Bullseye Quilts

The Bullseye quilts are part of a project I am working on with Julie Zaccone Stiller and Adrienne Acoba. It started out as a round robin block exercise. The exercise was inspired by a different bullseye project done by the Quilt Mavericks quilt group. We send each other squares of a certain color of fabric and proceed to add circles  (or another shape) to them using the bullseye pattern. The interesting thing about this pattern is the way one can play with color. It is interesting to see the colors change as additional layers of fabric are added. When the blocks were complete, we cut the squares up and kept some of each block and sent other parts to the others, so the quilts are truly ‘sister’ quilts. The arrangement of the blocks is my own design. Julie and Adrienne arranged their blocks differently. The project has expanded to the point where we are working on creating a bullseye quilt for each of the rainbow colors.

Seeing Red
Seeing Red

Colleen Granger quilted Seeing Red. Seeing Red was on display at the offices of Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP for several years.

Feelin' Blue
Feelin’ Blue

Colleen Granger quilted Feelin’ Blue. Feelin’ Blue was displayed at the offices of Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP.

Passionate Purple
Passionate Purple

Passionate Purple was also quilted by Colleen Granger.

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