January 2023 Donation Blocks

Not the 31 donation blocks I would have liked to make, but a fair number. Yes, I have added to the number of pink blocks for the next Color Strip donation quilt, which I talked about a few days ago. Stay tuned for more on that piece as it develops.

Scissor Cozies

2023 Scissor Cozies
2023 Scissor Cozies

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies for a couple of the officers. She bought them scissors and had them engraved. The two really went above and beyond during COVID. They entered a difficult situation, before COVID, and stepped up magnificently.

This is a Sotak Handmade pattern. Again, I watched a little of the video, but mostly read the directions and my notes on the directions. I made some additional notes to make these easier next time. I have to print some photos to keep with the directions.

I’ll write more about the specifics of each cozy later.

Color Strip Donation Blocks Again

I have some leftover yellow color strip donation blocks on my design wall. They were leftover from the Rainbow Strip donation quilt. Apparently, they were lonely, because I started making more in different colors. I started with the green ones, because I had some green strips laying around. I suppose I intended to make another Rainbow Strip donation quilt, but then I started in on pink. Now I think I’ll make a pink Color Strip donation quilt. I haven’t made a pink one and my pink scrap drawer is full to bursting. No surprise there.

It’s a good start for my 2023 donation blocks effort.

First Finish 2023: Friendship Star

Finishing a donation quilt first in the year has to be good karma, right?

Friendship Star donation top
Friendship Star donation top

I had been saving some 16 patches to make a donation quilt and decided that New Year’s Day was the day. I combined the 16 patches with pieced sashing and cornerstones from an article in Today’s Quilter issue 91. The information was in the Essential Guides sections, which is great for tuning up your skills.

I wanted to try the technique out, so I took out those donation blocks and got to work. I, mostly, used up some Pure Elements Linen for the sashing background and used a solid for the cornerstones and the back.

It felt so good just to do some easy piecing and I am pleased to have a donation quilt to bring to Sew Day next week.

2022 Donation Blocks

I started off the year finishing a couple of blocks I had started in 2021. Then I just started making blocks as I had time. I didn’t make as many as in previous years, but as I have said before, every little bit helps, right?

A Few More 2022 Donation Blocks

A lot of guild members are sick of these simple blocks, but I still like them. They are easy to make and work really well, as I have said a million times, for leaders and enders.

I am keeping some of these blocks to make a donation top. I haven’t made one in a long time and need to get back to it.

Random Donation Blocks –> Top

Lee Ann's donation quilt
Lee Ann’s donation quilt

I was super pleased to see a quilt show up made from blocks I had donated. I made a number of these blocks this year, so they didn’t hang around very long, which is nice.

LeeAnn finished this quilt and showed it at last month’s meeting. The corner fabrics she chose make the quilt look like a night sky quilt.

I love seeing what other people are inspired to make from my blocks.

Ends n.13 Finished

Ends n.13 Finished
Ends n.13 Finished

Ends n.13 is finished! I got to see it briefly at the meeting 10 days ago. It is such a hodgepodge of fabrics! Erin quilted this one as well and said that she enjoyed quilting happy looking quilts. This one is certainly cheerful.

Ends n.13 has been languishing long either. I finished the top and back in March of 2022.

We had a discussion of how many quilts we have given away and are in the neighborhood of 130 for the year. That is really great for a small guild like ours.


Yellow Improv Donation Quilt

Yellow Improv donation quilt - finished
Yellow Improv donation quilt – finished

I went the last BAM meeting of the year the other and got to see some of my donation tops finished. This one, was quilted by Erin and I was so pleased to see it finished.

It didn’t even languish for that long. I finished the top and back in April.

The quilting is really hard to see and I didn’t take the time to look at it up close at the meeting, but I am sure it is great. Thanks, Erin, for collaborating!

SJSA Joins Sew Day

SJSA Sew Day blocks
SJSA Sew Day blocks

Cyndi invited a group from the Social Justice Sewing Academy to our Sew Day. Some of our group had finished blocks, so those were turned in. Sara, the organizer, brought a different group of blocks that were to be made into a quilt.

People worked together to put sashing on the blocks and sew them together.

I was tired and stayed in my corner working on the Half Hexies. I wasn’t up for a group project that day.

SJSA Sew Day blocks with sashing
SJSA Sew Day blocks with sashing

The group achieved a lot. They put thin sashing around each block and then worked on larger pieced sashing (no photo). They decided to put the larger pieced sashing on backwards so the raw edges show. I am not sure the point, especially after quilting, but it was definitely a design choice.

The themes of the blocks varied. I might have put all environmental blocks together in one quilt and all animal blocks together in another quilt. I can see the appeal of varying the themes as it makes people really look at them to see what else is there.

SJSA block
SJSA block

My favorite block has a fantastic design. The design is very simple and clear IMO. It also has a graphic quality and provides a lot of scope for discussion. Whoever designed this block should get an award. Great job.

It was fun to see the blocks up close and contemplate the messages. If you want to participate, check the SJSA website for more details

Double Spiky 16 Patch #1 Quilted

Double Spiky Star #1: quilted
Double Spiky Star #1: quilted

A long time ago, I made the Double Spiky 16 Patch #1. At Sew Day the other day, Lindsay brought it back quilted. I was pretty excited to see it done an in reality it was only February of 2021 that I finished it.

Double Spiky Star #1 quilted detail
Double Spiky Star #1 quilted detail

She quilted it really well. I love the designs she chose. I am so pleased this was a group effort.

October 2022 Donation Blocks

My pace of making donation blocks has slowed because of my mania to clear my to do list. I am, however, still making a few. Many in the guild have gone off this pattern, so I may have to start making something else. I find it easy, inoffensive and easy to make. It’s great for leaders and enders.