Scissor Cozy

Maria's Scissor Cozy
Maria’s Scissor Cozy

I got a bug in my ear to make some scissor cozies over the weekend. I’m not sure why, but I just went with it and made two. I didn’t like the way the tips came out, but I am pleased with the overall effect.

I made a scissor cozy for Julie and one for my Mom some time ago, so I had the directions, which I tried to use. There was some confusion, so went and looked up the pattern on Sotak Handmade’s IG feed. It turns out she has a YouTube tutorial now, so I watched that. She has tightened up the pattern and made a few changes, which worked well for me.

I used flannel for the inside instead of batting. I am not sure it made the corners much thinner. I might keep the batting away from the corners in a future version.

This one was for Maria just because. No particular reason. Making two was just as easy as making one. I added the leash.

Gift #8: Boxy Clear Pouch #3

Carrie's Boxy Clear Pouch with gift bag
Carrie’s Boxy Clear Pouch with gift bag

I forgot to take pictures of Carrie’s pouch, but she kindly took some and sent them to me. You’ll get a different view from the ones I usually provide. Perhaps it will shake up my photographing a little bit.

Carries pouch
Carries pouch

In the pouch I put one of the color wheel pins I bought for gifts. I also put in one of the small Altoid tin sewing kits I made for the officers earlier this year. (see above)

I tried something different with these based on my desire to cover the ends of the zipper tape on the Inside Outside pouch. This is, however, a different bag and I ended up ripping out a lot of work when I realized it wouldn’t work. My idea of zipper tabs will work on the Inside Outside pouch, if I make it again.

Carries pouch end
Carries pouch end

Carrie was really happy with it and sent me a lovely thank you note. Don’t you love a good thank you note? I can’t wait to see how she uses it.


Gift #7: Boxy Clear Pouch #2

Tim's Boxy Clear Pouch
Tim’s Boxy Clear Pouch

I finished another Boxy Clear Pouch right before Christmas. This one is for Tim and I gave it to him when we had an after Christmas Sew Day. It is the same pattern as the ones I made for my students. The difference is that I used fabric that will coordinate with the Sew Together Bag I made him last year.

The Bernard
The Bernard

Inside I put a point turner from Modern American Vintage. Remember I talked about them in a recent Various & Sundry post? (Ignore the pink pocket in the photo; that is from an unrelated project.) The company have some beautiful tools. They make wooden point turners, seam rippers and Hera markers. Often wooden tools are over the top, but these are simple,  gorgeous and amazingly functional. Tim is a great friend and my bagmaking buddy, though he makes fun of me for the complicated bags that I make. Every bagmaker needs a good point turner. I have several different ones and this is the best. I know Tim would like it as well.

Tim's Boxy Clear Pouch - back
Tim’s Boxy Clear Pouch – back

Aneela Hoey’s patterns are pretty well written. The thing I don’t like about this pattern is the binding on the ends. It looks great in the end, but is a hassle to hand sew down at the end of the project.

I think this is a useful bag, because you can see what’s in it.


More Gifts for Julie

In the past, I made a list of gifts I had made for Friend Julie. I am doing it again because I want to see all the items together. I still feel like I have made more for her, but I’ll have to update it as I come across items.

I used some really good fabrics for her gifts.

I forgot I made her the Halloween blocks, which I hope she will use to finish her Halloween quilt at some point.

Gift #6: Boxy Clear Pouch

Color Wheel Boxy Clear Pouch
Color Wheel Boxy Clear Pouch

This is a gift I made for Sue, one of my students. I put a small Altoids tin handwork case and a pin inside.

I used the Boxy Clear Pouch pattern from Aneela Hoey. It is related to the Inside Outside Pouch I made for myself. The difference is fewer zippers. I think I like the Inside Outside pouch better, though this is in no way a terrible pouch. It would be great for a small knitting project.

Color Wheel Boxy Clear Pouch - back
Color Wheel Boxy Clear Pouch – back

I am pleased with the fabric I used. It is Carrie Bloomston fabric. I am constantly referring to the color wheel when we are in class. Sue will have a color wheel with her if she keeps this pouch around.

Gifts for Kim

Since I have been revisiting gifts I have made, I thought I would do the same for gifts I have made for my sister.

I am not sure if this list shows everything I have made for her, but it is a good start. The Inside Outside pouch is the one I made her for Christmas.

Gifts for Mom Again

Since taking a look at gifts I made for Gerre a week or so ago, I decided to look at gifts I have made for Mom and Julie. Here are the various gifts I have made for my mom. Many have the different artist fabrics I have collected.


Gift #5: Inside Outside Pouch for Lil Sissy

Lil Sissy's Inside Outside Pouch
Lil Sissy’s Inside Outside Pouch

Cutting out pieces for bags is the hardest part. It is also, for me, the worst part. I often make two of a pouch or bag at the same time. Cutting out two  of each piece at one time doesn’t seem to be that much harder than cutting out one. That is how I made this pouch. I decided on the spur of the moment to make the same pouch for Lil Sissy for Christmas that I was making for myself. I didn’t think really hard about the fabric. I grabbed this Alison Glass fabric, which is super cheerful, IMO, and for which I hadn’t yet found a use.

Lil Sissy's Inside Outside Pouch - 3/4s view
Lil Sissy’s Inside Outside Pouch – 3/4s view

I am on the fence about whether I should have used a different fabric for the zipper plackets. I have trouble figuring out where pieces are going to go and most independent pattern makers don’t really tell you beyond naming the piece. I think using the same fabric on this pouch looks fine. If I used fabric like the Dripping Rose again, I would probably use different fabric. The motifs get broken up too much.

Lil Sissy's Inside Outside Pouch - interior
Lil Sissy’s Inside Outside Pouch – interior

I picked a specific inside for this pouch, because it is for my sister. She is an artist, thus the splatter print. She seems to like the bags I make for her, though I have always used Paris related prints for her. This fabric is a departure.

Lil Sissy's Inside Outside Pouch - closed
Lil Sissy’s Inside Outside Pouch – closed

I put a gift certificate inside.

Gift #4: Finished Percheron Pouch

Percheron Pouch Finished
Percheron Pouch Finished

I finished the Percheron Pouch over the Thanksgiving Weekend, which was a great relief. I couldn’t show it because it was a gift for my mom and she reads this blog.

I gave it to her on Christmas and she really liked it. She filled it up with all of the other gifts she received.

I really liked the look of this bag, which is why I decided to make it for my mom. I like making her bags I think are interesting. She always seems to appreciate them.

Percheron Pouch top zipper area
Percheron Pouch top zipper area

I really struggled with this bag. As I said before, I cut this bag out in June. Then it languished for all the same reasons that other projects languished: workroom upgrade and work.

I worked on it a little, but was frustrated with all of the sewing and ripping that I had to do. I don’t know what the issue was with this bag, but I struggled with the pattern and the video.

Percheron Pouch bottom zipper area
Percheron Pouch bottom zipper area

Finally, over Thanksgiving, I decided to work on it in earnest.  Yes, I still ripped and sewed and ripped some more, but I was able to finish it.

I thought it looked good enough to give away even if it isn’t perfect.

Gift #3: Large Retreat Bag Finished

Large Retreat Pouch - Carrots
Large Retreat Pouch – Carrots

I gave Julie this Large Retreat Pouch for her birthday the other day. This is the bag I made over Halloween weekend, but couldn’t show you since she reads this blog.

The Retreat Bag is a free pattern from Emmaline Bags. It requires a frame and the frame is not free, but also not very expensive. The frame allows it to open all the way, providing easy access to the contents.

Large Retreat pouch -aerial view
Large Retreat pouch -aerial view

I realized around that time that I needed to get busy and start making any gifts that I wanted to make for the holidays. That weekend, this was one of two Large Retreat Pouches that I made. As I mentioned then, it was the first time I had made the large version of this pouch. I added a leash to this one, because I thought it would make the bag more useful.

Large Retreat pouch open -aerial view
Large Retreat pouch open -aerial view

This is a pretty large bag. It would be great for a few balls of yarn and knitting needles as well as some EPP. I think it could also be used for a sponge bag or makeup kit.

The lining actually fits pretty snugly though it looks baggy in the photo.

I used some of my favorite purple fabrics since this was going to one of my favorite people.

Revisiting Gifts for Gerre

I know it wasn’t that long ago that I wrote a post about the gifts I have made for my friend Gerre. I have made her a few more gifts this year and wanted to post them all together again. Surprisingly, I had forgotten to list a few of them, like the travel pouch, so I have added them.

I have enjoyed revisiting gifts I made for Julie and my mom. I haven’t made as many gifts for Gerre, but I decided to revisit them anyway.

I enjoy making gifts for other people, especially useful gifts. Revisiting them is just a way to enjoy them again. I also like to see what gifts I tend to make for multiple people.

Finished: More Bowl Cozies

Amy's bowl cozies
Amy’s bowl cozies

At work I have a team meeting every Monday. For some reason I started to show whatever items I made over the weekend to my workmates. Now it is a regular feature of our meetings.

Amy's bowl cozies - top view
Amy’s bowl cozies – top view

After showing the bowl cozies I made for the BAM swap, a big discussion ensued about what they were, how to use them. I offered to make some for everyone, but only my boss took me up on them. I finished them yesterday.

I am really pleased with the fabric choices. I am glad she wanted red and black!

After making these using the same tutorial I used before, I am thinking of making bowl cozies as family gifts. I could make gift bags as soon as I finish the bowl cozies and I wouldn’t have to do anything in December. If I start in January it won’t be so bad. You can remind me of my big plans when I am moan about family gifts in December. 😉

Gift #1: Finished: Sotak Purse Organizer

I bought this Purse Organizer pattern from Sotak Handmade sometime in December 2020 when she was having a sale. It was an impulse buy. I thought that the bag would be useful in my work laptop bag for carrying my wallet and some items I would normally put in my purse. When you don’t have a desk, everything has to be portable and carrying a purse in addition to a laptop bag and a lunch bag makes me feel like a small pack animal.

I cut out this pouch on New Year’s Eve eve 2020 and sewed it together on New Year’s Day 2021. Once cut out, it was an easy project.

The excellent thing is that I was reminded how easy Zipper slip pockets are to add! Tim and I have talked about these types of pockets, but I was reluctant despite the cool zipper ruler I bought. This pattern got me back into the swing of those zipper slip pockets and I feel more confident that I can put them into any bag. I did have trouble keeping the zipper straight as I sewed it, so that is something to work on.

I also should have clipped the corners of the bag before turning it as I couldn’t poke the corners out and make them look sharp.

I decided to make this as a gift for my mom for Mother’s Day, but ended up giving her something else, so it was a Christmas gift.

All of the Mega Pinnies

I have gifts on the mind. Time is short for some winter holidays so gifts that have not been started have to be quick. I don’t like to give handmade gifts that are only quick. I like to give things that people will use.

Here are the Mega Pinnies I have made.

I have an idea to make another one. Maybe for the Door prizes for next year?



    • A Note to Follow Sew example – has some nice applique’ with hexies.
    • Blue Patch Quilter Mega Pinnie ideas
    • Flying Blind on a Rocket example – I like how the bottom doesn’t bulge. I need to work on that.
    • Quilting RDH example
    • Running with Rocket example
    • SLIKStitches example has some great modifications including not quilting it (no batting)

Finished Bowl Cozies

Two Bowl Cozies
Two Bowl Cozies

As I said the other day, these were a pretty fast gift to make.

The tutorial is one page of instructions plus the template for the darts. The tutorial makes total sense and isn’t difficult or complicated. I wanted to see what other tutorials were available so I put “bowl cozy tutorial” into Duck Duck Go (a search engine that doesn’t track your movements) and got a number of blog posts and videos.

Two Bowl Cozies (bottom)
Two Bowl Cozies (bottom)

Crafty Gemini has a video tutorial for a more more petal shaped cozy. The Caffeinated Quilter tutorial has thinner triangles for darts and the back is pulled around the front for a border/binding. Tara Reed’s blog post tutorial reminds us we can use orphan blocks or ‘made’ fabric as parts for the bowl cozy.

Bowl cozy side view
Bowl cozy side view

One reason I like this pattern is because of the angle of the darts. It would fit one of my soup type bowls really well. We have some larger bowls that we use for chunky dinner (not leftover) soups and stews. Those might fit better in a larger cozy with steeper sides. The good thing about this pattern is that you can adjust it and use the same directions. They only thing would be to keep the angles of the triangles consistent.

I think you could also adjust the shape of the corners to make different looks.

Bowl cozy 2 side view
Bowl cozy side 2 view

I am trying to decide if I want to make a bunch of these for DH’s cousins and siblings. While I can make them quickly, I would still have to pick out fabric. That takes time just because of the logistics. As well, most people won’t know what they are, so I would have to make a little tag to let people know how to use them. I also think one is kind of a mean gift. What happens if one gets dirty? I would want to make two for each family. I suppose I could start with one and see how things go. I’ll have to talk to DH and see what his thoughts are.

Try one out. Even if you decide not to make them as gifts, you will have something useful for your kitchen.