AQ Glossary

Words/Acronyms used in Posts

Auto Pilot Quilting– see Rote Sewing

AMH MTT – Anna Maria Horner Multi-tasker tote. A great bag, a great pattern. You don’t think it will really come together, but then, magically, you have a bag. You should make several.

Brain Dead Quilting – see Rote Sewing

BSBM – Big Sister Bossy Mode – when I tell someone, or someone else tells me, what I (or they) need to hear about their quiltmaking projects.

CQFAContemporary Quilt & Fiber Artists, a group of art quiltmakers and art quilt appreciators working together in Northern California.

DWM post – Design Wall Monday post. This wasn’t my idea. I usually do it periodically, but not regularly and link up with Quiltin’ Jenny‘s post.

Family Key

  • SIL #1 – DH’s oldest sister. Her husband is BIL#1
  • SIL #2 – DH’s second oldest sister (child #2 in the family). Her husband is BIL #2
  • BIL #3 – DH’s older brother. His wife is SIL#3
  • SIL#4 – DH’s youngest sister. Her husband is BIL#4
  • BIL#5 – DH’s youngest brother. His wife is SIL#5
  • The Georges are all of MIL’s grandchildren, e.g. our nieces and nephews. Yes, we call them all George. In a big crowd, they all look when you call out George and you don’t have to bring individual names to mind. There are 13 total, though the Y.M. is mine so he is not my niece or nephew.
  • The Henrys are MIL’s great grandchildren. There are four of them now.

FB – Facebook

FOTY – Fabric of the Year – An annual (or often annual) project I started in 2008 where I use one piece of each fabric I purchased that year in one quilt. The idea is to use a piece of each fabric purchased to see how it works in a project before the fabric is out of print. This type of project gives the quiltmaker the opportunity to go out and buy more if it is a really great fabric. This idea was given to me by TFQ (see below).

Frankenbatting – small pieces of batting zigzagged together to make a piece large enough to use for a quilt.

Frankenfoam – small pieces of foam**, like Soft & Stable or Bosal** zigzagged together to make a piece large enough to use for a bag. Note that I didn’t make this up. It is well known and used by all types of bag makers. It is a great way to reuse small pieces of batting.

GMTA – Great Minds Think Alike. I found this term on Julie‘s blog and really liked it. Very useful, too!

Hunting & Gathering – The process by which all of the supplies, fabrics, even certain patches are cut. This part of a project occurs before the sewing starts and may include waiting for packages to arrive from online retailers. TFQ says, and I have to agree, that quilts are not ‘projects’ until the sewing starts.

Lumpy colors – Brown, beige, tan, taupe, olive green; colors that have had a lot of grey or brown added to them.

Mean Sandwich – I heard this on Jennifer Ruvalkava’s podcast, Patchwork and Pacifiers. It describes a mean comment sandwiched between two nice comments. It is construed as a more positive way to be critical of someone. Of course, I always try to give constructive criticism.

Mind Sorbet – a project that is easy and cleanses your creative palette after a difficult or challenging project.

N.B. – Nota Bene – some additional information or explanation

OT – off topic

One Night Stand – a really fast project, often unplanned and made in a limited time frame.

Quilting Border – a quilting border is a border added to a quilt that will be cut off after the quilt is quilted. Usually these are used to square up the quilt when the pieced design includes a pieced border that finishes the design, such as the self-bordering technique.

Rote sewing – the kind of project making that requires few decisions. It varies from person to person, but essentially involves cut, sew, quilt repeat. Often this kind of quiltmaking is done when the maker is working through some challenges in another project or in life. It can be following a pattern and using one line of fabric or sewing a plethora of 4patch or 9patch blocks together. the key is few decisions.

Self Bordering – self bordering is a method of creating a border where the border is integrated with the center block design. Punk Rock Quilt is self bordered.

TFQ – The Fabric Queen; my quiltmaker friend who lives in Seattle, Wash. Also called St. JCN when she does something above and beyond the call of friendship duty.

TJW – The Jaye Way; the way I do things

VIMH #1: the dreamy voice in my head who manifests the thoughts I have about quilts, design and almost anything unrelated to work.

VIMH #2: the harda*s voice in my head that smacks VIMH #1 down when she is getting too dreamy, keeps me on track and reminds me to be sensible and do things like go grocery shopping and pick up the Young Man.

The Y.M. – Young Man, my son.



**N. B. : Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.