Gifts for Gerre

I have enjoyed revisiting gifts I made for Julie and my mom. I haven’t made as many gifts for Gerre, but I decided to revisit them anyway.

I am not trying to show what a great person I am. I enjoy making gifts for other, especially useful gifts. Revisiting them is just a way to enjoy them again, I guess.

International Women’s Day Mega Pinnie

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift

A couple of weekends ago, I realized it was a friend’s birthday today, so I needed to get busy and make a gift. I had decided to make another Mega Pinnie. I already had the fabrics and the pattern picked out. It was really just a matter of cutting and sewing.

She doesn’t celebrate her birthday anymore; she celebrates International Women’s Day.

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift - other side
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift – other side

These are really fun to make. I really enjoyed making this one. It came together really easily (not too much unsewing). I chose some of the fabrics to go with the Dia de las Muertos fabric. I wanted to have an edgy urban look.

Gerre's Mega Pinnie Gift - detail
Gerre’s Mega Pinnie Gift – detail

I also did some things a little different. I quilted part of the main panels with decorative stitch. I thought about stitching the decorative stitch all the way down the panel, which I used to attach the pockets. I decided not to use the decorative stitch all the way down, so I switched to a straight stitch on the pockets.

I am pleased with the way this one came out. I might make another one for one of the raffle baskets.

More Gifts for Me

Officer Thank You Gifts
Officer Thank You Gifts

These are not birthday gifts or any sort of holiday gift; this bag was given to me by the officers in the guild for coordinating the thank you bags at the end of their terms. They made me a bag and it is fabulous.

The bag itself is a Poolside Tote and it is in perfect colors for me: turquoise and scarlet. The blocks, which fit perfectly are from a mystery quilt the guild did on my first retreat. My blocks were less than stellar and have long since been made into a donation top.

I received a number of pouches, some chocolates, candles, pens, a journal and a few other odds and ends.The fabrics chosen were fabulous and I think I will be able to use everything included in the gift.

I was completely surprised and somewhat mortified as I really don’t like to open gifts in front of people. Also, I don’t do things in the guild that I don’t enjoy. I feel very strongly that the officers should be thanked in a meaningful way and the bag idea is very fun. It leaves a lot of room for creativity. Everyone can contribute in the way that works for them. the officers don’t end up with an ugly quilt or a bunch of blocks.

More Quilty Birthday Gifts

2020 Gifts from Julie
2020 Gifts from Julie

I should have known before I posted that I would get more quilty gifts than I showed on Tuesday. I went out to lunch with Julie and she brought me a giant amount of presents. That 20.5 x 20.5 ruler has been on my list for a long time. She found it on sale and bought herself one , too. She also added to my collection of color books. I am really excited about everything – about reading or trying out everything.

Surprisingly, DH got me two quilt books. I had heard about Circular Abstractions a few months ago and just put it on my list on a whim. There are no patterns, so it is all eye candy. Lone Stars 3 has been on my list for a long time. It is also a no-pattern eye candy book and it is thick. There must be a few hundred quilts in that book. I took a look at both the other night, but not enough to review. Look for those soon.

Officer Thank Yous

Officer Gifts: Speedy Pouches
Officer Gifts: Speedy Pouches

The other day I talked about finishing up the Officer gifts that I was making. They were finally finished on Friday night before the meeting. Fortunately for me, DH didn’t get home until late, so I had some extra time to work on them.

As mentioned, these pouches are fairly speedy to make.

Officer Gifts: Speedy Pouches-ending
Officer Gifts: Speedy Pouches-ending

I am pretty happy with the way they came out except for the ending. That was my fault as I stopped reading the directions and just finished them.

I thought about using this pattern for the inside of the UCAB, also as mentioned so I have been mulling over how to add a leash. It doesn’t work with the binding used in the pattern, but the pattern calls for a super long piece of binding, most of which is not used. I could turn the ending in to a leash instead of cutting it off. That would also alleviate the problem of one of the ends. I might try it.

BAM Thank Yous

2019 Officer Thank You Presentation
2019 Officer Thank You Presentation

A five month project finally came to a close over the weekend.

Every year for the past few years I have gotten a group together to make gifts for the officers. At first, I didn’t think they needed anymore quilt projects, so I had the idea of making them a bag and having guild members fill the bags with small gifts. This has proven to be very successful. In the last few years, I have brought postcards, so people who cannot bring gifts can convey their thanks in writing.

Both Angela and Rhonda posted photos of their gifts, which is a good way for you to see the variety of made and bought gifts. Rhonda’s bag was a quillow, so she got a bonus and the colors are perfect for her as she loves the Japanese indigo style.

We had an extra bag, so I took mine back and will use it for something else or for next year. I have to think of a way to be better organized as I forgot one person who had agreed to make a bag early on.

Now I will start working on next year.

Gift Post #11: Mom’s Mega Pinnie

Mom's Mega Pinnie
Mom’s Mega Pinnie

I can’t believe I forgot to post about this! I didn’t even take any photos, which is very strange. I had to have Mom bring it back over. I really don’t know what I was thinking. The only explanation is that I was busy, which is boring. I do feel like I am just getting my sea legs under me after a couple of months of frantic sewing.

So, yes, I made a Mega Pinnie for mom as well. On hers and on Julie’s, I added a leash, which is not part of the pattern. On Mom’s this was specifically so she could clip it to the Poolside tote I also made for her.

Mom's Mega Pinnie side 2
Mom’s Mega Pinnie side 2

You might notice that the Mini Pinnie is missing. I did make one for her, but it is in use in her hand quilting project and she forgot to bring it. Oh well.

She has put a few things in the pocket, but I think she is still working out how she will use it. I know it is an odd sort of caddy.

Also, I used the paint tube fabric so the Pinne will match the other things I have made for her from the paint tube fabric. I am stilling liking those gift groupings. 

Quilty Birthday

I got to spend the day with my mom and my husband yesterday. My office was closed, but I had some things to do and I don’t get paid if I don’t work, so I worked early in the day – before Mom arrived – and then took the rest of the day off.

Yes, I received some Quilty gifts! Yay!

Gifts 2020
Gifts 2020

My nephew (really his mom who is a darling) gave me some quilty gifts off my wish list.

I already reviewed String Frenzy from a library copy, but now I can make the Straits of Mackinac quilt without worry about the loan expiring.

I did a bit of machine quilting last year and since I do mostly straight line quilting, I wanted to try the foot I asked for. The Ultimate Quilt & Stitch Presser foot* allows the quilter to follow lines that are farther apart than the presser foot. I don’t have anything to quilt at the moment, but I could finish quilting the Tarts.














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First Raffle Basket

BAM Raffle Basket - January
BAM Raffle Basket – January

I have been working for a few months on getting raffle baskets for the year together, as I have mentioned.

After the last meeting, I got all of the gifts and prizes my team has collected and organized them into months. I put each month’s gifts in a ziploc bag (except the books, which were too big), so I don’t have to do much once the gifts are required.

I did organize January’s basket, which includes all the gifts you see above.

Yesterday we gave out the first basket at the attendance raffle. Yay! it was a big hit and I was pleased not to embarrass myself for my efforts.

Julie’s Mega Pinnie Again

Julie's Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip
Julie’s Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip

The other day I talked about the Mega Pinnie I made for Julie. You might remember I also made one for my mom (which apparently I didn’t photograph or post about!)  and for a gift.

She posted about it on her blog and you can see photos of the Mega Pinnie filled up with items. The way she describes it as being “It’s kind of like having a bucket of your most necessary tools, but you don’t have to dig around in the bucket to find certain things” is so great! That is exactly the right way to describe it.

It looks like she will really use it and I am so pleased. The clip has given me another idea of a project to make for her. πŸ™‚

Speedy Pouches

I am in the process of making some of Aneela Hooey‘s pouches. I pulled this pattern out at the last minute to make some gifts that I was woefully behind on making. Although I am not finished, I am pretty pleased on how these are coming out.

The pattern I am using is called Speedy Vinyl Pouches. If I weren’t trying to make 5 at once, they would have been much speedier. πŸ™‚ Still they are fairly quick to make. I bought this pattern on spec after seeing another one of her patterns, the Boxy Clear Pouch that Angela made and looking through the site. Of course, I want all of her patterns, but I am trying to make the patterns that I have, so I limited myself.

Speedy Pouch Gift
Speedy Pouch Gift

The materials are pretty easy to gather up from what you have around the house, except for the zippers. I didn’t have 4″ zippers, but I did have 5″ or 6″ zippers and I just cut them off. It worked fine. Well, it has worked fine so far. We’ see when the pouches are finished.

The thing I really wanted to tell you is that the pattern is great! It is very clearly written, has a great font and is easy to follow — even for me! There was one line with the binding that I didn’t understand, but I made my own way and it seems to work. I guess we’ll see when I sew the binding down.

As you can see, I cut the fabric the wrong way, so the zipper is on the side. Oh well! One thing about this pattern is the orientation of the fabric. She is clear about it. I was trying to use scraps and cut the wrong way, then didn’t have more, so I am going with the flow.

Once I started working on this pattern, I thought I might be able to suggest the pattern to the Bag-a-Long group as an alternative to the ones the designer of the Ultimate Carryall Bag sells. I have nothing against her bags, but I think people might like an alternative to those pouches. I am not sure if this pattern will work as I can’t see a way to add a leash. I could add something as a zipper pull with a lobster clip on the end, but I am not excited about that option. I am going to consult with Lynette on Saturday.

Gift Post #9: Iron Caddy

Julie's Iron Caddy
Julie’s Iron Caddy

 I have had this pattern in my pattern box for a long time. This is one of the things I gave Julie for Christmas last week. Since I gave her a small iron last year, I decided that this travel iron caddy was the perfect accessory.

I used some of the aluminized, quilted fabric I bought at Britex instead of using the aluminized, non-quilted fabric that came with the pattern. I have enough of the quilted version and it saved me from having to quilt anything.

The directions are confusing, because the project is complicated. Once I got the hang of it I sort of blew through the project. I am pleased with the way this project came out. However, I don’t know that I will make one of these again. I suppose making it a second time would be easier.


Gift Post #10: Julie’s Mega-Pinnie

Mega- Pinnie for Julie
Mega- Pinnie for Julie

This is the Mega-Pinnie I made for Julie. I am really pleased with the fabrics I used. They were mostly handy, but I did crawl into the ‘attic’ of the fabric closet to make sure I found the most special fabrics to use for her version.

I gave it to her when we went out on New Year’s Eve. I forgot to photocopy tools to put in the pockets, so I had to explain that there were pockets and that always feels awkward to me.

Julie's Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip
Julie’s Mega-Pinnie with lobster clip

It occurred to me when I was explaining that it would be a good caddy if you wanted to carry some stuff to another room and work on a project away from your studio.

I’ll have to make her something to which she can clip the Mega-Pinnie.

I might be done with these Mega-Pinnies for awhile. I have an idea for one more, so we’ll have to see.

Gift Post #8: Julie’s Persimmon Pouch

Persimmon Pouch for Julie
Persimmon Pouch for Julie

I forgot to take photos of this pouch before I sent it off, but Friend Julie was kind enough to send me some photos. The photos were much better than I would have taken so I was glad I asked her.

This is another version of the Persimmon Dumpling Pouch by Sara Lawson. You can find this free pattern at the Sew Sweetness website. I made a few of these during my fabric gift foray (November 2019) and found it to be a clever design.

Persimmon Pouch for Julie side 2
Persimmon Pouch for Julie side 2

I made this one, as well as another, with Soft and Stable*. I think the pattern calls for Soft & Stable, so I cut the pieces out, but decided not to use it in the first pouches I made. I just used fabric with SF101/ ShapeFlex* and that worked fine. After making a few of these, I decided I was ready to tackle one with Soft & Stable*. I used the Soft & Stable as a base and piece it using the Quilt as you Go. This prevented me from having to quilt the pieces later. I also got to use up some scraps. I didn’t do anything crazy, though I can see improv possibilities using QAYG.

Persimmon Pouch for Julie bottom
Persimmon Pouch for Julie bottom

One thing I like about this pattern is the zipper installation. It is very clever and there are no issues with the ends of the zipper. The ends get tucked into the lining out of sight. There is no need for zipper tabs or cutting zippers or anything.

Persimmon Pouch for Julie lining
Persimmon Pouch for Julie lining

Turning the pouch was a little tricky because of the Soft & Stable, but not terrible. Normally, I like to make my interfacing a little smaller than the fabric, to reduce layers. When I make this pouch again with Soft & Stable, I will cut the piece larger than the pattern and then trim after I sew fabric pieces to the Soft & Stable. I had a couple of problems with the ends and I think this method would increase accuracy.

I did not hand sew the inside shut. I just wasn’t up for it. Still, I think the piece looks nice and Julie seems to be happy. The only other thing I would change is to get a zipper than matches.












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Gift Post #7: Mom’s Persimmon Pouch

Mom's Persimmon Pouch
Mom’s Persimmon Pouch

Like the pouch I talked about after Christmas and back in November, this pouch is made using the same Persimmon Pouch pattern, still FREE from Sew Sweetness. I made this one and Julie’s at the same time. I used Soft & Stable* for the lining.

I used the Soft & Stable as a foundation piecing base and sewed scraps to the base. The Soft & Stable* makes for a good base and I liked not having to quilt the sides separately.

I also used some of the artist fabric I had in my scrap pile to keep the idea of the set of items going.






*I use affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item you click on. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.