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Below are links to posts that include one of my tutorials or how-to posts. Many of them are built off of what others have done. All of these are done TJW. Keep that in mind as you may have your own way. Click on the link to find the original tutorial or instructions.

Basic Sampler Quilt Class Tutorials (the tutorials are in order of how I teach them)

Bullseye blocks:

  • Pt.1: Cutting circles, preparing to sew
  • Pt.2: sewing circles to background

Chunking It: ‘chunking it’ refers to a way of assembling quilt blocks using the shortest possible seams. This method is used instead of putting a quilt together in rows.

Guide to Pieced Backs: Not so much a tutorial as a guide. Tips and tricks on making pieced backs.

I am happy to teach 2-5 students via Zoom. Please contact me about pricing.

Other Helpful Tutorials and Guidelines

Altoids Tin Sewing Kit – how to make a small sewing kit using an Altoids tin

Bullseye blocks guide:

Corner Store Blocks: guidelines (a tutorial) on making the Corner Store blocks

Disappearing Pinwheel: tutorial on my way of making the Disappearing Pinwheel block

English Paper Piecing

Facing: I started with Jeri Riggs directions and some help from Maureen over at Flies in the Cathedral. I have modified it a bit more to use strips double the size folded in half so I don’t have to stitch a hem.

Flowering Snowball blocks: these blocks have curves and inset seams. Fun, but not for the faint of heart. How to make the traditional pattern, Flowering Snowball. This block is #3081 in the numbering system of Barbara Brackman’s book.

Folded Corners Ruler: I taught myself the basics of using this ruler. Very helpful to avoid drawing diagonal lines for ‘flippy corners’.

Gift Bags: these bags are great to use instead of wrapping paper. You can see and admire your fabrics and use them year after year. Vary the fabric to make bags suitable for all occasions.

Half Rectangle Triangles (Bias Rectangles): links to various methods of making these blocks.

Handles: this tutorial makes up very sturdy bag handles with flair. It shows you how to cover webbing with fabric to make straps that match your bag. It was written to supplement the handle section of the Noodlehead Cargo Duffle 2 pattern. You can, however, use it for different bags. Vary the length of the handles according to your needs. Some tutorials from other designers may help you find the right type of strap:

Journal Cover: how to make a journal cover. This builds off of the patterns over at Exuberant Color and All People Quilt.

Kelly’s Bag– make this after you have practiced some free motion quilting. Makes a great gift.

Lanyard Tutorial – includes a ring so that your nametag is near your face and people don’t have to look at your belly button to see your nametag. Includes hardware where you can clip things to the hook.

Paper Wreath (Origami Starburst) – step-by-step tutorial for making a paper wreath. Directions are the same for making the wreath from fabric with a few added supplies that I have noted.

Pet Bed / Cat Bed Tutorial – simplified tutorial on making a pet bed

Pillowcases Guide – guide for making pillowcases.

Scissor Sheath – guide for making a protector for your small scissors

Sew Together Bag – Hiding the zipper tab tutorial

Spiky Star block – guide for making one block using the Studio180 Split Recs ruler

Triangle Technique: tutorial and size chart on making 8 half square triangles (triangle squares) using the X method at one time.

Vinyl Tips & Tricks: tutorial on working with vinyl

Wine Bottle Gift Bags: this is more of a list of guidelines and process information, but you can make these awesome looking bags from the guidelines.

Zig Zaggy Quilt: how to make my version of Elizabeth Hartman’s New Wave quilt.

Installing Zipper Heads to zipper tape

Paper Tutorials






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