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The Artquiltmaker Blog is a commentary about works in progress and creativity related to Artquiltmaker.com. I post as often as possible in a effort to keep track of what I am doing and entertain you.


The author, Jaye, comes from a long line of needlewomen.  When they weren’t playing cards, chasing children, cooking, running the household or working at jobs outside the home, these strong women were doing handwork – crocheting, embroidery, knitting, sewing. One of Jaye’s first memories of needlework is watching the women of her family sitting around crocheting. Her maternal great grandmother crocheted rugs out of bread bags and Jaye’s other maternal great grandmother (on her maternal grandfather’s side) bought a doll for her at the local thrift store and made a variety of outfits for it as a gift. She remembers sitting with her godmother learning to embroidery on muslin stamped with blue designs and working on her first crewel project, which was a dollhouse filled with furniture.

Jaye’s Aunt Grace, on her maternal grandfather’s side, made a wonderful holiday tablecloth, which she uses during Christmas and New Year. Aunt Grace made one of these tablecloths for each woman in the family and Jaye’s came to her from her mother. It is the only one left in the family.

Jaye  has made quilts since 1986, when she took a quiltmaking course at the San Lorenzo Adult School. Since then she has explored many different styles and techniques and now uses machine piecing and quilting for most of her quilts. She is interested in the interplay of colors in quilt design and enjoys working in series  in order to study the effects that slight changes can have on a piece.

Jaye is a member of numerous quilting groups and organizations. She is interested in the process of working on quilts collaboratively as well as individually. Before she began making quilts, Jaye made collages out of found images and ephemera. She also painted using acrylics on canvas and watercolors on paper. In addition to quiltmaking, she has taken courses in drawing, painting, watercolors, art history, design, fabric design and general sewing.

She also enjoys writing and teaching.

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If you want Jaye to teach, review books or participate in some other quilting event contact her at poste@artquiltmaker.com