EPPic Bag Cut-out

EPPic Cut-out
EPPic Cut-out

It has been a month or so since I cut out this bag, but I remembered I hadn’t showed you the pieces. I talked about the idea of this bag when I talked about the Everglow fabric.

I still haven’t chosen an exterior fabric. All of the fabrics shown are for the interior and the trim. One reason is I thought I might make this as a gift, but am wobbling. I cut the fabrics to suit myself, but then thought I had the A Place for Everything bag for EPP and didn’t need another one. If I give this as a fit, I would choose different fabrics for the front. Part of the reason, I haven’t worked on this is that I am in an agony of indecision. Not really, but it sounds dramatic, right?

One thing I will note is that all of the Etsy links I posted before to allow you to buy your own pattern are no longer available. Chasing Tygers has a website with videos on making the bag, which is great, but very little other information. The Etsy link is also different. I eventually went to IG and called up the Chasing Tigers account‘s linktree, where I found they are now on Payhip. Thus, you can actually buy the EPPic Case pattern. Remember to buy the bundle as you get a better deal. I suppose I should have known that nobody updates their blog or website anymore and I should have gone to IG first.

Fish Hackney Continues

Fish Hackney in process
Fish Hackney in process

I have been slowly working on the Fish Hackney. I don’t have that many steps left, but the Metro Twist has been consuming my attention. I want to get the Metro Twist finished.

You can see where I am on the Fish Hackney. I probably have an hour left to work on it.

I have been looking at various fabrics from the Martha Negley Go Fish line and trying to decide if I would make more items for my Dad out of the fabric. I haven’t decided so I haven’t bought anything.

Two New Hackneys

TO MY PARENTS: STOP READING NOW. Everyone else, scroll down.





Back to regular programming.

Two New Hackneys
Two New Hackneys

I did all the prep for some new Hackneys after working on the Bristol pouch and the La Pass Border last weekend. These will be gifts for my parents. It just happened that I am working on them at the same time. It is kind of strange since they have been divorced for so many years. Don’t worry, I don’t have illusions of them getting back together.

Various & Sundry 2023 #10

This is just a short bag edition.

I took some time to trawl through IG for bag patterns. I do not, mind you, need more bag patterns, but I am still looking for the perfect ‘take my tools to Sew Day’ bag. Also, I can’t help it. Previously, I had done a search for bags on IG, which is a stupid search and librarians worldwide are cringing at my lameness. Obviously that didn’t work, so I went away and thought about how I could improve it using a moron-based search engine (e.g. no Boolean, no filtering). I came upon a solution quite by chance, though I am convinced my subconscious was working on it and came up with the solution.

As I was trawling through IG, I saw a new bag pattern announced that I had never seen before. I clicked. Then I went to the pattern company’s website and looked through their bag patterns. Thus I discovered Country Cow Designs. I wouldn’t name my company with a cow, but it isn’t my company, and cows aren’t terrible. They come across as sweet, if a bit large.

Country Cow has some basic tote bag and purse patterns. Nothing earth shattering. One of the bags I like and thought might work for a ‘take my tools to Sew Day’ bag is the Deskasow (why not deskacow? Is a deskasow a thing or it just a surefire name that nobody else would think of?) bag. It is a new pattern and a couple of videos on YouTube. The pattern (£7.50) comes with SVG files and an AO file. The size seems to be about the size of the Kit Supply Tote.

I also like the Kedemouth (is that a cow disease?) messenger bag even though it has no inside pockets. The company has a variety of patterns: bowling shaped bags, backpacks, pouches, etc. They even have a couple of free patterns, which will tell you whether you like their directions.

Next, I came up with SincerelyJen. She has the Rossatron Bag. This is another one that could be THE ‘take my tools to Sew Day’ bag. This one is also about the same size as the Kit Supply Tote.

This ad has a good number of pictures of the inside of the bag, which, you know, is a must for me. It looks like a Kit Supply Tote with a Superbloom top and Take a Stand pockets. Links to videos are included in the pattern. I also like the How YOU Doin’? Bowler Handbag. I like the shape, but probably wouldn’t use it. She also has a variety of interestingly shaped pouches, which would make great gifts.

I also saw a shop called K.Dill Handmade that has bag patterns.  I didn’t see anything I had to hold myself back from buying. I did think that the Jot it Down Ultimate Bundle could be interesting for gifts. It is unclear from looking at the listing whether the pattern includes a size for a composition book**.  If so, I can see this as really being a useful pattern, however, I can’t tell where the company is based.

New Enigma Bag

Enigma Bag #3
Enigma Bag #3

I am going to sew with a friend tomorrow and we are working on Enigma Bags. Mine will be a Christmas gift, so you’ll see the finished product in a few months. I am happy that I got everything ready to go.

I am using some zipper tape that I bought, but didn’t try until last weekend. The zipper heads I bought to go with it didn’t fit, but I have plenty of zipper heads. I found one for a new Hackney I am making and will use the same kind of head on this one.

Fish Hackney Start

Fish Hackney cut out
Fish Hackney cut out

As usual, I had some leftovers of the fish fabric I used for the Trout pillowcases. It is really good fabric so I cut up the leftovers to make a Hackney for my Dad for Christmas.

The difference with this one is that I used the same fabric for the lining as for the exterior. I am not sure how that is going to work, but I’ll make a stab. This one will also have a mesh pocket.

Finished: Enlarged I Spy

Blazing Star I Spy
Blazing Star I Spy

I finally finished the Enlarged I Spy (AKA Blazing Star I Spy). It is too big for the Blazing Star templates, but I can always use it for a different set of templates or for something else. It won’t go to waste.

Blazing Star I Spy - back
Blazing Star I Spy – back

I am pleased with how I matched the coneflowers on the top around the zipper. The process, in general, however, wasn’t as smooth as I would have guessed. I suppose I was distracted a bit. From what, I don’t know.

Blazing Star I Spy -zipper end detail
Blazing Star I Spy -zipper end detail

One thing I am determined to remember to do is to cut off the ends of the zippers and use zipper tabs. I really don’t know how I missed that bit of metal with my sewing machine needle. Sheer good luck.

You can also see, in this picture, that I used glitter vinyl. I love it!

Finished: Coneflower Hackney #2

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023

Another Hackney is in the books. The Coneflower Hackney #2 is finished and the recipient should have received it by now.

Remember how I talked about DecorBond in my last post about this bag? You can see how great the top looks in the photo – flat and smooth. I love it! I am so pleased that it looks that good.

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 - front, top
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 – front, top

It really surprises me how different a bag can look with different interfacing.

In this version, I sewed the top stitching, to close the turning gap on the inside, from the top. I wanted the top stitching to look good from the outside as well as close the gap. This is something I have trouble with repeatedly, so I did it slowly and with care. I think it looks good this time. Still not perfect, but I am getting there.

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 - end with handle
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 – end with handle

I think I have finally gotten the handle placement down. I think these bags are just way more useful with a handle. I wonder what inspired Sara to make this bag without a handle? I suppose it could be used in the bottom of a suitcase to corral all of those random items one needs on trips that aren’t clothes. Maybe the Minikins Season 3 video says something about that. I don’t really remember. 

I have seen Gerre carrying hers by the handle to Sew Day, so I know the handle isn’t superfluous.

Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 - inside
Coneflower #2 Hackney, Aug 2023 – inside

I had a little trouble with the back panel on this one, but the inside still looks good. I really like that bright white fabric.

I also remembered to put labels into the lining front panel this time.

I have made a number of these Hackneys and haven’t gotten one perfect yet. I really worry that I will never be able to make a perfect bag the first time through.

I am not finished with this pattern yet. I just cut one out for my Dad using the leftovers from his birthday pillowcases.

Happy Birthday, Angela! 😉

Coneflower Hackney #2 in Process

Coneflower #2 Hackney almost finished
Coneflower #2 Hackney almost finished

The Coneflower #2 Hackney is going very well. I think this one is coming out the best of all of them. I think the DecorBond** I added really helped a lot.

I only just added the DecorBond after making so many Hackneys, because I was confused by the directions. I read them as Decovil 526** OR DecorBond. I tend not to watch the entire videos that come with the Sew Sweetness patterns, but I probably should! They are super helpful and would probably answer the Decovil 526** OR DecorBond question.

Then I thought maybe the DecorBond would be a good addition, so I tried it. Fortunately, I had a small amount in my bag of interfacing. It was a great addition that made the top really flat and not wobbly. It wasnt’ bad to sew through either. It didn’t add a lot of bulk to the seam allowances.

As you can see from the photo, I have a bit of finishing to do before I can send this bag off to its new owner.







**N. B. : Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Gift Post #10 2023: Project Bag

Gerre's Project Bag
Gerre’s Project Bag

I realized, after posting yesterday’s ‘in the wild‘ post, that I had never posted about the project bag I made for Gerre.

I made this one at the same time I made one for myself, Mom and Julie.

Despite my concerns about the size, both Gerre and Julie said they really love these project bags. Using mine for the Metro Twist has been really useful. I said I would try making the larger size and let them know how it turned out.

Enlarged I Spy

I am finally attempting to enlarge an I Spy pouch. I decided that last week, one evening after work, was the day to do it.

Blazing Star I Spy in process
Blazing Star I Spy in process

Sara’s directions work well regardless of the size. Sizes are always the challenge. I used the widths, but extended the lengths to accommodate the Blazing Star bag acrylic templates.

True Colors Wildflower
True Colors Wildflower

I learned a lot. One thing is to cut the back and lining back after you have put the front together. Normally, having everything cut and fused is a good thing, but in this case, I made so many cutting mistakes that I ran out of lining fabric.

On my next enlarged I Spy, I will put the sides and the vinyl together, then cut the top and bottom, install the zipper, then cut the back and lining back. I don’t know enough about enlarging bags to do anything different.

Another Coneflower Hackney

Coneflower Hackney
Coneflower Hackney

I started another Hackney last weekend (??) Not sure. I didn’t take a photo, so this one is the only one I have of the piece in process.

As you can see, I am back to the mesh pocket. In the photo, the zipper looks a little wonky. Let’s hope it is the photo.  Taking Sue G’s comment about the usefulness of the pocket into account, I decided to add one again. It went in fine, except that I cut it a bit short, so added some fabric to the side. I am glad I know enough to make adjustments as needed.

I can’t tell you who will receive this Hackney as a gift, because the person is a reader of this blog. Check your mailboxes soon. 😉

Accordion Pouches

Accordion Pouch
Accordion Pouch

Carrie, one of my students, has been sewing up a storm of bags. She is on the Door Prize team and has just blossomed into an amazing and very creative bag maker. She has also been finding random patterns that interest her for free on the web.

Accordion pouch closed
Accordion pouch closed

She made a few of these Accordion pouches and they came out really well. She said they were easy to make, but hard to make perfectly.

I think it looks like a very cute pouch. I can see using something like this in my handbag. I seem to have a lot of random items rolling around in it, which could be corralled in this little pouch.


Accordion pouch open
Accordion pouch open

It could certainly be used for sewing as well. I can see putting smaller items in it for travel to retreats or Sew Day, then putting it into the Kit Supply Tote. I might have to make one of these just to try it out, not that I don’t have 500 other projects on which to work.

Finished Knitting Needles Case #2

Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: closed
Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: closed

I sewed the binding on to the Knitting Needles Case #2 on Tuesday night and was able to finish the piece. It is great! I really like it. It will be hard to give away. Fortunately, I have more of the poppy fabric so I could make another.

I love the way this closes up so neatly. The roll is so slim and convenient to carry. Of course, I haven’t crammed 100 needles into it yet!

I think my choice of binding was better this time as well. The tone-on-tone red compliments the flora fabric much better than the stripes I used on the first Knitting Needles case.

Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: open, inside
Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: open, inside

I was very careful with the fabric, both on the outside and the inside. I wanted it to line up properly and be oriented in the right way.

I really wanted to see the poppy fabric. I decided to use the canvas for the pockets instead of for the inside lining. I used to have some of this fabric in cotton. I made a Petrillo Bag out of it. I should have looked to see if I had enough to cut the pockets out of it. It didn’t occur to me until I had already sewn the pieces together, so maybe I’ll make this bag again and use the cotton, if I still have some.

The inside came out pretty well. I sewed carefully because of the thickness, but really had no problems. I think the turquoise dot fabric goes very well with the Poppy print

Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: exterior
Finished: Knitting Needles Case #2: exterior

The zipper, if a tiny bit short, went in very well and matches the fabric very well.

I plan to use the Poppy print for a Sheffield bag, but I may also make a Kit Supply Tote with it. I really like that fabric.

Finished: Typewriter Hackney

Typewriter Hackney - Top
Typewriter Hackney – Top

I finished Lil Sissy’s birthday gift over the weekend and was able to get it off in the mail in time for her birthday, which was yesterday.

She writes a daily journal entry on a manual typewriter. While I plan to go back to Paris fabric for her soon, I saw this typewriter fabric and thought it might tickle her.

Typewriter Hackney - Top & Front
Typewriter Hackney – Top & Front

This Hackney is another large version and went together pretty well. I do better if I don’t have to break the process at the end, but needs must.

I am pleased with how well this looks. I struggled a bit with the top stitching on the top, but eventually got it right.

Typewriter Hackney - Top Inside
Typewriter Hackney – Top Inside

I used one of the Marcia Derse fabrics for the inside. I thought it was entertaining and would appeal to Lil Sissy.

The inside, again, has some elastic to keep pens and tools in place. I saw another one I made and was reminder that I put three or four strips of elastic on earlier versions to improve stability. I may have to do that again. Or go back to the top mesh pocket as per the pattern.

Typewriter Hackney - interior
Typewriter Hackney – interior

I machine sewed the opening closed and I hope my sister won’t notice. I think it will be fine once she puts some stuff in it.

Hooray! Another finished project.

Maybe I should make myself one of these? 😉