Breakage by SueG

SueG’s entries were amazing! I didn’t know she entered so many projects into the Fair.

Breakage by SueG
Breakage by SueG

This is Breakage by one of my friends (and student). It is her own design and I am so proud of her. She won a ribbon at the Fair as you can see.

She said that she was able to make this quilt, because of what I taught her in the quilt class. That made me feel SOO good.

I have been wanting to write about her quilt, Breakage, for awhile and seeing it at the Fair meant that I could take a photo and then would be able to write about it.

One of the things I teach is that knowing all the techniques allows you to have the skills to not only design your quilts, but actually put them together. Sue knew how to sew and how to make quilts when she joined my class, but she has much more confidence now and is really making some amazing works. Breakage is just one of them.

Thanksgiving Mette Ring

Thanksgiving Mette Ring
Thanksgiving Mette Ring

I still haven’t glued the Mette Ring together. I wanted to see how it looked with all the legs. I like the way it looks, but it also shows that I am a little out of practice. I didn’t use the bone folder as much as I should have. I am working on another Mette Ring and am using the bone folder this time. We’ll see how the two look in comparison.

Finished Black Strip #2 Donation Quilt

Black strip #2 donation top
Black strip #2 donation top

At the meeting the other day, Erin showed the Black Strip #2 donation top, which was quilted and she had finished binding. Hooray!

I finished the top in January so it hasn’t been that long. She wanted to pick up the blues in the blocks, so used more blue than I would have in the binding. It looks nice however!

Repost: Fair Wrap

I have permission from Laura M to repost this email I received from the Fair. I have edited some parts that no longer apply.

If you didn’t read Monday’s post, I talked a little about my entries and the guild entries. I’ll write some more about other quilts and entries I saw.


San Mateo County Fair Logo
San Mateo County Fair Logo

Message from Home & Floral Arts Department Supervisor Laura McHugh

Laura M, HomeArts Supervisor
Laura M, HomeArts Supervisor

Thank you for entering the 2024 Home Arts Fair, sponsoring an award, volunteering and providing a demonstration.  We had 225 quilts and 475 entries overall in Home Arts and 53 people participate in the Community Quilt we gave away today to a lucky winner of the raffle.

We are seeing an uptick from the impact of COVID closures on our department and hope to continue that upward trend with even more entries.

Sweepstakes Award for Home Arts Exhibitor of the Year
We will be reintroducing the department Sweepstakes Award for Exhibitor of the Year in 2025. This award goes to the entrant with the most total points award for winning entries (1st is 5 points; 2nd is 3 points; 3rd is 1 point). This is your combined department total, not just in any one area such as quilts. So get your pieces started now.

Home & Floral Arts Theme for 2025
The theme for 2025 will be 50 years/1975
. This was the unofficial year of the revival of quilting, so get your 1970s game on for this special award.

Please do send me any suggestions you have for improving the Fair and our part in it to me. We start planning meetings with Fair Operations in August, so I will be happy to pass along your comments.

Special Award Winners

Here is a list of our 42 Special Award Winners in Home Arts. Congratulations to all the winners. I am humbled by the beauty of all your entries.

2024 Home Arts Special Award Winners

* * * Congratulations * * * 

Best 90s Theme in a Home Arts Entry

    • Andrea Molinari

Best Floral Theme in a Home Arts Entry

    • Jackie Bell

People’s Choice Quilt

    • Wendy Kennedy

Best in Show Needlework

    • Meredith Angle

Best in Show Sewing Entry

    • Jess Millikan

Best in Show Textiles Entry

    • Christina Huth

Best in Show Crocheted Entry

    • Jeanette Funcke

Best Needlework Depiction of Flowers

    • Meredith Angle

Best in Show Knitting Entry

    • Lynn Curry

Best in Show Smocked Entry

    • Margaret Harden

Best in Show Arts & Crafts

    • Linda Hughes

Best in Show Miniature Fairy House

    • Linda Hughes

Alice Lam Memorial Award – Best Use of the Color Blue in a Quilt

    • Grace Hardy

Margaret Ann Niven Memorial Award – Best Use of the Color Green in a Quilt

    • Jenn Etheridge

Lynn Simms Memorial Award – Best Use of Purple in a Quilt

    • Dorothea Copeck-Nolan

Jeanne Matysiak Tribute – Best One Block Wonder Quilt

    • Terry Casleton

Lynette Rodriques Tribute Quilt – Best Hawaiian Themed Quilt

    • Julie McAuliffe
Best of 2024
Best of 2024

Best Quilts

Best Traditional Quilt

    • Nick Martin

Best Modern Quilt

    • Gretchen Michaels

Best Applique Quilt

    • Angi Merlone

Best in Show Quilt

    • Randa Mulford

Best Division 620 Quilt (Original Design Quilted by Maker)

    • Kathy Carroll

Best Division 621 Quilt (Original Design Quilted by Another)

    • Sara Guyol

Best Division 622 Quilt (Original Design Quilted by Maker)

    • Kit Morse

Best Division 623 Quilt (Original Design Quilted by Another)

    • Wendy Kennedy

Best Division 624 Quilt (Group Quilt)

    • Julie McAuliffe

Best Division 625 Quilt (Specialty Quilts)

    • Randa Mulford

Best Division 626 Quilt (Challenge Quilts)

    • Angi Merlone

Jeanne Matysiak Tribute Quilt – One Block Wonder

    • Terry Casleton

Lynn Simms Memorial Award – Best Use of Purple in a Quilt

    • Best in Show Crocheted Entry

Best Coastal Theme in a Quilt

    • Jeanette Funcke

Judge’s Choice Awards

    • Textiles, Knitting, Crochet, Needlework and Arts & Crafts
        • Mary Dare
        • Betty Tang Fitzpatrick
        • Jeanette Funcke
        • Laura Larkin
        • Rebecca Stecker
        • Mona Ten
    • Quilting
        • Diane Costello
        • Grace Hardy
        • Wendy Kennedy
        • Angi Merlone
        • Gretchen Michaels
        • Penny Streeter


It is really interesting to see the various special awards, like the ones about using purple and green. I made a One Block Wonder once. Remember The Peacock? I probably won’t make another quilt in that style, but I could make a tablerunner to enter into the theme category next year.

2024 Fair Pt.1

I attended the Fair last weekend with my wonderful SIL#3 and some great friends, including the fabulous Friend Julie. Her terrific husband Marc came along, too.

Colorblocks 3: Second Place San Mateo County Fair 2024
Colorblocks 3: Second Place San Mateo County Fair 2024

First, my quilt, Colorblocks #3, won second place. I always want first, but Julie won first and she deserved it. Her quilting was much better than mine.

I might need to make this quilt over again. I like it, but am not sure it hits the points I was hoping to hit. I need to look up my original notes on the iteration I wanted to make after I made Colorblocks 2. Good thing I have plenty of silk left.

The Enigma pouches
The Enigma pouches

Sadly, neither my nor Cindy’s Enigma pouches won anything. The big bags always win even though the one that won had NO zippers, NO hardware, nothing complicated.

Fortunately, Laura said she is breaking up that category so small bags are separated from large bags.

I only put in two entries, so I only got one prize this year. They  are reintroducing the Sweepstakes winner next year, so I’ll have to start collecting various projects to enter.

The challenge quilts were well hung (except for mine, which was at knee level) and there were many ribbons on them: 4 total. There is an award for the best quilt in the challenge category, but none of us won that one.

I’ll have some time this year to beef up my entries, so I will work on that. There is something really satisfying about entering the Fair. It’s a feeling I don’t get from entering regular quilt shows.

A Whole Lotta Foam

Big roll of foam
Big roll of foam

A year and a half ago Julie bought me 5 yards x 60 inches of Soft & Stable. I remembered 10 yards, but looked it up and it was only 5 yards.

The other day I realized I had less than a yard left and I went looking for the 60 inches wide version. Amazon has 1 yard by 58 inches**.  They also have a 2 yards by 58 inches** pack. I have bought both of these in the past and they are reasonable to store. I kind of wanted another large roll. I found a 15 yard by 60 (or maybe 58) inch roll on Etsy. Impulsively I bought it. Then I got a message saying it was being shipped from ByAnnie directly. I went to look at the ByAnnie site and found that they sell the rolls to anyone.

Well, a 15 yard roll is HUGE. It doesn’t fit in the spot my old roll fits in, so I have to find it a new home.  Also, I better get sewing!





**N. B. : Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Another Mette Ring

At Craft Night the other night, I decided to do some paper folding.I wanted to sew, but work is hard and I didn’t feel like jumping up and down. Also, it is hard to hear other people when I am on the other side of the room from the computer. Paper folding was a good solution.

I decided after attending the Fair the other day that I wanted to enter some rings or wreaths into the paper category. I have three rings already and I’d like to follow what someone else did and make a chain of them. I was thinking my theme could be seasons, but I may need to make more than just one more since I think I already glued the first 3 together, so I would have no way to link them.

I can make one ring in a little over an hour. I have a pack of 50 sheets of paper I bought in Japantown a long time ago, but I don’t have enough left to 1) make rings of all one color and 2) make 3-4 more rings. Maybe I’ll buy a 500 pack** and make a set of rainbow rings.

Thanksgiving Mette Ring - June 2024
Thanksgiving Mette Ring – June 2024

I looked up my tutorial for Mette Rings and started another ring.

It looks strange at the top, because I haven’t connected it to the rest of the pieces. I am kind of waiting to see if I want to link it with the others.

I also have to think of an overall design.






**N. B. : Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Cleaning Out the Scrap Drawer

I have shown some of the green scrap blocks I have been making in the May Donations blocks post. I am sure you have seen the other blocks and quilts in different colors I have made in other posts.

I decided to show you my process of making these blocks as well as the color improv donation quilts as well.

My scraps start out in a pile on my cutting table. I have talked a little about the processing of scraps that I do. After I cut the pieces I need for future projects, I cut strips and then leave whatever is left and large enough as is. The goal is to not have too many scraps, but the scrap drawers do fill up.

Rainbow Cart Double - 16 x 10.8 x 26.5 inches
Rainbow Cart Double – 16 x 10.8 x 26.5 inches

I store my scraps in a cart with rainbow drawers**. This is very handy, because it makes sorting scraps and finding scraps easy. Also, it looks nice. It is on the small side as my workroom is not very large. The drawers can fill up quickly and my process is to work on a drawer that is getting to be too full. I know it is too full when I start to have trouble opening it.

Green is the most recent drawer I have been trying to clear out. I was surprised to find how many green scraps I had. I can really think what I have made with so much green. I made some green donation quilts early on when I had the idea of Color Strip blocks and quilts. Maybe I only made one quilt when I first started? I don’t remember.

Anyway, I have a lot of green scraps and I am getting down to the odd shapes. I have made about 50 green strip and chunk blocks, but the strips don’t last forever. Eventually, I need to make some improv tops with the weird shapes, like I am still working on with the grey and black improv tops.  I am at that point, probably with the green. I am still eeking out a block or two, but they are becoming more chunky and less strippy.

Green scrap drawer - June 2024
Green scrap drawer – June 2024

My drawer looks like this. I position the drawer I am working with by my sewing machine so I can grab some pinned pieces as leaders and enders while I work on other projects.

In the photo, I have added some arrows to help you navigate. The blue arrow in the upper right shows pieces that I have sewn, but are not yet pinned to any other pieces. They have already been trimmed and are ready to be pinned to something else.

In the bottom right pile, those are larger pieces that I have pinned together or pieces that probably not going to be used in a green donation quilt, like two triangles that will make a half square triangle and be added to the HST quilt I have in the back of my mind.

The purple arrow, bottom left, also shows pieces that have been pinned together. These are pieces that are generally smaller. They can also be the first two pieces I am sewing together. They will be added to something later. The small pieces get lost easily, so I like to keep them were I can see them.

The area with no arrow on the top left is a pile of pieces that are not yet attached to anything. I can use these to sew to something else.

It seems to take forever to clean out one of these drawers. I haven’t even made a new green quilt yet, though I am still sewing. Soon!

I find that sewing small pieces into larger chunks makes them easier to use. My scraps are really small. What I consider to be yardage, others consider to be scraps. You have to decide what constitutes scraps for you and work out a system that works. These drawers work great for me. I probably couldn’t tolerate more scraps than I have and scraps make great leaders and enders.










**N. B. : Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops and small businesses. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need there, I use Amazon affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

Last Pantone Blocks in Process

Selecting Pantone block fabrics
Selecting Pantone block fabrics

I spent some time last week finding fabrics for my last group of Pantone blocks.

I don’t have any greens as dark as Deep Forest, so in the end, I just chose a black.

Most of the others I selected from older fabrics that I haven’t even looked at in awhile. I have one more fabric to select, but I have already cut the 4.5 inch squares. I have also started to make the blocks and will show those soon.


Finished: Petunia Pouch

Petunia Pouch - finished
Petunia Pouch – finished

This was an easy pouch which would make a quick gift for a little girl as a small purse. I am not sure what else it could be used for.

This is a pouch for the Pink Project. As  I said before, this is a Sotak Handmade pattern. I thought it went together well.

Some of the binding was a bit fiddly, but not annoyingly so.

Petunia Pouch - zipper open
Petunia Pouch – zipper open

One of the good things about this pouch is the size zipper it needs. It needs either a 6 or 8 inch zipper, which I don’t use that often, though I have several waiting for projects. I am sad that the only zipper I had of the right size and closest to the color of the fabric was orchid. I suppose I could have cut down a longer zipper. Maybe I’ll do that next time.

I have to say that looking through all of my pinks and using them is really fun. I had forgotten about this Monaluna print (is that designer still around?). I like the sunbursts a lot and the pink is kind of a petal pink.

Petunia Pouch - back
Petunia Pouch – back

I am not sure the handle would stand up to carrying around heavy things. I sewed over the handles a couple of times to try and reinforce them.

This was the last bag for this year’s Pink Project. I’ll see about making some more pouches for next year. I need to make a large tote as I don’t have one of the organization’s bags to put all the pouches in. I have many tote patterns and it will be fun to look through them and choose one.

Progress on Green and Grey Diagonal 9 Patch

Green & Grey Diagonal 9 Patch
Green & Grey Diagonal 9 Patch

I finally finished all the blocks for the Green & Grey Diagonal 9 Patch.

I haven’t started piecing the blocks together, but at least I have all of the blocks. I have spent the past week fiddling with the placement of the blocks.

There is quite a lot of yellow-green, more than I expected. I think I kind of clumped it together. Where the yellow-greens are not in a block together, I am trying to spread them out.

I’ll start sewing the blocks together soon.

GNE Gives Back

GNE Gives Back
GNE Gives Back

My work spends a week every year giving back to the community. We raise money, work on projects and do a walk around campus to help those in the community. The company has provided over 180,000 volunteer hours in the last ten years. I was excited to be able to participate in three events this year.

Hygiene Kits
Hygiene Kits

One thing I did was put together hygiene kits.  You get a bag and you fill it with soap, shampoo, hand sanitizer, toothbrushes, etc. That is the easy part. The hard part is what to write in a card that will sound supportive and non-judgemental. I spent most of that hour working on the two cards. Filling the two bags took me about 5 minutes.

I used some construction paper to make the card and then I traced a stencil of the star as a start to the card. I added some additional decorations to try and make it look nicer.

The other project was ‘No Sew Blankets’. I really wanted to sew them, but I was a good girl and followed the directions. We had fun. I wasn’t with a group for this project so I was assigned to help another department and we worked together really well. We were able to finish two 96 in x 55 in blankets that will be donated to Bay Area Cancer Connections. BACC helps women with breast and ovarian cancer. I know how to make these blankets now so I can see making a few on my own, perhaps in a smaller size.

All of the activities were coordinated by Hands On Bay Area, an organization that connects organizations that need help with companies and organizations that want to help.

Children's Walk
Children’s Walk

For the first time I walked with everyone on the Children’s Walk. It was kind of slow because there were so many people, but I was with a group so we just chatted while we sauntered.

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so a good day for walking. I was glad to be able to help.


Sew Day Again

We had an extended Sew Day again over the weekend. I took Friday off to work on the Oxbow Tote. There was supposed to be a ‘workshop’, but those of us working on the project just worked at our own pace.

Everyone else was working on things I would have rather worked on. I really should have brought some piecing and just done that.

Cyndi's medallion
Cyndi’s medallion

Cyndi has been finishing up projects lately. She brought the pieces of this medallion top and was able to get all the rest of the borders on.

I have to say that I couldn’t see where this was going before all the borders were sewn on, but finished the design is really good. It all comes together. Even the heavy red part in the center works within the whole design.

MaryC helped Gerre work on a quilt for a friend’s daughter who graduated. The pattern is Chain Link from Amy Smart, Diary of a Quilter. I have seen this quilt before, but never up close or in process and I was interested to see that it is a good use of a charm pack (or 2?). The two of them working together made good progress.

I think it must have been pre-cut weekend. ;0

Maria's blocks
Maria’s blocks

Maria was doing some blocks with a jelly roll, which she arranged in a fun and interesting way. On point the design is so fun and cheerful.

Maria is always thinking outside the box and making interesting quilts. She brings something new every week and I am so impressed with what she comes up with. I kind of want to make these blocks and do something similar.

All in all, despite my bad mood, it was a fun two days.