September 2023 Donation Blocks

I thought I wouldn’t make as many blocks this month as I was working on other projects. Also, I have had less time lately. I was pleasantly surprised at how many I was able to finish while working on the Metro Twist assembly.

QST 16 Patch Design

I saw some quarter square triangles (QST) somewhere and started to think about them in conjunction with the guild’s 16 patches. I looked up the dimensions for making QSTs in my trusty Around the Block** book. That simple block was not included. I was trying to avoid firing up EQ8, but had to as I couldn’t get the design out of my head.

QST 16 Patch - cut off
QST 16 Patch – cut off

The first design I made is ok. You can see the design and the secondary design. However, some of the motifs are incomplete. You know how I like my designs to be finished, so I decided to try and finish off the edges.

I wanted you to be able, at least, to see the full Ohio Star motif (block) even if I couldn’t finish off all of the secondary designs.

QST 16 patch, design 2
QST 16 patch, design 2

Honestly, I didn’t think through the whole process and wasn’t really prepared for a full-on EQ8 design sessions.

I took a stab. I immediately ran into problems. You can see that doing what I wanted wasn’t straightforward. I think I could have resolved the problem by adding another row of 16 patch blocks, but I didn’t want to make the quilt larger than it was. It will be a baby (ish) quilt for the BAM Community Quilts Project.

For the moment, I decided to leave it and go back to sewing. The second design is fairly asymmetrical, which means true Modern Quilters would probably like it. I don’t dislike it; it just doesn’t achieve my goal. I’ll work on it again another day





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More Pantone

One reason I am making so much progress, aside from taking the time to select the fabrics, is that I don’t mind the (almost) paperless foundation piecing as much as I mind regular foundation piecing.

You can see also that the fabrics are relatively bright and cheerful.

More Scrappy Celebration

I am determined to make progress on this quilt, so I have been working on blocks, even when I only have a few minutes. The work adds up.

I plan to rearrange the blocks once they are all done. For the moment, I am putting them on the wall according to the plan in EQ8.

August 2023 Donation Blocks

More donation blocks for August.

Yes, you can see that I am starting to work on a new color strip quilt for the community project.


Slow Scrappy Celebration Progress

Scrappy Celebration, E4
Scrappy Celebration, E4

I set myself a goal during the past two weekends of making progress on this quilt. I didn’t make much progress, but progress is progress.

First, I made this orange block. There is a little too much orange in it and I may change the centers of the mini-9 patches to something else. Maybe blue like in G2. We’ll see how I feel.


Scrappy Celebration, E8
Scrappy Celebration, E8

I really like this block. I think I might have made all of them the pattern calls for, but I really like it. I may have to make more. I kept looking at D6 and wanting to make the same block with the center and corner fabrics reversed. I really like that violet and the emerald green. I don’t use a lot of green in my quilts, so that is odd. I might like this block, because I get to use big amounts of that Shaggy Chrysanthemum print.  That is definitely a favorite even thought those autumn colors aren’t my normal colors.

Yes, I am making the blocks that are the easiest to get as many of them done as possible. Then I get mad at myself for being ridiculous and make a block with a lot of pieces. None of these blocks are difficult; some of them just have a lot of pieces.

Scrappy Celebration - August 2023
Scrappy Celebration – August 2023

In total, I made 5 blocks. I am now up to 28/56 total. I have enough blocks completed to make a good sized lap quilt, which is what I will do if (when) I run out of background fabric.



Pantone Project August Progress

I took a break from making bags, Metro Twist and Scrappy Celebration to make some progress. Thus, I made some good progress over the weekend on making Pantone blocks. 

Pantone Mutt & Jeff Left
Pantone Mutt & Jeff Left

I had already chosen quite a few fabrics, which made the task easier. Foundation piecing, not my strength, gave me pains on the first block.

The background of this fabric, a Martha Negley fruit and floral print from a few years ago, was the right hue for Pantone 4545 (not all the colors have names. Some only have numbers, which is a little annoying). I only had a half yard of this fabric and these fruit and florals don’t always have a lot of background. In this case, I only had a few bits to work with.

Martha Negley Fruit & Floral for Pantone 4545
Martha Negley Fruit & Floral for Pantone 4545

Of course, I cut a piece that was the wrong shape (remember: foundation piecing needs backwards and upside down pieces), so I had to Swiss cheese cut the last bit of background. Sigh. Fortunately, I don’t have enough of this to use for a back or a bag, so it really shouldn’t matter. Still it is painful to see one of these prints with a hunk out of the middle. Fortunately, this project (and Friend Julie) are worth it.

As an aside, you know how Tula Pink is doing Deja Vu prints? I wish Free Spirit would do them for Martha Negley as well. Maybe I should start fan club for Martha? I love those fruit and veg prints.

I went to town making blocks. I got into a rhythm that was only interrupted by not having selected anymore fabric. I thought I made a wider variety, but, looking at them like this, apparently not.

Storm Corner in Pantone 3985
Storm Corner in Pantone 3985

I was planning to make Flying Geese for Pantone 3985, a kind of olive green, but ran out of fabric. When I selected the fabric, I didn’t realize I only had about half of a fat quarter, so mid-block, I pivoted and made another Storm Center, which would work with the size triangles I had already cut.

I needed a template, so I cut the Pirate Black Storm Corner so I could use the triangles as a template, thus I ended up with four of these. In the grand scheme of the whole quilt it will be ok. It just looks a little odd now.


Pantone colors left to make
Pantone colors left to make

I suppose I shouldn’t have called this “August Progress” as it assumes I won’t make any additional progress, though I hope I do. I still have a number of colors to match and turn into blocks. Note they are all kind of dull, though looking at them like this reminds me they are not all beige.

I am also happy I made some good progress as I was feeling quite guilty at my tardiness. The hardest part of this project is selecting the fabrics. Aside from hauling the fabric bins down from the top of the fabric closet, the inks on the postcards seem to be different from the dyes used in fabric. I know that is true, however the actual hues and shades seem to be really different.

July 2023 Donation Blocks

After seeing what Peggy did with a few of my coordinated donation blocks from last month, I decided to create some more for her to work with. Of course, that means going through my box and choosing the same colors. It doesn’t really matter to me which fabrics I use. It just matters that I use up the squares crammed in my little donation squares box. Black and grey blocks will be good for a boy.

I am also starting to work on more color strip blocks in black and grey. First, I’ll make some for the rainbow version I am planning and then for a grey version alone. I have a lot to do on those quilts.

More Scrappy Celebration

Scrappy Celebration - early July 2023
Scrappy Celebration – early July 2023

I am working to make ongoing progress on the Scrappy Celebration. I now have two full rows and ideas for more blocks.

I made the 9 Patch with large center with a different fabric this time. I wanted to do it before and I may switch this particular block with the D2 block. I was inspired by the other 9 Patches within a 9 Patch block to use the orange for the larger patches.

More Pantone Blocks from Julie

Pantone Blocks from Julie - early July 2023
Pantone Blocks from Julie – early July 2023

I received more Pantone blocks from Julie. Fortunately, I am not completely lame, because I have also been making some blocks for her.

I did not include the squares of fabric that came along with these blocks in the photo.

There are a nice variety and very cheerful, unlike the fabrics I have been selecting, which are dark and depressing.

More Scrappy Celebration Blocks

Scrappy Celebration - late June 2023
Scrappy Celebration – late June 2023

I focused on getting some more blocks done for Scrappy Celebration over the weekend. My design wall is looking good even if I have to layer some of the blocks. I do need to move them all up and will probably do that today.


More Julie Pantone Blocks

Pantone Project blocks from Julie April 2023
Pantone Project blocks from Julie April 2023

After the meeting on the weekend, I cleaned out the Chubby Charmer I take to the meeting and found a bunch of stuff leftover from Retreat in the bottom. Among the items was a bunch of Pantone Project blocks that Julie made. She must have handed them over at the Retreat.

This group looks very Fallish/Autumn-like to me.

I feel terrible that they have languished unremarked upon for weeks. My only explanation is that I left for a business trip only a few days after I returned from the Retreat and really didn’t do a great job of putting everything away.

I have some fabrics chosen for some blocks for Julie and I am determined to get some done.