September 2022 Donation Blocks

I made a few more blocks for the guild in addition to finishing the Rainbow Strip donation quilt and starting then finishing the Creamsicle donation quilt.

Finished Creamsicle Donation Quilt

Creamsicle donation top
Creamsicle donation top

I finished the vertical orange donation blocks into a quilt. I did it on a day when I was really annoyed and needed some straight piecing – no pockets or zippers – that could soothed my jangled nerves.

These blocks were made from the strips I cut off of the Orange You Glad backgrounds. Waste not want not.

Creamsicle back
Creamsicle back

I am pleased with the way this top turned out and also glad it is done.

I put the back together quickly so I could give Peggy a whole package. Nothing special. There certainly has been a lot of orange in my life lately.

Rainbow Strip Finished

Finished: Rainbow Strip donation top
Finished: Rainbow Strip donation top

I finally FINALLY finished this quilt!

I am pretty pleased with the way it turned out and will be really glad to see it finished.

This piece seemed like it was on my design wall for years, but when I went back and looked, it wasn’t. I seemed to have started the layout in March 2022. In the grand scheme of things, it is only 5ish months ago. Why does it feel like this quilt took so long?

Finished: Rainbow Strip donation back
Finished: Rainbow Strip donation back

I dipped into my stash of dots for fabrics for the back. These are mostly dots I bought before I refined what I like in dots. I do like the prints, but probably wouldn’t use them in the foreground of a quilt and they are too large or too diffuse for the background. I think they make a really cheerful back.

I have more scraps, which is probably a super obvious staement. I have a lot of pink scraps, so that will probably be my next quilt in the series, after the orange vertical strip donation top.


Center Finished – Rainbow Strip

Rainbow Strip Center Finished
Rainbow Strip Center Finished

I finished the center of the Rainbow Strip donation top using the leaders and enders technique as I worked on the Project Bags.

I am pleased with how it looks, though it does need a border. I am thinking white, but that may not finish the quilt enough. It could be if there is a colored binding applied. I don’t have control over the binding unless I make one to go with the top and back.  Hhhhmmm.

Rainbow Strip Nearing Finish Line

Rainbow Strip - last seams
Rainbow Strip – last seams

I made good progress over the weekend on the Rainbow Strip donation top.

I still have some seams to sew. I feel like this shouldn’t be taking as long as it is. I have to remember that I was stuck for several months and since I got going on the project again, it hasn’t been very long.

August Donation Blocks

These are the result of the Orange You Glad project

Rainbow Color Strip Donation Top

Rainbow Color Strip top on design wall
Rainbow Color Strip top on design wall

I finally bit the bullet and started putting the Rainbow Color Strip Donation top together. Once I finished all the Orange Strip donation blocks, I needed another leaders and enders projects while I put the Orange You Glad quilt top together. I decided that enough was enough and to get busy on this top.

Finished is better than perfect, right?

Rainbow Color Strip top on design wall-detail
Rainbow Color Strip top on design wall-detail

As usual, I don’t have a pattern. While I sort of have a plan, it is subject to change based on the number of blocks. At the moment I am going with a width of 7 blocks plus sashing for the center of the quilt.I am reserving the right to make it larger once I can move the blocks to the large design wall and see what I have. I have a feeling I will need to make a bit larger, but I want to minimize making more blocks, if I can.

I don’t have enough space on my design wall for all the blocks I have made (remember most of these except the yellow are leftovers from the other Color Strip donation quilts). You can see the blue blocks and the white blocks in the photo at the top floating around. This is one reason why I feel so anxious about the various projects going on.

Rainbow Color Strip leaders & enders-detail
Rainbow Color Strip leaders & enders-detail

I need the space on the large design wall for two quilts. The Orange You Glad piece and the Rainbow Color Strip top are jockeying for position in my mind and it is starting to make me a little crazy. This is the point where I usually focus on one quilt, but I can’t (don’t want to??) in this case. I need leaders and enders and the sashing for the Rainbow Color Strip top is great for leaders and enders. And I really want to make progress on the Rainbow Color Strip top.

Putting on the sashing is relatively easy and makes the blocks ready to put together. I may have to add more sashing to the end blocks, if I make the quilt wider, but we will see.

All of this means I am not quilting the Tarts. It is still on my mind, don’t worry. I just need to get through this patch of piecing crazy. This is a great example of why UFOs are really not good for my process. If I had finished the Tarts back in 2010, they wouldn’t be making me crazy as well. It is really hard to enjoy my quiltmaking when I feel pulled in so many directions. Yes, this is a #firstworldproblem and one of my own making.

Orange You Glad Leaders & Enders

I used the trimmings from my bullseye blocks to make some more donation blocks. These started out as the orange Color Strip blocks like I made before. However, the strips were pretty thin and I quickly tired of sewing them together and making, what felt like, no progress.

I decided that arranging the strips vertically would work. I, later, realized this change would be an evolution in the process (or series). Now I have quite a few of them and soon will be able to make another donation quilt.

I am NOT starting it, though, until some of the other projects are off my design wall.


Yellow Strip Donation Blocks

I finally just buckled down and made some yellow strip blocks for the Rainbow Color Strip Donation top. I couldn’t stand that nothing was happening with that quilt anymore. I needed to make some progress towards getting it off my design wall and off to someone who needs it. This was the way.

I cut some strips from yardage and made the blocks. They aren’t as interesting as blocks made from scraps, but in the grand scheme nobody will notice.

I have more of the strip set and could have probably cut two more, but I thought five was plenty. I think the Rainbow Color Strip Donation top will be on the large size as it is.

Sew Day Work

The guild Sew Day for August was a Community Quilt Sew Day. Mary C and I collaborated again to make three tops. Normally, I would make a top, then make the back. We focused on tops this time.

Mom Blocks donation top
Mom Blocks donation top

Mom gave me some orphan pieces and pieces that she didn’t want anymore. I had left them in the car so I didn’t even know what was in the bag. What I found in that bag was some ugly pieces. We also found some pretty nice looking blocks.

The blocks in the top on the left are the ones Mom made and handed over. Once we saw these, we decided we could just put them together quickly and move on to the day’s community quilt pattern.

I had some strips left over from the Libs Elliott class I took at QuiltCon in 2018. Fortunately, we had enough for sashing and borders. The turquoise and pink ones were already sewn together, which made things easier. The blocks weren’t all square, but we squared them up as much as we could.

Mary C sewed and I pressed and trimmed, which worked really well.

I am pleased with how this came out and how we were able to use some of the pieces that Mom sent along. I think someone will like this quilt.

July Donation Blocks

I thought I would combine the July and August blocks, because by mid-month I hadn’t made any donation blocks. However, finishing the Diagonal Nine Patch gave me the opportunity to sew some. Not tons, but every little bit helps.

I definitely need to cut more 2.5″ squares to keep up the project.


Ends n.14 Quilted

Ends n.14 (Typewriter) quilted
Ends n.14 (Typewriter) quilted

Ends n.14 (Typewriter) was also in the batch that Laura quilted for the guild. It wasn’t very long ago that I put it together.

I saw it Saturday and couldn’t tell whether what I was looking at was the back or front! I had forgotten that I did a lot of small piecing for this top.

Laura did a random meander and it looks pretty good. It doesn’t overshadow the piecing.

Purple and Gold Donation Quilt Quilted

I know many of you are melting in 100+F/35+C heat. I don’t want to taunt you, but it is a grey day here. The fog is in and the light in my workroom is weird. I am really glad I have Orange You Glad on my design wall and not this purple quilt.

Purple & Gold Donation quilt
Purple & Gold Donation quilt

This quilt by mom is now quilted. I wrote about it a few weeks ago and the speed with which it was done is astounding. Longarming really moves the pipeline along.

At the meeting, Peggy was looking for people to bind.

Plus Quilt Quilted

AJ Plus Quilt quilted
AJ Plus Quilt quilted

Peggy took a bunch of quilts to a longarmer, Laura, who quilts some of our donation quilts for practice. One of them was my American Jane Plus Quilt.

It is not yet bound, but having all the small quilts quilted by a longarmer makes the process much shorter. Tim is the only one with a longarm, that I know of, in the guild and he has been busy recently so hasn’t been quilting.

AJ Plus Quilt quilted - detail
AJ Plus Quilt quilted – detail

I like the pattern Laura used for the white and red thread was kind of inspired.

Rainbow Color Strip Non-Progress

Rainbow Color Strip donation blocks - June 2022
Rainbow Color Strip donation blocks – June 2022

The Rainbow Color Strip donation top has been stalled, mostly. Since the last time I posted about it, I have added some blocks, but the top is not done. I haven’t made much progress, which is frustrating.

I blame yellow.

You might remember I finished the Yellow Improv donation top in April. When I made that piece, I used every speck of yellow scraps in my yellow scrap drawer. I don’t always use a lot of yellow, so that was years worth of yellow scraps. Since April, I have cut only a few, oddly shaped yellow scraps. In order to make the above blocks into a  true rainbow quilt, I need yellow.

I can just cut some from yardage, right? What’s the problem? That is definitely the problem. What is holding me up from just cutting a few strips from yardage and making the dang yellow strip blocks?

I have no idea, but that time is coming to an end. I want these blocks off my design wall and into the hands of a quilter in the guild. I need the space for another project.

As a side note, I don’t put these donation tops on my UFO or WIP or to do list. I only work on one at a time, mostly, and I never take them off my design wall until they are done. You are probably thinking “hey, what about the American Jane Plus top and the Ends n.14 (Typewriter) top?” Yes, I made both of those while this Rainbow Strips top was on the design wall. That is why I said ‘mostly’.