Mini Pink Pouch

After making the Mondo Bag last year, I had a few squares leftover. I sewed them together into panels of 6 charm squares, found a pink zipper and decided to make a quick pouch. Several months later, I finally got busy.

Pink Pouch fabrics
Pink Pouch fabrics

I cut some lining fabrics and found a random tutorial just so I wouldn’t mess up the steps.

I was pretty pleased with how it was shaping up, then I decided that I needed to include a leash. I love adding tabs with a lobster clip on the end, as I have mentioned numerous times, so I can clip my pouches to other bags. This step slowed me down a little as I had to find fabric that would look good (scrap diving!) and dig out a lobster clip, but I ended up being ready to sew the leash before I had to stop. Next time I’ll be able to show the item as done as I think I only need a half and hour or so to finish.



SVG Cotton Candy Pouch

As I mentioned, Friend Julie cut some Cotton Candy Pouch pieces out for me with her Cricut. I pulled them out over the weekend with the intention of starting to sew them together. I have to wait to finish until my zipper order arrives, but I thought I could, at least make a start.

Cotton Candy Pouch cut from SVG files
Cotton Candy Pouch cut from SVG files

I was super pleased when I delved into the bag to find ALL the pieces required – Soft & Stable, SF101, everything! She is a rockstar and this work was super appreciated, because cutting is not a favorite task for me.

These were cut  before her recent adventures. She is back to sewing now, which is great. I may want her to cut more pieces for me, if I like these. Alternatively, though space is an issue, I may just buy a Cricut of my own. 😉

I sewed the Cotton Candy sides and main panels together and came up with the same problem I had when I cut out the pieces. The main panels did not line up with the sides. I feel better now about my cutting. There is no problem as I can trim the pieces after they are sewn together. I can see why this slight extra might be a feature as it gives the maker a little wiggle room.

Mini Maker Case SAL Progress

Mini Maker Case - Friday Progress
Mini Maker Case – Friday Progress

I spent some time over the weekend working on the Mini Maker Case Sew-a-Long with Lillyella. She sent out more instructions on Thursday and some corrections to the pattern. I was behind. I had work to do, and did some, but also wanted to think about some things, so I spent time on Friday catching up.

I normally don’t use a zipper foot, but decided to try it this time as Nicole, of Lillyella, had some good reasons for suggesting it. After breaking a needle and having the zipper foot go disastrously crooked, I ripped out the zipper and put it in again using my quarter inch foot** and a stiletto**. After sewing in the zipper and top stitching it down, I was super pleased with how it looks. It may be the best zipper I have put in EVER. Maybe.

Mini Maker Case - handle detail
Mini Maker Case – handle detail

The handle was really interesting. I definitely like the look of it, but there were no instructions on holding it in place so it could be sewn. I tried one of the newer super strong Sew Tites**. That worked a little bit, but I had to hold on to it and check the placement until I could get it anchored in place.

Mini Maker Case - Saturday Progress
Mini Maker Case – Saturday Progress

On Saturday morning I went to work, having all the flat parts done. The assembly of the body was pretty confusing for me. You know how I am with pattern directions. Again, some ripping went on, but I eventually got the body together.

My next step is to assemble the entire thing. I know I should wait for the SAL, but I may want to keep the momentum going.








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Lucky Charm Pillow Top Start

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon

The Lucky Charm Pillow Top project for Journey 2 Nebula started last Tuesday. I wasn’t very excited about it. After working with hexagons a lot, I am over them. I was determined to do the project. I had to decide, first, what fabrics.

I watch the video and decided to use fabrics from the 5″ squares I have been cutting. These are not a charm pack. Since I don’t have a project in mind, I thought it would be a good time to use these patches. Sadly, I didn’t have a lot of purple, so I had to think again.

Lucky Charm Half Hexies cut
Lucky Charm Half Hexies cut

I did look through my charm packs to see if there was anything I could use. I found a pack of Hoffman batiks in a range from pink to purple, so I pulled out most of the purples and cut them up.

Now I either have to wait for the next video or read the pattern and figure out myself what to do next.

Mini Maker Case SAL – Fabric

Since it hard for me to access my design wall in the way I like, due to my foot, I decided that I would work on small projects this week. This included the lillyella Mini Maker Case Sew-a-Long. Yes, I am also still doing the Journey2Nebula. I really just want to win the prizes they are offering. Not really, though a little bit. I like the push to keep up and get these projects done.

Mini Mkaer Case SAL fabric
Mini Mkaer Case SAL fabric

This is a cute little train case looking tote. It is designed for the Oliso mini iron, but you can use it for other things as well. I chose the fabric for the project this week.

I started out with the couches fabric and wanted more purples, but the couches fabric is more red-violet, so I found other fabrics to match. I might also make one in the same fabrics as my All Rolled Up Tote.

Red Text Table Runner Finished

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon
Red Text Table Runner
Red Text Table Runner

The Red Text table runner is finished. I finished sewing on the binding on Monday during Craft Night. I had already machine sewed and the hand stitching went surprisingly fast.

As I mentioned, I machine quilted it over last weekend. I am pleased, even after several days of looking at it, about how it came out. I am also really pleased that it is done since the new project came out on Tuesday, the Lucky Charm pillow.

Red Text Table Runner quilting detail
Red Text Table Runner quilting detail

I am more than a little thrilled that I finished the two table runners in time for the new project.

Various & Sundry 2020 #13


I updated the HRT page with a new tutorial and some new rulers.

NQR Products & Services

You need pandemic patches for your friends and family for when you don’t know what else to give them.

Fabric, Notions, Supplies, Books & Tools

If you are not familiar with all of Omnigrid’s specialty rulers, take a look at their page of options. Links are provided to their standard rulers and non-slip rulers as well.

A new group of fabric builds on the National  Park line from last year. I don’t want to add to my fabric store, but I might not be able to resist the San Francisco panel. It would be great for a back.

I never realized that Hawthorne Threads had Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture. I just used a piece the other day and was marveling at what nice fabric it was. I almost bought some Peacock and Peony, but stopped myself.  Berry and Azure are pretty nice, too. That 100 yards is in reach. Also, if I started putting fabrics in my cart, I might not be able to stop. They do have a color card, which I seriously might need.

I never bought anything from The Sewing Loft (the online one, not the Seattle brick & Mortar store), but I saw she had a free bat pattern, so I went to download it. I also saw that she has tons of blocks to make holiday themed items (I have table runners on the mind) and offers an All Access Pass to the blocks.


I went on a little zipper expedition when one of the patterns I was working on needed a #4.5 zipper. I got a little angry, because 1) I didn’t know what that was; 2) I didn’t have a chart of zipper sizes and 3) I felt like everyone else must know what that meant, but me. I asked Mary and she sent me straight  to the Noodlehead site, where Anna wrote a post about the Anatomy of a Zipper. There were some good things about the post including how to measure a zipper with examples of what the different sizes look like. Helpful, but not the chart based information for which I was looking. Thank the stars for the Internet. I did a quick search, then a couple of more refined searches and found some interesting information on zippers.

First, the Do It Better Yourself Club site has an explanation of the parts of a zipper. It also goes into tools for working with zippers and says a regular sewing machine foot will force the teeth away from needle.I have been blase about switching out the foot, but maybe I shouldn’t be. This information was not exactly what I was looking for, but helpful.

Second, Sailrite has a list of zipper sizes and their uses. It is limited to the sizes most commonly used on a sailboat.

Third, Fibre2Fashion has the best chart I saw, though if it had images, it would have been awesome.

Other info I found:

  • “Length – To determine the length of a zipper you measure from the top stop to the bottom stop. On a separating zipper, measure from the top (pull-side) stop to the end of the zipper tape (where the zipper would separate). ” Anna Graham of Noodle Head, Anatomy of a Zipper
  • The DIBY Club also has several images of zippers in action
  • “When you are shopping for zippers you may see a little # symbol with the zipper size next to it. This number is referring to the size of the zipper teeth, measuring from one outer edge of the teeth to the other.” DIBY Club, Understanding Zipper Types, Weights, Sizes and Parts

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

Looking for a new project? Aunties Two has a great new website showcasing their bags. They have errors and corrections well organized on this new site. The authors have also created some videos to go along with their patterns.

I found a review and how-to on using the Split Recs ruler, which is on an independent site from Studio 180 Designs, in case you want another point of view.

I am now a huge fan of Clover & Violet. I saw her Flora Supply Case on IG the other day and LOVE it. I missed the Sew-a-Long, but the pattern is available and it looks like it would be a great gift. I also love her Washi Tape Pincushion. It is that great long shape and requires some handwork. If you need a bit of handwork to keep your mind off of things, this might be your project.

Barbara Brackman is starting a new BOM on October 15. This one will be flowers in applique’. Sherri D: are you paying attention? The link to Mary Delany’s work was really interesting as well.

A Spoon Full of Sugar has an adorable travel sewing case that is triangle shaped. This is a pattern for purchase in their Etsy shop.

Face Masks

Exhibits & Shows

Houston is back with a virtual incarnation.

Other Crafts

Road Home Quilting has expanded her Barn Block project into cross stitch charts. The charts are coded to DMC threads so they match the original #QuiltStyle colors, Spoonflower and Society6 Barn Blocks.

CocoKnits needle gauges and stitch markers are really fun and different.


Baseball Catch All Caddy: Finished!

I took my first video/Zoom class on Saturday and I learned a lot. I had to come late as I had a presentation at 10, but worked ahead, so was almost at the point of the rest of the class when I joined in.

Baseball Catch All Caddy
Baseball Catch All Caddy

After class, I decided to make another Catch All Caddy for my DH to put his stuff in. We both accumulate stuff on the dining room table. I made his first first, though I plan to make one for me, too, because I had baseball fabric out from my rummage through my backing fabrics a few weeks ago.

I did a couple of things different on this one. The pockets are made with tubes to so I left a little of the pocket fabric showing above the border fabric (dots). I thought that was an interesting idea and I wanted to try it.

I also used 40 weight thread for the top stitching. It goes through the machine with no problem and you can see it more than regular Aurifil. I don’t know if it is the right shape for DH to use, but we will see.

Red Text Table Runner Quilted

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon

I really don’t want these Journey2Nebula projects hanging around clogging up my UFO list. Since the next project started yesterday, I sat down on Sunday an did some simple quilting on the Red Text table runner. It will be for my buffet (if I didn’t mention that before) and I would like to get it done so I can use it for a little while before I need to set up the decor for Thanksgiving.

Red Text Table Runner - quilted
Red Text Table Runner – quilted

I quilted most of it while talking on the phone to the YM. I used the Rotary Even foot rather than my usual clear applique foot. I wasn’t happy with it for other uses, but thought it worked pretty well for quilting straight lines. I definitely didn’t have to worry about the layers shifting. I also liked it because it was quiet. Unlike the walking foot, this foot didn’t clang and make a ton of noise while I was sewing.

I don’t like quilting that much, but it was a good task to do to stay off my foot.

I also made the binding, but it was a little too big, so I need to adjust it then hand stitch the binding to the back of the table runner. I am excited to have it finished!

Catch All Caddy

BAM had its first Zoom workshop the other day and I took it despite some challenges. First, we had to do some prep work, which I did, but I think I went a little beyond, because I had a presentation and wouldn’t be able to join until late.

Catch All Caddy prep-complete
Catch All Caddy prep-complete

The Catch All Caddy was a bag that was given away at the 2013 retreat. I think it was one of the best bags given out when bags were still being made for retreats. Since then people who attended that retreat bring them to Sew Day and workshops, using them to organize tools and carrying their other stuff. Everyone else is envious, thus Lynette decided to teach the rest of us how to make the bag.

I felt good about my progress Friday night when I finished for the evening.

Seaside Table Runner Finished!

Journey 2 Nebula icon
Journey 2 Nebula icon
Seaside Table Runner: Finished
Seaside Table Runner: Finished

I finished the binding of the first Seaside Table Runner on Friday. I am pleased with the way it came out and pleased that it is finished.

I have wrapped it with a piece of fabric and a note, so it is ready whenever I feel like going out again.

This is the first project in the Journey2Nebula and I am on pace. I haven’t finished the second table runner yet, but stay tuned for that. I don’t want any of these small project languishing.

SueG’s Donation Quilt

I am teaching a Sampler Quilt Class/Skillbuilder via Zoom. One of the things I asked my students to do was check their quarter inch seam, then practice sewing and getting the seams to match.

SueG's Donation Quilt September 2020
SueG’s Donation Quilt September 2020

SueG did a GREAT job and made a donation quilt for the guild as practice.

She picked great colors (we had an earlier lesson on color and choosing fabrics) and her seams match up very well. As a bonus, some child will get a wonderful looking quilt!

I am thrilled!

FOTY 2019 Presentation and Disruption

FOTY 2019 Start
FOTY 2019 Start

I went into a presentation yesterday with the fabric in the photo on my design wall. This was not my intention and I was, frankly, embarrassed that I didn’t have more on the wall when I went into the session.

Life sucks sometimes and this is what I had to work with. Life throws curveballs sometimes and we have roll with them.

Fortunately, I have been in CQFA long enough that people know I am not a slacker and we had a good discussion regardless. Also Maureen was great. She was very encouraging and not judgmental at all, so I didn’t feel as bad after talking to her as I did before.

September 2020- new footwear
September 2020- new footwear

My curveball was a torn ligament in my foot, which resulted in lovely new footwear. it also resulted in me spending a lot more time on the couch with my foot up. It could have been much worse, but I can’t help still feeling somewhat disgruntled.

Amy’s Seaside Table Runner – Quilted

As I mentioned, I cut out two sets of diamonds to make two Seaside table runners. Last week I sewed together my table runner and basted it. On Saturday, I worked on the second one, which will be for Amy as a thank you for loaning me the rulers.

One of the things I did was use the Rotary Even Foot for some of the quilting. Although, it didn’t work very well for the binding, I think it worked pretty well for the quilting I did, so I plan to try it on my version of this pattern.

Amy's Seaside Table Runner quilted
Amy’s Seaside Table Runner quilted

Once the rows were finished, I decided I would quilt the piece as I sewed the rows together. It took me a good portion of the day Monday to put the thing together, but once all the rows were together, it was quilted as well. Bonus!

After I took this picture, I trimmed it, made the binding and started binding it. I used a 2″ binding, which is pretty slim, but is working.

Remembering September 11

September 11 comes around every year. This year feels different. Victim deaths of the pandemic have surpassed September 11 victims by leaps and bounds, though perhaps not in the numbers of the victims of the aftermath of 9/11. Still, that day is seared into my mind.

I was home alone that morning as DH was out of town and I was trying to get the YM to pre-school and get to my job. If anyone says ‘September 11’, I think about my mom calling me and sort of screeching at me to turn on the TV. My mom doesn’t really screech, so this is probably my imagination. I also remember how turning on the TV made the whole situation real. I was in my house getting ready to go to work, getting my almost 5YO YM ready for school, minding my own business and as soon as I turned on the TV, the world was different – meaner, more revenge oriented, less tolerant and more violent. Everything changed that morning even though I didn’t know it.

I couldn’t process those planes crashing into the World Trade Center. I couldn’t process the passengers taking over the flight that eventually crashed in the field in Pennsylvania or the flight that eventually affected the Pentagon. I can’t help but think of how quiet the skies were for days after. Now that I think about, it reminds me of how quiet everything was at the end of March 2020 when everyone was sheltering-in-place.  I remember watching TV for hours with DH (once he returned) and seeing the same images over and over. I think of the years of violence that make up our lives today.


I ended up making two quilts as a reaction to OR to do something to mark-commemorate-remember (I don’t know the right word. Send a message?) the day and my feelings. The first was done very quickly and sent off to Houston to be displayed in a commemorative display at Quilt Festival and Market.

Fireball is a reaction to all the fire that was shown on TV. It is a woven quilt and messy looking. The strips are raw edge so the whole piece reflects the chaos of the day and the aftermath.

What Comes Next, 2011-2012
What Comes Next, 2011-2012

The second quilt is also an art quilt. It took me longer and was my wish/prayer for the future. It is called What Comes Next. Clearly my wishes were not acknowledged because the things I wanted to come out of that terrible day were the exact opposite of what actually came out of it.

This quilt has similarities to my Blood and Oil quilt and the more recent, Down the Drain quilt. Someday I’d like to use those paper doll motifs again.