Pantone Project – 2d Group of Blocks

Pantone Project: 2d group of blocks
Pantone Project: 2d group of blocks

I made more Pantone Project blocks. I am not caught up, but am getting there. Julie had a great post about her blocks and playing with our combined blocks on the design wall.

Making these blocks is providing me with little snippets of sewing now that I am finished with Pies & Points. I still want to get in a groove like I did with the Flying Geese project a million years ago (2015), but I am not there yet.

This is really the first time I have looked carefully at Pantone colors. I am not sure what they are trying to do. They have a LOT of beiges and other neutrals. They don’t have many bright, clear colors – or as many as I would like. I guess I should go read their website.

October 2022 Donation Blocks

My pace of making donation blocks has slowed because of my mania to clear my to do list. I am, however, still making a few. Many in the guild have gone off this pattern, so I may have to start making something else. I find it easy, inoffensive and easy to make. It’s great for leaders and enders.

First Pantone Project Blocks

First Pantone Project Blocks
First Pantone Project Blocks

I finally (FINALLY!) made some Pantone Project blocks and handed them off to Julie when we were at PIQF.

I know there are a small number shown here, but along with the fabrics I have selected, I feel like I have made a good start. I am in the process of making the other blocks. Once I do that I will be caught up and should be able to make a couple of blocks per week. Fingers crossed.

September 2022 Donation Blocks

I made a few more blocks for the guild in addition to finishing the Rainbow Strip donation quilt and starting then finishing the Creamsicle donation quilt.

August Donation Blocks

These are the result of the Orange You Glad project

Orange You Glad Leaders & Enders

I used the trimmings from my bullseye blocks to make some more donation blocks. These started out as the orange Color Strip blocks like I made before. However, the strips were pretty thin and I quickly tired of sewing them together and making, what felt like, no progress.

I decided that arranging the strips vertically would work. I, later, realized this change would be an evolution in the process (or series). Now I have quite a few of them and soon will be able to make another donation quilt.

I am NOT starting it, though, until some of the other projects are off my design wall.


Yellow Strip Donation Blocks

I finally just buckled down and made some yellow strip blocks for the Rainbow Color Strip Donation top. I couldn’t stand that nothing was happening with that quilt anymore. I needed to make some progress towards getting it off my design wall and off to someone who needs it. This was the way.

I cut some strips from yardage and made the blocks. They aren’t as interesting as blocks made from scraps, but in the grand scheme nobody will notice.

I have more of the strip set and could have probably cut two more, but I thought five was plenty. I think the Rainbow Color Strip Donation top will be on the large size as it is.

June Donation Blocks

I got back on the donation block bandwagon this month as I was finishing up the Ends n.14 (Typewriter) donation top. I didn’t make many, but every little bit helps, right?

April Donation Blocks

I know its May, but I didn’t have a chance to post the donation blocks for April yet. I didn’t have a lot of time to sew donation blocks this month, but my commitment is still to the guild’s community quilt project.

I made the green blocks for the Rainbow Strip donation quilt. I realized that even thought I made a green strip donation quilt and a green improv donation quilt, my green scrap bin is full again. Sigh.

March Donation Blocks

I am still making a few of the regular guild donation blocks. I have started work on the next Color Strip Donation top to go with the others. The HST 9 Patch is made from leftovers from the HST Star quilt top. It is larger than the other blocks – 12.5×12.5 rather than 8×8. Peggy said she would do something with it.

February Donation Blocks

I have other projects to use as leaders and enders, but I have been making a little progress on donation blocks. Some you have seen, but this is the total number for February. I am channeling my friend, Marty, somewhat. She loves brown and for some reason I am trying to use up the brown squares I have.

I gave a slew to Peggy at the guild meeting the other day. The ones I have made in February are small in number but mighty in potential good.

More Donation Blocks

Pink Words donation block
Pink Words donation block

I spent a lot of sewing time making gift bags with fabric I unearthed from my fabric closet. I finished about 10 bags and was able to get back to using donation squares as leaders and enders.

Some of these blocks are from last year – as in a few weeks ago.

Pink & purple donation block
Pink & purple donation block
Red-violet dot donation block
Red-violet dot donation block
Purple Paris donation block
Purple Paris donation block
Black with dots donation block
Black with dots donation block


2021 All Donation Blocks

I definitely didn’t make as many donation blocks in 2021 as I did in 2020. Still, I have a few to share and I am a firm believer in the old adage ‘ every little bit helps’.

I started making the guild 16 patches in May. Even though I cut tons of squares, I just didn’t get to it. I was using other projects for leaders and enders. Then I started the workroom upgrade. It has all conspired to make me not as productive in the donation area than last year.

This is still an important part of my quiltmaking and I’ll get back to making more blocks again.