Quilt Class and Teaching

I like to teach basic quiltmaking using a sampler quilt format. I think it helps students ‘study’ the various techniques that are useful in quiltmaking. I also think that knowing various techniques makes quiltmakers more confident and able to figure out block construction without a pattern.

Aqua-Red Sampler with prize
Aqua-Red Sampler with prize


    • Classes are taught via Zoom or in person (students must arrange the space for in person teaching)
    • Each class includes a handout with a supply list, resources, tips, all patterns, a slide deck demonstration
    • Classes build on each other, so missing classes is problematic
    • Step by step instruction
    • Email support within reason
    • Live demos
    • Some techniques are taught using different projects, such as pincushions, and won’t be included in the quilt.


    • Charges are per class on a sliding scale


    • 2-5 students per class
    • Students must take each class in order as concepts build on each other
    • Students must be willing and able to obtain (buying or borrowing) necessary tools and fabric
    • I am happy to adjust patterns and techniques to suit students’ special interests
    • No whining

Sampler Class Tutorials:

Classes in order of how I teach them:


Classes in alphabetical order:

Finishing the Quilt


Some student work:

Sue's Sampler blocks
Sue’s Sampler blocks

Sue was one of the first students I taught via Zoom starting in 2020. She did a fantastic job on her sampler. I was gratified that Sue learned some techniques that she found useful even though she had been quilting for awhile. Sue also considers herself a Modern quiltmaker. She didn’t feel that the class was too traditional.

Carrie's sampler blocks
Carrie’s sampler blocks

Carrie and Sue were in the same class. Carrie wanted to make a Christmas quilt. Her blocks really show seasonal joy. Carrie was a beginner and really made huge strides.

I wrote about Alice’s Sampler in 2007. She used batiks to make it and it just glows.

Beth’s Sampler using two color fabric choices:

Beth's Sampler
Beth’s Sampler

Didn’t she do a nice job? This can be a really challenging color choice, because the maker doesn’t have much to work with in terms of creating contrast. Beth did an excellent job.