Sparkle Pink

Finished: Sparkle Pink
Finished: Sparkle Pink


  • 100% cotton fabric
  • 100% cotton thread


  • Machine Pieced
  • Longarm quilted


  • Year: 2013
  • Size: 80×96

Quilted By:

  • Colleen Granger


This quilt started with the Notting Hill fabric by Joel Dewberry. I bought selected prints in the line from the FabricWorm, not sure what I would make with them. Then I remembered the quilt that Mallory made using the Sparkling Cider pattern from All Washed Up. She loaned me the pattern and the project coalesced. It is an easy pattern and the fun part was placing the fabrics. I, basically, made the blocks in the pattern, but sewed them using techniques I like, such as the square method (see Deb Tucker’s website regarding the Wing Clipper ruler) to make the Flying Geese, because I found the pattern to be difficult to understand.

Among the fabrics I used were:

  • Notting Hill by Joel Dewberry
  • Simply Color by Vanessa Chrstensen of V & Co.
  • E. E. Schenck Company
  • Freckles by Freespirit
  • Karavan by Valori Wells

It is a cheerful quilt and the pinks are happy. It is a subtle quilt in that it is mostly monochromatic. On the front, the orange is there but pink still dominates. It invites the viewer to come closer to see some parts that are more blendy. It doesn’t have the high contrast that quilts with dark on light fabrics do.

Sparkle Pink back
Sparkle Pink back

I said before that I liked this quilt because, though the blocks were large, they were not boring. I do think that the fabric has a lot to do with the outcome. Not just my fabric, but any version. I suppose that is true for all quilts.

This was made from a pattern from All Washed Up, lent to me by Mallory. The pattern is called Sparkling Cider and you can order it by calling them. I assume local quilt shops have it as well.

While making this quilt, I listened to The House At Riverton (The Shifting Fog) by Kate Morton, The Return of Moriarty and Revenge of Moriarty by John Gardner.

This quilt is in the collection of Leia Munn.

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