and the photo shows that I cleared out all of the Slate Grey squares in the center. I thought it might look better, but I am not sure I will keep it that way.

FOTY 2019

FOTY 2019 - Late October n.2
FOTY 2019 – Late October n.2

I finally had a good amount of time to work on Fabric of the Year 2019. I had to redo the math. I spent a lot of time on Saturday sticking squares up on the wall, adding rows and trying not to fall of a stool.

This was really the first time I had gotten on a stool since my foot injury. I have a very stable step stool, which made things easier.

As soon as I got going, I really made a lot of progress and I am happy about that. I still have to rearrange some of the squares, but all of the squares are on the design wall so I am much closer to sewing than I was. Perhaps later this week?

FOTY 2019 Finally

FOTY 2019 - late October 2020
FOTY 2019 – late October 2020

It has been a little while since I worked on this, but I finally got back to it. I had to do the math, which I was trying to avoid. Finally, I just did it.

That gave me a structure, so I started putting all the squares up. I had to redo the bottom left hand corner to add some greys that were hiding. I had to remove some duplicates. I still have to rearrange a bit to add more pink and a bunch of purples that came out of hiding as well. Still, I am making progress and will soon be able to put this piece together. YAY!