No Rest for the ‘Wicked’

Green scrap drawer: full
Green scrap drawer: full

I am not really wicked nor am I green, but some of my post titles have been super boring lately, so I thought I would shake things up.

The green scrap drawer is too full, which is good, because I can move on to a new leaders and enders project. It is bad, though as I have plenty of other things I want to do as leaders and enders. Still, I was enjoying making strip blocks, so here we go.

One burning question is WHY do I have so many green scraps. I can remember making things out of a few of them, but not most. How are all of these green scraps multiplying?

On a side note: that large green Pointillist Palette piece is going to get cut up into smaller pieces to be part of a Niece-phew quilt.

Do you get the Wicked reference? 😉

March 2024 Donation Blocks

I am back to less than my normal number of donation blocks, but I have been working on two donation quilts, at least. I want to make 30 blocks a month, but I’ll have to keep working towards that goal.

I have started making green strip donation blocks, so my hopes for next month’s tally are better.

Grey Strip Blocks

Grey Strip Donation blocks
Grey Strip Donation blocks

I put some of the last grey strip blocks up on the wall to make into a quilt. They have been there for about a week and I have made no progress.

I need at least two more blocks to make this square or rectangular and I have made a desultory effort to make them.

I really just haven’t had a lot of time to sew. The items I have finished recently have been done in small snatches of time. I’ll get there!

Pantone Project – More Blocks

Pantone Project blocks from Julie - end Feb 2024
Pantone Project blocks from Julie – end Feb 2024

I received a few more blocks in the mail from Friend Julie the other day. I need to get back to making some more. I have four cards from which to make blocks.

I think now that I have some small bags out of my system, I’ll be able to get back to this project.

February 2024 Donation Blocks

I don’t know if I started off strong or not. I am diligently using 2.5 inch squares as leaders and enders, so I am slowly working up a nice stack of blocks.

Selecting Sauterne

Selecting fabric for Sauterne
Selecting fabric for Sauterne

I received Sauterne with a heavy heart. Not for the message, which I always anticipate, but for the color. Another color I almost never use and never buy. Amazingly, I found a Philip Jacobs print with that color used for some flowers. It was almost perfect.

This print was the third one I found. The speckle gold is a good type to use for this project, but definitely the wrong color.

In the middle is a Heather Bailey print. Again, those tiny leaves right under the postcard are the perfect color, but so small. I didn’t think it was right.

Pantone: Sauterne in Half Night & Noon
Pantone: Sauterne in Half Night & Noon

Finally, I found a 10×10 square (I wonder where that came from?) of an Alison Glass print that actually was the perfect color and also the perfect type of print – a tone-on-tone.

I received another postcard today, so back to the fabric closet for more hunting and gathering.


January 2024 Donation Blocks

I am pleased that I finally achieved my goal of one block per day for the month. I have had this goal for awhile and it has taken time to achieve it.

I am still working on the Black, Grey and Brown strip blocks from my black-grey-brown scrap bin. It is pretty easy to make these in quantity using leaders and enders.

A couple of the 16 patches are straight from the box available at Sew Day. I needed some leaders and enders as I worked to finish the Grey Strip donation top at Sew Day, so I grabbed them to use. I am glad the Community Quilts team has them available.

More New Pantone Blocks

I spent most of the Sunday of MLK weekend working on the latest batch of  Pantone blocks. I dug into some old fabric to find good matches.

Pantone has a lot of browns and I am digging deep to find anything that looks close to the colors on the postcards. I found some brown fabrics I had forgotten I had. The exercise is making me think about shades and tones that are missing from my fabric palette.

Pantone Last Year

Apple Green House block
Apple Green House block

I talked awhile ago about selecting some fabrics. These fabrics sat on my worktable until last week when I decided enough was enough and I started making blocks.

I forgot to take photos of all the blocks before I handed them over to Friend Julie, but trust me, I did make about 9 blocks. 😉

Pantone blocks - NYE
Pantone blocks – NYE

She proves it, because she sent me a photo of the blocks.

This effort set me on the path I described earlier this week where I made more blocks. I thought I might see Julie on Sew Day and I wanted to have another batch for her, as I mentioned.

Black Strip #2 Start

Black Strip #2 donation top in process
Black Strip #2 donation top in process

Even though I need and want to make Pantone blocks, I started on the next Black Strip donation quilt.

Yes, I went with the pink cornerstones. I just can’t help myself sometimes.

This will be a small one, though there is a small possibility I’ll make it larger. Stay tuned.

2023 All the Donation Blocks

This is quite a few donation blocks (188 at last count)! I am pretty pleased with how many blocks I made this year. I know you saw many of these yesterday. Scroll down to revisit the ones I made earlier this year.

December 2023 Donation Blocks

I realize that most of these are black or light grey. This is a result of working through my black, grey and brown scrap bin.

Unfortunately, I was being odd when I first started naming these blocks and so they are all called  Dark Grey…. I will probably end up making, at least, two quilts out of the blocks you see. I think I will make a light grey and a black quilt, but it depends on how much light grey I have. The drawer was full when I started and I still have quite a few scraps, though most of the straight strips have been used.

I was able to make so many because I used a strip piecing method and just zoomed them through the machine. I also didn’t have to worry about matching any seams since I trimmed them to the right size once I had a large enough piece.