Quilts: 2005-2009

Feelin' Blue
Feelin' Blue

Feelin’ Blue, Too is the second in a series of quilts in the JAJ Bullseye Project. In each round, the three quiltmakers, Julie Zaccone Stiller, Adrienne Acoba and I, Jaye A. H. Lapachet, makes one quilt in the agreed upon color scheme. In this case, blue. The quilts were made in a round robin style by cutting a blue background and sending it to the next person. Each person appliqued square patches to the received backgrounds. When the squares are complete, we added the last piece to our own squares and cut those squares into four pieces. We each sent one quarter of each square to the other quiltmakers. I enjoyed seeing the quilt work out in the end. I also enjoyed working with quiltmakers whose work I respect and appreciate. Thinking about the play on words was a fun aspect of the project, too. Shown at 2005 Marin Quilt & Needle Arts Show. [Larger image & more info]

Show of Hands
Show of Hands

Ms. Lapachet made this hand in response to a call from Karey Bresenhan for fiberart hands to populate the collection of the Creative Spirit Center . The hands were on display at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.

"The Eye of God" (2005)
"The Eye of God" (2005)

Eye of God was begun in a seminar in July 2004 with Virginia Schnalle under the auspices of CQFA. It is in the collection of Jeanne Neptune, Seattle, Wash.

Slash Stars
Slash Stars

Slash Stars was probably the first Quilt Sorbet project I ever made, even though I didn’t know what that was at the time. I wanted a quick project to get some quilt energy out of my system after some intense projects. The Slash Stars pattern fit the bill. While being quick to piece (providing nearly instant gratification!) it also allowed me to play with color. This quilt top was donated to the Hurricane Katrina quilt project at New Pieces. New Pieces quilted and donated the quilt to an organization in Louisiana to benefit victims of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

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Sharon’s quilt

Thoughts on Dots

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Serendipity Puzzle is in the collection of Jessica Sprinkle, San Jose, California

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2008 Fabric of the Year
Crazy Test
I Spy

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