Design Wall Monday November 2019

My design wall is not full right now. Neither design wall is full as I work on gifts for Christmas and upcoming birthdays.

Design Wall - 25 November 2019
Design Wall – 25 November 2019

My small design wall is not completely empty either.

There are two projects on the left. I have the leftover Strip blocks from my donation quilts in the very upper left hand corner. I am saving the leftovers for a quilt that will encompass all the colors.

Directly under those blocks are the 2.5 inch squares for Fabric of the Year 2019.

Bottom left: the Ring Toss block is still hanging around.

In the middle, you can see that I have made progress on the White improv donation top since yesterday.

That’s all there is. Stay tuned as I get back to making some quilts.

Mega Pinnie

I saw the Mega Pinnie pattern in an older issue (issue 6, 2016) of Today’s Quilter. It caught my attention, partially, because I have some squares leftover from the Jen Carlton Bailly workshop and they were on my mind. It turns out they are slightly larger than I need for the Pinnie, but worked just fine. I was also looking for something that would be interesting for a swap gift.

I like this magazine as it has practical and interesting articles that teach people something. I have found good projects, like my favorite pincushion, in Today’s Quilter sister publication, Love of Patchwork and Quilting, but this is the first time I have made something from TQ.

This pattern caught my attention as something different, but also useful. I decided to make it as a swap gift. It is essentially a giant pincushion with pockets for other tools. It will work well for someone who wants to keep a few things together at Sew Day.

Mega Pinnie - ready to sew together
Mega Pinnie – ready to sew together

While I am not quite finished, the project doesn’t take very long to make. I am almost done after working on it Sunday in between other projects. One of the sites I found said it took her two hours. I didn’t keep exact track of my hours, but this sounds about right.

Pinnie pockets in progress
Pinnie pockets in progress

In the pattern, the pockets are pieced. They look kind of fun pieced, but I also want to try them not pieced. The project will go faster and will be just as interesting. I also think I can add a placket for WonderClips, as in the pincushion that I have made as gifts.

I found a version of the pattern at the Stitch Gathering website.

I am ridiculously delighted by this concept. I want make a couple more as gifts and I can’t wait to sew this one together!


Resources and Inspiration:

Design Wall Monday -August 2019

I thought it had been awhile since I posted my design wall, but not as long as I thought. I found a post from May, which is relatively recently. My design wall is active, as per usual.

Design Wall Monday August 19, 2019
Design Wall Monday August 19, 2019

1. These are a few leftover blocks from my strip donation projects. I didn’t use them in the quilts already made, so I saving them for one that I will make at the end of the project.

2. I am still cutting for FOTY 2019

3. That Ring Toss block is still on my design wall. I still want to try and make a larger block, but haven’t gotten to it yet.

4. I cut some plain green blocks for the background of one of the strip donation quilts and didn’t use them. I decided that I wanted them off my table, so I cut some orange and am making them into a top. Yes, I am interrupting my work on the Orange Improv top to do it. The stack was really bugging me and I want those green blocks out of my hair.

5. While the Orange improv donation top might take a break while I work on #4, it is still in process. I got a lot done last week and it is growing.

Things are happening here. I am linking up with others showing off their design walls via Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, the hosting site of Design Wall Monday.


Design Wall Monday – May 2019

Design Wall - May 2019
Design Wall – May 2019

My design wall is full once again. I think it is usually full. The last time I posted about my design was back in February. There are a couple of projects still on it that you might recognize, but progress also.

Design Wall - May 2019
Design Wall – May 2019
  1. The Lobster is still there. I really  need to do something with that piece as it is taking up valuable real estate.
  2. Current FOTY 2019 pieces.
  3. BettyCrockerAss block from the BAM class I took with her. This will be a table runner for the coffee table as soon as I make the third block.
  4. BettyCrockerAss block from the BAM class I took with her. Same as #3.
  5. Jenny from One Block block I like to call Ring Toss. I still need to make a larger version.
  6. Random start for a 16 patch donation block that ended up behind my sewing cabinet.
  7. Batch 2 of the red strip donation blocks almost ready to set. These are more chunky than strippy.
  8. In process donation blocks. one will finish off the group mentioned in #7. The other bits and pieces will be the start of a red improv donation top.

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Design Wall Monday – February 2019

The last time I did this was back in November. I am not sure why I don’t do it more often. I guess I don’t think about it unless I happen to have a photo of my design wall handy. In this case, Vicki, over at My Creative Corner 3, asked for a picture of what was on our design wall. This is a two birds, one stone kind of post.

Design Wall - February 2019
Design Wall – February 2019

Not much on my design wall this week. Mostly its because I am in between projects -sort of.

Design Wall Feb 2019 - annotated
Design Wall Feb 2019 – annotated
  1. [The Damn] Lobster – Yes, it is still there glaring at me. I really need to do finish this piece. I had an inkling of wanting to do it last week, but it passed.
  2. Fabric of the Year 2018 (and maybe 2019) squares – I am now two quilts behind in the series – 2017 and 2018. FOTY 2017 has been on the design wall recently and will be again. I am re-sorting and counting rectangles so I know the dimensions. I still want to do my Ellsworth Kelly idea for FOTY 2018. I haven’t decided even what shape to use for FOTY 2019. I wondered yesterday if I should combine FOTY 2018 and 2019. It doesn’t fit with the series so far, but if I want to explore the same idea I could just do it once, though doing it twice using the same shape would allow me to use different greys or a black on each one.
  3. Jenny One Block Halo quilt block – This is a test block for the Jen Kingwell/ Jenny from One Block quilt I call Ring Toss.  I thought about making a quilt using this pattern after I bought the templates at PIQF. I really like the templates and the idea of the quilt, but the pieces are too small. This block requires more space. I designed the block in EQ, surviving a rare polygon error, and have yet to print the templates in the larger size. My goal is to try a block in the larger size and see if I want to commit to that quilt. I won’t have the templates, so it won’t be as convenient. I might just give it up. As you know, I have a lot of projects and don’t need anymore.
  4. Spiky 16 patches – These are the blocks for the third Spiky 16 patch donation quilt. I haven’t put it together yet. It is pinned out of the way so I could fit the Green Thing on the design wall and see what I was doing. I haven’t unpinned them, but now that I have finished the other two donation tops on which I was working I can make these blocks into a top.
  5. Mini pre-anything potential donation block – I had one leftover 9 patch from the Octagon 9 Patch. I want to make a donation block out of it, but haven’t quite gotten to it yet. The pieces surrounding it were potential improv additions.
  6. Green donation block in process – as I finished the Green Thing, I needed some leaders and enders, so I  went back to the regular BAM donation blocks and this one is progressing.
  7. Jen Carlton Bailly blocks that I cut wrong – Well, I cut the two circle blocks wrong. The HST is waiting for something to be done to it. I used its sister to try out another technique in the class.
  8. Improv donation block – I did like using up scraps to make the Green Thing. It became unwieldy and heavy and not ideal, so I am not sure I want to do another that large. Yes, I could make it smaller, but I like even baby quilts to be on the larger side. I decided to try making some blocks instead. If I make a bunch of 8.5 inch blocks, they will fit with the 16 patches the guild makes. I can also make enough of them to put together a quilt with just improv blocks. This might be the only one. We’ll see.

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Design Wall Monday – November 2018

I didn’t plan on putting up a Design Wall Monday post, but somehow I just felt like it.

Design Wall Monday - November 5, 2018
Design Wall Monday – November 5, 2018

This is a bigger view of my design wall with some added bonuses that I don’t normally show.

Design Wall Monday - November 5, 2018 annotated
Design Wall Monday – November 5, 2018 annotated
  1. Random fabric squares. I think I was looking for similar fabrics or to make some similar feeling four patches at one point.
  2. Lobster placemat – Still in process, but front and center
  3. ATCs – remember all those ATCs I make?  Here are some for which I trade mine.
  4. Most recent FOTY 2018 squares
  5. Latest MetroScape blocks
  6. Latest donation block in process
  7. Cathedral Windows block – it didn’t make it into the Aqua-Red Sampler quilt, but it is still a nice block
  8. For Boy Scouts the kids had to sew on a button. I made this block and he sewed a button he chose from my button box into the center
  9. One of the first pieces of fabric – fussy cut – that was given to me as part of a Modern Quilt Guild challenge
  10. Quiltmaking merit badges. I really want to put them on to something, but I haven’t figured out what yet.
  11. Wire and bead dolls.
  12. Inspiration board. My images are kind of faded now, but I still like them.
  13. Possible donation block in process. I am still looking at it.
  14. Quilt show ribbons

I’m linking up with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, the relatively new hosting site of Design Wall Monday.

Design Wall Monday

Design Wall, July 23 2018
Design Wall, July 23 2018

My design wall looks crazily turquoise and red this week. I didn’t realize how much I am in a turquoise and red mood lately. The Stepping Stones n.2 is part of that as well.

Despite the color theme, not much is happening on the design wall. For the moment it is acting as storage.

Design Wall July 2018 annotated
Design Wall July 2018 annotated
  1. The Lobster. I still have to finish the stitching
  2. New FOTY 2018 squares
  3. Aqua-Red Sampler blocks, most not all
  4. Half of a new donation block

I moved the Aqua-Red Sampler off the larger design wall. My goal is to put the Who Am I? piece up there an finish it. Yes, the Sampler needs to wait awhile longer. Poor baby getting supplanted again.

I’m linking up with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, the relatively new hosting site of Design Wall Monday.

Knight Scarf Begins

My knitting needles were barely cold before I cast on a scarf for the YM. I want him to have one as well. Almost as soon as I finished the Cosmic Wonder Dust scarf, I started his.

He thought the Madeleine Tosh yarn was a little rough (he is very kinesthetic and also very tuned into the way things feel). At PIQF, I bought some wool and silk yarn from Thread and Ewe. It is Avalon yarn by Round Table Yarns – 50% superwash merino and 50% silk, DK weight. Even though I was annoyed at the “DK weight” – clearly designed for experienced knitters – I was eager to try it out.

Starting the Knight Scarf
Starting the Knight Scarf

The fibers are not as tightly wound (spun???) together, so I have to be careful not to knit only part of the strand as I progress along the row.

Like the Monarch scarf, this yarn is slippy, so the stitches tend to slide off the needles if I am not careful. While I cast on to straight needles, I am knitting with some circular needles and the line between them is a bit short, so I have to be careful.

I really hope this yarn is soft enough for the YM.

Cosmic Wonder Dust Scarf COMPLETE

Cosmic Wonder Dust scarf
Cosmic Wonder Dust scarf

I finished the Cosmic Wonder Dust scarf last Thursday! Yay! Now I have all of the scarves finished for the kids uh, young adults who helped the YM during his cast phase. They are not wrapped or boxed or mailed, but knitted is a good place to be.

This was made with Madeleine Tosh Chunky yarn. This yarn was a little different than the ones I used for the Lichen and Nighthawk scarves. it is Madeleine Tosh Chunky. It knitted up faster, though I didn’t have as much time to work on it. Good thing it was chunky yarn. The unexpected part is that it is not as long as the others. I should have bought three skeins, but didn’t. C’est la vie.

Sunflower Napkins

Sunflower Napkins
Sunflower Napkins

These are also for the Grand President of the Native Daughters. The napkins will be placed in the bag I will show you later this week. Same fabric.

They go with her theme, which is sunflowers and with the dessert plates we got for her as a gift last year.

I put the label on as many people do not use cloth napkins at home and I wasn’t sure she would know what they are. I would hate to see someone wearing one on his/her head. 😉

Sunflower Napkins - full
Sunflower Napkins – full

I generally use 2 quarter yards – fat quarters – to make my napkins. I like generous napkins that cover my whole lap. I think I made these square.

Normally, I do a decorative stitch on the edge, but I wasn’t up for that with this project. I just sewed two lines of straight stitching and I think it looks fine.

They are done and I am pleased. Napkins are a great way to use up fabric, by the way.

California Pillow

California Pillow
California Pillow

I finally made the pillow I intended to make from the panel Mrs. K sent me.

I feel like such a slacker. This panel has been hanging around since …. I don’t know…. months? I do keep sewing, so I can’t be that much of a slacker, right?

We do not have to raise money this year at Grand Parlor, so I made this pillow for one of our friends who does not get support from his Parlor to attend Grand Parlor. He is running for Grand 3rd VP and needs all the help he can get.

California Pillow back
California Pillow back

Yes, I pulled out some Pointillist Palette fabric, after being inspired by my SIL. I can’t hoard it. I have to get the 4th Pointillist Palette quilt done and use this great fabric. Since I had it out to use for Kelly’s Color My Quilt piece, I decided this pillow would work as another effort at using it.

The back is pretty plain, but I do like that blue. I wish I had written down what it was (usually I write the brand and color on the selvedge) as I could look for more. I didn’t so, it will be a mystery.

More Garment Sewing

Layout pattern
Layout pattern

Well, I cannot seem to stay away from the garments. I am still not a confident garment maker and I couldn’t do it easily without my SIL who is a master (mistress??) of garment sewing.

We are using the same Hawaiian style shirt pattern that we did when I visited her in Maryland a few years ago.

I am using some great California fabric that I found at the Granary. It is called California Here we Come by Studio 8 for Quilting Treasures.

California Here We Come Fabric
California Here We Come Fabric

I bought 3 yards of the tan for the shirt. I knew I would need some extra and I didn’t want to run out in case I made mistakes. I thought the tan colorway would look good with the recipient’s coloring. I also bought a half yard of the black on white, which would be my colorway preference.

This is a really good California print as it has a lot of the sights of our state and goes beyond the most prominent. Whoever drew the print was thoughtful about the motifs.

She is supervising me heavily and I need it, because I can’t get the layout of the pattern pieces straight in my head. I only had to recut 3 pieces this time, which is an improvement.

Now I have cut all the pieces and applied interfacing. I have also hemmed the shirt fronts. Onward.

26 Projects – November 2016 edition

The last time I reviewed my list was in July. I have made some progress, but not a lot. August was pretty much a desert for getting projects done and I was gone in September so no sewing then either. I was ready to rock in October and am making some progress.

Finished 2016 Quilt Projects

Finished 2016 non-Quilt Projects

In Process
The  ‘In Process’ is used to denote projects on which I am actively working or pretending to stitch. I try not to put away projects, because that will ensure I never work on them.

  • Carpenter’s Wheel blocks – I finished #9 and #10. I thought this finish concluded the blocks. However, after I laid them out, I realized that I didn’t have enough to do what I wanted. I need to make a few more. Perhaps as leaders and enders?
  • English Paper Piecing Project– half hexies – I added three more stars to the large piece over the weekend. I also measure the piece and figure out how much more I have to stitch to get it to a good size.
  • Lobster – have more stitching to do and then I need to quilt it.
  • Octagon 9 Patch: ready to put together. Not sure what I am waiting for. Another leaders/enders project or do I want to lay out the blocks more carefully?
  • Peacock Quilton the design wall and sewing the top together is in process.
  • Pies and Points from Victoria Findlay Wolfe class. No further progress. I did find more of the background fabric when I went to Portland, so I can make a larger piece.
  • Stepping Stones #2 – I am in the process of making the border blocks after I designed them to be a little different from the first Stepping Stones quilt.

Still WIPs
I still have WIPs. Who doesn’t, after all? A project in the ‘UFO’ category means I am stalled. A nicer way of saying UFO is a WIP. The list is a lot shorter and the projects are newer, for the most part.

  1. Aqua-Red Sampler – I made progress on the partial seaming tutorial and need to sit down to finish it.
  2. The Tarts Come to Tea: I still haven’t worked on this since April 2011, though, it is in a prominent location so I have easy access. I am taking a machine quilting workshop soon (shock, horror, I know) and the focus is on background motifs. Just what I need!
  3. Pointillist Palette #4: Fourth is a series of 6 quilts; needs tiny square patches sewn together. I still haven’t worked on this project either, but I do think about it.
  4. Self Portrait: started in 2006 at a class at Quilting Adventures in Richmond, Virginia. My career counselor breathed new life into this project for me. She asked a simple question and the end result was inspiration for this piece, but I kind of lost steam again after printing images on paper to try out different designs. Lately, I have stopped feeling like I need to finish this piece. I am not ready to give up on it yet. I think it really needs major surgery.
  5. Under the Sea: class project; like the design and am happier with the colors. I bought a few spools of Aurifil 12wt and have been embroidering with it and the Perl Cotton on it. It might become a lush pillow for someone.
  6. Serendipity Lady Quilt

Ready for Quilting

  • Thanksgiving tablemat

In Quilting Process

  • Theoretically, the Tarts Come to Tea is in the quilting process. I am taking a class next weekend that may give me some ideas and perhaps get me back on track with it.



Hunting and Gathering

  • Blue Gradation Quilt: cutting 2.5″x 4.5″ blue rectangles
  • Blue Lemonade: cutting blue, green, purple 2″ squares
  • Pink Gradation Quilt: cutting 2.5″x 4.5″ pink rectangles
  • Spin Wheel: really not started, but supplies gathered. I probably have enough fabrics and just need to decide to start.
  • Windmill quilt: Still hunting and gathering. I am supposed to be cutting a variety of greys for the background. I bought a new template, so I should be able to get going again


What’s on your list?

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Finished
Little Red Finished

I am making progress on the dolls I talked about that I was making from a panel.

This doll is Little Red Riding Hood. She doesn’t really look like Red riding Hood to me as I always thought of Red as more of a little girl. This doll looks like an adult to me. What do you think?

I got the stuffing from my youngest SIL who happened to have some laying around. I was pleased that she was willing to offload it on me.

Red Riding Hood Back
Red Riding Hood Back

I haven’t stuffed very many toys — or anything, really. I worked really hard to make the doll stiff and full feeling. Not sure if it is too full.

The legs and arms are really skinny and I hope they are sturdy enough.

I finished the dog (probably really The Wolf), the quilt and the cape. I am now working on the skirt. I finished it and then I decided it didn’t fit well and I took it part to remake.

I also started the mermaid, which came on another panel. Mom is going to put elastic on the tail for me.

Little Girl Toys

Little Red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding Hood

The other day Julie and I went to The Granary and saw a doll made from a panel. Unfortunately, they didn’t have anymore of the panels, so we went on our merry way with our day.

A few days later, I was at Always Quilting and I saw the panel plus one other. I was kind of thrilled to see them. I am not exactly sure why, but I have been wanting to make dolls/doll clothes on and off for quite a while.

Coral: Queen of the Sea
Coral: Queen of the Sea

The one we saw made was a mermaid, which was very cute. I decided to buy them and make them for my little niece.

The panels have a lot of pieces including a quilt for each one. I plan to make the dolls and the fin for the mermaid as well as the skirt for the Red. Then I will see what happens.

Perhaps this will quench my thirst for making dolls.

Little Red Riding Hood detail
Little Red Riding Hood detail
Coral: Queen of the Sea detail
Coral: Queen of the Sea detail