Mini Maker Case SAL Progress

Mini Maker Case - Friday Progress
Mini Maker Case – Friday Progress

I spent some time over the weekend working on the Mini Maker Case Sew-a-Long with Lillyella. She sent out more instructions on Thursday and some corrections to the pattern. I was behind. I had work to do, and did some, but also wanted to think about some things, so I spent time on Friday catching up.

I normally don’t use a zipper foot, but decided to try it this time as Nicole, of Lillyella, had some good reasons for suggesting it. After breaking a needle and having the zipper foot go disastrously crooked, I ripped out the zipper and put it in again using my quarter inch foot** and a stiletto**. After sewing in the zipper and top stitching it down, I was super pleased with how it looks. It may be the best zipper I have put in EVER. Maybe.

Mini Maker Case - handle detail
Mini Maker Case – handle detail

The handle was really interesting. I definitely like the look of it, but there were no instructions on holding it in place so it could be sewn. I tried one of the newer super strong Sew Tites**. That worked a little bit, but I had to hold on to it and check the placement until I could get it anchored in place.

Mini Maker Case - Saturday Progress
Mini Maker Case – Saturday Progress

On Saturday morning I went to work, having all the flat parts done. The assembly of the body was pretty confusing for me. You know how I am with pattern directions. Again, some ripping went on, but I eventually got the body together.

My next step is to assemble the entire thing. I know I should wait for the SAL, but I may want to keep the momentum going.








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Mini Maker Case SAL – Fabric

Since it hard for me to access my design wall in the way I like, due to my foot, I decided that I would work on small projects this week. This included the lillyella Mini Maker Case Sew-a-Long. Yes, I am also still doing the Journey2Nebula. I really just want to win the prizes they are offering. Not really, though a little bit. I like the push to keep up and get these projects done.

Mini Mkaer Case SAL fabric
Mini Mkaer Case SAL fabric

This is a cute little train case looking tote. It is designed for the Oliso mini iron, but you can use it for other things as well. I chose the fabric for the project this week.

I started out with the couches fabric and wanted more purples, but the couches fabric is more red-violet, so I found other fabrics to match. I might also make one in the same fabrics as my All Rolled Up Tote.

Red Text Table Runner Finished

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon
Red Text Table Runner
Red Text Table Runner

The Red Text table runner is finished. I finished sewing on the binding on Monday during Craft Night. I had already machine sewed and the hand stitching went surprisingly fast.

As I mentioned, I machine quilted it over last weekend. I am pleased, even after several days of looking at it, about how it came out. I am also really pleased that it is done since the new project came out on Tuesday, the Lucky Charm pillow.

Red Text Table Runner quilting detail
Red Text Table Runner quilting detail

I am more than a little thrilled that I finished the two table runners in time for the new project.

Seaside Table Runner Finished!

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon
Seaside Table Runner: Finished
Seaside Table Runner: Finished

I finished the binding of the first Seaside Table Runner on Friday. I am pleased with the way it came out and pleased that it is finished.

I have wrapped it with a piece of fabric and a note, so it is ready whenever I feel like going out again.

This is the first project in the Journey2Nebula and I am on pace. I haven’t finished the second table runner yet, but stay tuned for that. I don’t want any of these small project languishing.

SueG’s Donation Quilt

I am teaching a Sampler Quilt Class/Skillbuilder via Zoom. One of the things I asked my students to do was check their quarter inch seam, then practice sewing and getting the seams to match.

SueG's Donation Quilt September 2020
SueG’s Donation Quilt September 2020

SueG did a GREAT job and made a donation quilt for the guild as practice.

She picked great colors (we had an earlier lesson on color and choosing fabrics) and her seams match up very well. As a bonus, some child will get a wonderful looking quilt!

I am thrilled!

Amy’s Seaside Table Runner – Quilted

As I mentioned, I cut out two sets of diamonds to make two Seaside table runners. Last week I sewed together my table runner and basted it. On Saturday, I worked on the second one, which will be for Amy as a thank you for loaning me the rulers.

One of the things I did was use the Rotary Even Foot for some of the quilting. Although, it didn’t work very well for the binding, I think it worked pretty well for the quilting I did, so I plan to try it on my version of this pattern.

Amy's Seaside Table Runner quilted
Amy’s Seaside Table Runner quilted

Once the rows were finished, I decided I would quilt the piece as I sewed the rows together. It took me a good portion of the day Monday to put the thing together, but once all the rows were together, it was quilted as well. Bonus!

After I took this picture, I trimmed it, made the binding and started binding it. I used a 2″ binding, which is pretty slim, but is working.

Basting the Seaside Table Runner

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon

I basted my Seaside table runner over the weekend TWICE!

Yes, I did wall basting the first time hoping I wouldn’t have to crawl around on the floor. Then I went to show my fabulous basting job and found that the back was not flat. I wanted to believe it would be okay, but I knew it wouldn’t. I decided to do it over again.

Seaside table runner - basted
Seaside table runner – basted

We are setting up for a new puzzle and needed to bring our folding table into the living room. Before I dragged it upstairs, I set it up downstairs and basted.

Now I just have to quilt it. I plan to do some simple quilting, but you never know with me. I might lose my mind.

Journey 2 Nebula Seaside Progress

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon
Seaside Table Runners in process
Seaside Table Runners in process

I made good progress last week on both Seaside table runners. I am moving forward.

I have to say, though, that I am out of practice with diamonds and my brain rebelled at the directions for this project. You can see from the photo that the rows point in different directions (look at the ends of the rows). This means the different units were not interchangeable and I had to piece them in different directions. My brain did not like it. Finally, I had to put the rows up on the design wall and look at them as I pieced. It took, what felt like, forever.

I also decided that 6 strips for each Seaside table runner was a better number so that the fabrics could be alternated. I was too late to add them to my red text table runner, but will add another fabric to Amy’s blue version.

Journey 2 Nebula Start

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon

I did decide to join the Journey 2 Nebula project / Sew-a-Long (?) / Quilt-a-Long(?). As mentioned previously, this is a skill-builder for learning to use the Jaybird Quilts rulers, Hex N More** & Super Sidekick** (or Sidekick**) to prepare for the Nebula Quilt-a-Long. I am not planning on making the Nebula quilt, but I thought the skill-builder was interesting. I also thought it was a good idea to have a series of small projects so people could get used to using specialty rulers

When I gathered the supplies, I also got our non-Jaybird rulers that I thought would work. I borrowed the rulers from a guild mate because I didn’t want to buy them without trying them. Usually I jump at the chance to buy specialty rulers, but I am saving money and I have several rulers that do the same thing as the various Jaybird rulers. I am not adverse to buying one or more of them in the future, but we will see.

I did have to buy all of the patterns, but Pink Door had a bundle with a slight discount, so it wasn’t horrible, though I probably don’t really need the patterns for the projects. I certainly won’t need them long term. I count it as supporting a woman-owned small business.

This skill-builder was, I think, more popular than expected. There is a lot of grumbling about not getting patterns in a timely manner, not getting rulers and having the various fabrics (people seem to want the same exact colors as the samples) sold out. My patterns arrived on Monday, the day before the start. And, of course, there is no shortage of fabric at my house, so I was ready to go.

The first day was Tuesday and despite my plans to get the top of the Black Windmill finished, I started this skill-builder project. The first skill is diamonds – Super Sidekick** or Sidekick**ruler – and the  project is the Seaside table runner. I am no stranger to diamonds after making the Fabric of the Year 2010 quilt. I had my strips prepared, read the directions and started cutting using thee Super Sidekick**. Julie of Jaybird Quilts (not Friend Julie) made a video as well.

It wasn’t difficult to use the ruler. There are pictures in the pattern and I was able to quickly cut two sets of diamonds for the table runners I want to make. Amy didn’t have the Sidekick, so, as I said, I used the Super Sidekick**. It is a big ruler, approximately 15×8.5 inches. I think the Sidekick** ruler would have fit my hand better, but beggars can’t be choosers.

I wondered the whole time I was cutting diamonds how the Super Sidekick** compared to the Split Recs Ruler **? I think they can both cut HRTs, but I didn’t’ try that. I’ll have to do some more research later.

Once I was comfortable with the Super Sidekick**, I got out my Creative Grids Turn-a-Round Diamond ruler. This ruler, which no longer seems to be available, cuts both 45 and 60 degree diamonds. I had to line it up differently, but was able to cut the same diamonds with it. I didn’t know I was cutting 60 degree diamonds until I started cutting with the CG ruler. The Jaybird Pattern doesn’t say anything about that.

CG Diamond Turn-a-Round ruler
CG Diamond Turn-a-Round ruler

My 2.5″ strips vs. the Super Sidekick** vs. Creative Grids Turn-a-Round Diamond ruler all measured 2.5″ differently. I am not worried about putting the table runner together, but I thought it was interesting.

I did start to sew, but I didn’t get very far. Stay tuned for more info.









**I use affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Blue Strip Donation Quilt Finished

Blue Strip Donation Quilt finished
Blue Strip Donation Quilt finished

It wasn’t too long ago that I helped Tim put this quilt on the machine. The other day when I visited, he showed me the finished piece. It was even bound by Sue S! That made it a true group quilt. I was really pleased at how well it came out.

I finished this quilt in March of 2020, right after the shelter-in-place order, so this one is getting done much faster than the Purple Strip Donation quilt I talked about the other day.

Tim said that he doesn’t really like yellow, but this quilt was just cheerful. That comment made me super happy. I really love making cheerful quilts.

The quilting is a lot of swirls, which looks really nice. I am not sure  how he decided what to do, but I like what he usually chooses. Also, Tim is quilting these for free so I am not complaining.

Blue Strip Donation quilt back - finsihed
Blue Strip Donation quilt back – finsihed

The back is pretty basic, nothing fancy in terms of piecing, but it looks good. also, cheerful.

Blue Strips #2 Sashing

Work has been busy and I am tired at the end of the day, so sewing has not been going as quickly as I would like. To add to the drama, the SD card in my phone failed, so I lost a ton of photos. It’s my own fault for not backing them up, but it still means a few posts I had in mind can’t happen. There is some hope that one of my nephews will be able to resurrect it, but we will have to see. Thus, my blog is being slightly neglected. I don’t want to post junk, so there may be some skips.

Blue Strips #2 sashing continues
Blue Strips #2 sashing continues

I am working hard on this next donation top. It is not as satisfying to finish these tops since I can’t really show them at meetings. Still, I am motivated enough to clear out scraps to continue making them, so I continue.

As I said before my blue scrap drawer is still pretty packed so I wonder how many blue scrap quilts I will make. This is the second with this type of block. The first had a yellow border and yellow sashing, so it has a very different look. After I finish this one, you will be able to compare the two on the page where I am posting them all.

I have some quilts to send to one of the members to be quilted and I plan to send this one along with that group. I’d like to send everything on Tuesday, so we will see if I can finish this piece by then.

Blue Strips 2 Donation Top – Sashing

Blue Strip #2 Blocks with sashing option
Blue Strip #2 Blocks with sashing option

I decided I wanted a green for the sashing. I pulled down my green bin and looked for what I had in mind.

Again, the photo doesn’t do the choice justice. It is a very, very light green. I cut it up, but am concerned I won’t have enough and need to find some other pieces that I can add in.

Blue Strip #2 Donation Blocks

Blue Color Strip #2 Donation Blocks
Blue Color Strip #2 Donation Blocks

By piecing FOTY 2018 together I was able to get the blocks for my next blue color strip donation quilt finished.

I know I have used a large portion of blue scraps, but I still have a full blue scrap drawer.  A lot of them are small or not strips, so I will be making a blue improv version next, though I still have to sash this one. I used yellow for the last one, which was unique. I am thinking about white, but that might be too conventional or too boring. I haven’t started cutting sashing, because I don’t know what to use.

June Donation Blocks

More blocks for June! I really scraped the bottom of the donation patch bin at the beginning of the month, so some blocks look a little strange. It was good to clear out that bin and start afresh.

Blue Strip #2 Donation Blocks

I started piecing FOTY 2018 and that means a lot of leaders and enders. You saw the start of this quilt the other day. I made a lot of progress on making the blocks on Saturday.

I am pleased with the progress, but really need to make progress on FOTY 2018.