Pink Block Party Donation Quilt Finished

Pink Block Party Donation Quilt
Pink Block Party Donation Quilt

Another quilt that was handed in at Sew Day was made during the February 2020 Community Sew Day. I made a bunch of blocks and may have even sewn them together.

This is a really nice quilt and I hope the person who receives it enjoys it.

I keep thinking of cutting more pieces these sizes so I can make more of these donation quilts, but I haven’t done it yet. It would be better if the pieces were more standard sizes, like 5 inches and 2.5 inches.

Yellow Strip Progress

Yellow Strip donation top progress
Yellow Strip donation top progress

Since I was zipping along with Scrap Dash, I was also zipping along with the Yellow Strip donation top. Leaders and enders really works.

I decided to use some text prints as the sashing. I had some scraps that were about the right size, so I used as many as I could find in the white drawer and then cut some from fabrics I have bought recently. The quilt is really coming together and I am pleased with how sunshiney it looks.

Ends n.8 Donation Quilt Finished

Ends n.8 Finished
Ends n.8 Finished

Another one of  my creations that was handed in at Sew Day was Ends n.8. I only have a bad photo, so it was hard to figure out that this gorgeous quilt was actually the one I made.

Tim, again, did the quilting and Mary C added the binding. I like using up the edges of quilts and this one turned out great. As mentioned in the previous post, the ends that make up this quilt came from the Stepping Stones n.2 quilt, I think. I also added more Bonnie and Camille fabric.

Ends n.8 Finished - detail
Ends n.8 Finished – detail

As usual, Tim did a great job quilting it. the swirls are a little different, but organic looking and interesting.

Purple Strip Donation Quilt Finished

Purple Strip Donation Quilt Finished
Purple Strip Donation Quilt Finished

We had Sew Day on Saturday, which I will write about soon. One thing that happened is that people brought a bunch of donation quilts that had been in process.

One of them was the Purple Strip Donation Quilt. Tim quilted it and Mary C bound it. I finished it in March of 2019 and gave it to Tim shortly thereafter.

I really like the angularity of the quilting designs Tim chose. The fact that he added in a couple of circles to the quilting really adds to the overall piece. One thing I always wonder about is what people think when they receive one of these quilts? Sometimes I wish I were a fly on the wall and I could know.

It looks really great and I am so pleased it is done.

Very Spiky

The other day i talked about the Double Spiky 16 Patch that Lee Ann finished. It made me wonder about all the Spiky 16 Patch quilts I have made. I looked back at my media files and decided to put them all into one post.

Mrs. K's Spiky 16 Patch Top
Mrs. K’s Spiky 16 Patch Top

I also inspired Mrs. K to make a top. I love it when you sew along with me, especially if you use one of my tutorials. Hers is great! It makes me think I need to add a yellow version to my list. Look at the corner triangle detail. Isn’t it great?

I always think I have made more of anything I want to show you than I really have. Six tops is not nothing. I want make more of these and now, that I see them, in different colors.


I am sure I will make more of them, so I’ll have to update this post.


More Yellow Improv

Yellow Strip Improv blocks - Mid-May 2021
Yellow Strip Improv blocks – Mid-May 2021

In between working on Scrap Dash, I made more yellow Improv blocks. I don’t have a tons of yellow scraps and I’ll be lucky if I can make this quilt and a straight Improv version like the other colors I have made. I’ll definitely be able to finish this one, but I have had to add chunks to the blocks. I don’t have enough strips to make all the blocks just from strips.

I sewed way more than one seam throughout the day. I felt kind of manic about these blocks. Even though I was working on Scrap Dash, I wanted to make progress on this quilt as well. I am pleased with the progress.

More of Tim’s Improv

I am on the fence about how this quilt is looking. I don’t have the exact colors that Tim used, so I am using what I have. I don’t know if it is working.

Improv Checkerboard
Improv Checkerboard

When I talked about this quilt before, I had finished sewing the parts Tim gave me to the piece and had just added a strip of my own.

I made this improv checkerboard to add to the sides as the first piece that was all my own. It was kind of fun to play around with different sized strips. The green, however is a little more chartreuse than Tim used. While I like the shape, I am concerned about the colors and how they fit in with what went before.

I plan to put part of the checkerboard on another side perpendicular to the checkerboard I already sewed to the top.

Tim's Improv Quilt with checkerboard
Tim’s Improv Quilt with checkerboard

I don’t think it looks terrible and that might be good enough for a donation quilt. I don’t mean that it is ugly so it is only good enough for a donation quilt, but that it is not too ugly to give as a donation quilt.

I really don’t nee to make it much bigger, but I want it to have a relatively cohesive design without me spending 50 hours on it.

Double Spiky 16 Patch #2 – Quilted

Double Spiky 16 Patch Quilted
Double Spiky 16 Patch Quilted

In February, I worked on some more Spiky 16 patch quilts. Then I gave them to Peggy and she found someone to quilt at least one. #2 popped up as finished at the guild meeting last Saturday! Lee Ann did the basting and quilting. She did a lot of straight line quilting, which I think works really well.

There is a wobble on the edge, which surprises me. I am hoping it is the wind blowing the quilt and not my piecing!

Double Spiky 16 Patch Quilted - detail
Double Spiky 16 Patch Quilted – detail

Lee Ann sent me these photos, which included a detail. You can see the leaf like shapes in the 16 patch center as well as a little more of the straight line quilting on the border.

Keeping Up with Yellow

10 Yellow Donation Blocks
10 Yellow Donation Blocks

I am continuing to work on the yellow donation blocks. I talked about making another batch a few days ago. I have more progress to show you today.

They look better on my design wall than they do on the photo. Oh well.

I made one with a strip going vertically, because I had two leftover pieces that weren’t wide enough to make a block with horizontal strips. For this version, I am really trying to make all the strips oriented on the horizontal. I have a lot of small pieces of yellow, so I don’t know if it will work. I’ll make as many blocks as I can with horizontal strips, then I will start putting more chucks together into blocks.

Tim’s Improv Quilt

Tim's Improv Quilt top
Tim’s Improv Quilt top

Tim made part of a top in a Sherri Lynn Wood class. He didn’t want it hanging around anymore because he didn’t like the class and didn’t think he would finish it. I offered to finish it into a donation top for the guild and get it out of his life.

I sewed a strip Tim gave me to the right of the quilt (the strip with 4 patches). I looked for fabric that would match, but I couldn’t find anything really similar. I chose a more reddish orange and am adding various bits to the piece.

The picture, left, is what I have so far.

More Donation Blocks

I am slowly making more of these blocks. I know it seems like I am working on very little. I seem to be really busy on things that keep my mind scurrying in a zillion different directions.

Five Yellow Donation Blocks
Five Yellow Donation Blocks

I wanted to make enough blocks so I could see what I had. I think I will place the blocks 5 across. I might do 6 across, but we’ll see. My plan is 5 across right now. I also won’t set the blocks this close together. My design wall is a little full right now so I don’t have the blocks placed as they would be. I also am not sure what color I will use for the sashing. Blue is the complement, but I don’t think that blue will be good for the look I want. I think white.

Yellow strip donation block #6
Yellow strip donation block #6

I also made one more block, so I have a total of 6 right now.

BAM Donation Block

Green donation block
Green donation block

Yes, I wrote the title correctly. I have just one block to show you.

I worked to make many, many donation blocks last year. This year I feel like I am sewing a lot and not getting anything done. Am I not finishing things or what? I don’t know.

As I said, I have started some new color improv strip blocks, but I haven’t made any guild donation blocks.

I have been using other projects for leaders and enders. Do I need to get on the ball or can I take a break?

HST Donation Quilt Ready for Quilting

HST Donation Top
HST Donation Top

I finally sat down on Friday afternoon and worked to finish this top. I really wanted to get it ready for quilting and it had been hanging around for too long. I am pleased with how it came out and look forward to seeing how it gets quilted.

HST Donation Back
HST Donation Back

I am going to show it to Tim, then send it on to another guild member for quilting.

I tried to use as much of the Pop Parade for the back as I could.

More on the Kaffe Donation Quilt

BAM Kaffe Community Quilt by Patti
BAM Kaffe Community Quilt by Patti

I was amazed and thrilled that Tim had bound the small Kaffe donation quilt he quilted a few weeks ago. He put a binding on it sometime last week! He almost never does that, but wanted something quick after cleaning his studio all day.

He machine bound it, but that was a good choice since the quilt will go who knows where.

BAM Kaffe Community Quilt by Patti (detail)
BAM Kaffe Community Quilt by Patti (detail)

I love the quilting – spirals. They look so great.