Finished: La Pass Rosette M13/14

La Pass: Rosette M13/14
La Pass: Rosette M13/14

I finally finished the combined Month 13 and 14. This is a large Rosette, like Month 1/2. I did not finish Month 13 before Month 14 arrived, but since they ended up as one rosette, it was ok.

I started out putting Month 13 together using the Hearts & Cones method, as mentioned, that I learned early on in the process. I wasn’t able to sustain that technique with the Month 14 pieces, but having any straight lines is a good thing.

La Pass: Rosette M13/14 center detail
La Pass: Rosette M13/14 center detail
Parisville Deja Vu Cameo detail
Parisville Deja Vu Cameo detail

I really like the center, which is cut from the main Parisville Deja Vu print. I did not use the faces as Pink Door suggested. I used the bows, because I love that motif. I wanted the bows to be the stars. The curls and some of the ship hairdo came along for the ride, creating a really pleasing, fussy cut center.

I have a few days before Month 15 arrives, so I am catching up on some binding and may be able to finish the foot part of my sock.

More on Hand Piecing EPP

Some time ago I wrote a post about the Flatback Stitch. I read it over the other day and I think everything is still true. My techniques have evolved since then, however.

Flatback Stitch again
Flatback Stitch again

One thing I do now is anchor the joins before I stitch the whole seam. This lines up the corners so patterns match and corners are smooth.

I still hold the pieces together with either Sew Tites** or WonderClips**. My favorite SewTites at the moment are Sew Tites HD**. They are stronger and easier to use with multiple layers. The magnets are strong so I have to be careful not to catch my fingers in between the two magnets. Otherwise they work really well.

Flatback Stitch again - back
Flatback Stitch again – back

Next, I take a few stitches where the corners of two different pieces line up. As I do this, I keep turning the piece over so I can make sure the corners are still in place. Then I go back and stitch the seams between the two pieces together.

This can be a bit challenging when sewing a giant rosette together! Still securing the joins helps keep long seams in place until the whole thing can be sewn together.

My seams are lining up really well using this method. I feel like my pieces are lined up more precisely.














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More Month 13 Hearts & Cones

La Pass Month 12 Rosette
La Pass Month 12 Rosette

Progress on Month 13 continues. Aside from continually having to go back and cut more pieces, this month seems easy.

I think using the Hearts & Cones method makes the process seem easier.

I keep having to go back and cut more pieces because of the shift in the BOM shipping schedule for Month 13. Because this month included Parisville, Pink Door could not ship as normal. My practice is to wash all the fabric, then cut and baste at Sew Day (first Saturday of the month). I couldn’t do that this time, so I cut and basted some pieces so I could be ready to sew in the evening while hanging out with DH, then I would go back and cut more for the next night. I got off track and, apparently forgot to cut the rest of the star points.

Traveling with La Pass

View from Tahoe Ridge to NV
View from Tahoe Ridge to NV

Recently, we took a long weekend and visited Lake Tahoe. Our nephew was getting married. We tacked on a few extra days to make it a long-ish weekend. The YM flew in to see his cousin get married. That means we got to spend a few days with him as well. It was really great to have more than a day to catch up and get more of a sense of how our YM is doing.

Without a Trace/Take a Stand tote filled with La Pass
Without a Trace/Take a Stand tote filled with La Pass

I wanted to take La Pass with me on the trip so I could work on getting Month 13 finished. Month 14 had been shipped and I needed to get back on schedule. As shown, my pieces were in hearts and cones, so I needed a bag that would keep them flat during the drive and general chaos of travel. I also needed space for my Sew Together Bag and my Inside Outside Pouch, which contain various tools and supplies for La Pass. Eventually, I landed on the Without a Trace/Take a Stand Tote. Since I fixed the zipper and sewed the zipper tab closed, I have been looking for a use for it.

Unlike my trip to Portland earlier this year, travel was much easier with the rosette not yet sewn together.  I keep working on combining the smaller pieces into larger sections. Once each rosette is fully complete, it is a bit of a hassle to transport until I remove the papers.

It was a bit of a tight squeeze, but worked. I am really pleased!

La Pass Laid Out

We had a social meeting day this month. Most of the Board was out of town and it was assumed that a lot of members were as well. I invited the people from the Pink Door La Passacaglia (with permission from the Board) for two reasons. One to give them a chance to meet up and also to introduce some new members to the guild. Only one lady, Courtney, showed up. She lives in San Jose and is actually not a quiltmaker. She is only doing La Pass, which I think is really interesting.

The meeting turned out to be the same day as my knitting class so I rushed over from knitting for the end of the social. It was hair raising, a bit.

La Pass - M1-M12 laid out (August 2022)
La Pass – M1-M12 laid out (August 2022)

Courtney is on Month 4 and firmly with Team Turtle. She helped me lay out my La Pass, which was fun. It was fun to see it laid out and see how it is coming together.

We identified a couple of minor problems, which I noted and will fix when I have time.

I was glad Courtney came and I hope to see her again.

Cones and Hearts for Month 13

La Pass Month 13 with cones
La Pass Month 13 with cones

I am making good progress on La Pass Month 13 using the Cones and Hearts method.

I am pretty much using the fabrics provided so far. I did contemplate using different pinks for the outside pentagons (not shown), but decided just to go with what they sent.

I cut the large cameo print differently as, like the animals, I don’t want people faces looking out of my quilt. Also, I really like those pink bows.

La Pass Month 13

La Pass Month 13 arrival
La Pass Month 13 arrival

Month 13 arrived the other day. I am so excited to finally be able to get going.

Pink Door sent an entire yard of the cameo print! Lindsay and I were speculating on how many bolts of that print they had to buy to send everyone a yard of the fabric. Many bolts!

I snapped the photo and dumped the fabric in the washer. I did forget to wash the small piece of striped fabric, but I have some that is already washed so I’ll still be able to cut and baste the fabrics while I collect more fabrics for washing.

Now to basting!

La Pass Month 12 Finished

La Pass Month 12 finished
La Pass Month 12 finished

I finally finished Month 12. I redid so many parts that it seemed to take forever.

I am not a huge fan of these rosettes and may redo them.

Now I am waiting for Month 13. I plan to sew some of the rosettes together while I wait, but I have to lay them out and haven’t done that yet. 

Pink Door can’t send out Month 13 at the time they normally do, because they are using Parisville, Tula’s new line. They aren’t allowed to send out the new fabrics before a certain date. I understand, but it is frustrating, because it puts me off my basting schedule.

La Pass Month 12 Progress

La Pass M12-Rosette #1 & 3
La Pass M12-Rosette #1 & 3

I can’t believe it has been so long since I talked about La Pass. It has been at least three weeks since I basted and started.

La Pass M12-Rosette #2
La Pass M12-Rosette #2

This month should have been a favorite month, but I have struggled the whole time. There is finally quite a bit of pink, but also a lot of the weird animal prints. I switched out lot of the fabrics despite my resolve. Frankly, I switched out some of the fabrics a couple of times. I have also put some pieces in the wrong places necessitating ripping out and redoing or going with the flow.

Also, this month seems to be taking me forever. I don’t know why except for all the ripping and switching.

For now, I am going with what I have. I am not 100% commiting to what I have for M12, but I’ll wait to see how I feel when I have more together. La Pass M12-Rosette #1 & 3 are done and I am working hard on La Pass M12-Rosette #2. M13 will be delayed so I have a tiny bit a breathing room, but I need to be ready for it.

La Pass Month 12 Basted and Started

La Pass Month 12 Basted and Started
La Pass Month 12 Basted and Started

Month 12 arrived and I did a bit of cutting, but thought I could do the rest when I went to Sew Day. I was almost able to finish, but not quite. I spent some time that same day to finish after I got home, but before dinner. That was exciting because that meant I could start working on M12 right after dinner. ( yes, I lead a simple life. Partying for me is an evening with John Barnaby and my DH. 🙂   )

It was a bit of a trial to cut and baste. I didn’t want to use the Squirrel or Raccoon fabric. Because I am determined to use the fabric, I tried really hard to fussy cut around the squirrels and raccoons. I couldn’t find an appealing angle that would give me enough of the shapes I needed. It didn’t help that that shape I needed was the largest pentagon.

I switched the fabrics out when I got home. I used the coneflowers instead of the raccoons and the Daydreamer flamingo fabric instead of the squirrels. I alternated the flamingos with another part of the fabric that included more blue and green to help with the transition between rosettes. Apparently, birds are not animals in my crazy mind and I don’t mind them looking at me through eternity.

Anyway, I am super excited to be working on this project again.

La Passacaglia Month 12

Month 12 arrived and that means 6 months to go after this.

La Passacaglia Month 12 fabrics
La Passacaglia Month 12 fabrics

At first glance I was not that excited about the fabrics this time. Lots of Tiny Beasts and, as I have said, I do not want animals looking at me for eternity. Also, I have had enough green. I want more turquoise. I need to balance those feelings with “I already bought the fabric and need to use it.” I took a good look to see what I wanted to change out with the fabrics.

As I looked closer, I found that there were some possibilities with most of the fabrics, though there are a couple I will change out.

Stag fabric in fussy cut mirror
Stag fabric in fussy cut mirror

First I got out the fussy cut mirror** to look at different aspects of the stag fabric. This required me to take a good look at the fabric. I found that there were two kinds of orchid type flowers I could use instead of the stag’s head.  The first one was ok, but the second was very appealing. I particularly like the middle.

I am still cutting, so I haven’t done it with all the ‘suspect’ fabrics, but will.

I also decided I would use the ombre little fluffy clouds/sunset (PWTp 177-Dragonfruit from the Daydreamer line) fabric for the middle of the stars. Pink Door had white for those centers. I want the whole star to be one color.

The racoon fabric from Tiny Beasts will probably go as it is basically a tone-on-tone if I eliminate the racoon motif. Same with the squirrels, though there are some interesting vine patterns that may work for fussy cutting. However, they are green.







**Obviously, you should shop at local quilt shops. However, if you are too busy or can’t find what you need at quilt shops, I use affiliate links and may be paid for your purchase of an item when you click on an item’s link in my post. There is no additional cost to you for clicking or purchasing items I recommend. I appreciate your clicks and purchases as it helps support this blog.

La Pass Month 11 Finished

Another month under my belt! Good thing, because I received the notice that Month 12 is about to ship.

La PassacagliaL Month 11 finished
La PassacagliaL Month 11 finished

This was a pretty easy month, though I did cut and re-cut fabric for some of the pieces a couple of times. I couldn’t decide what fabric to use to replace the Alice faces. I don’t want animal faces looking at me and I certainly don’t want Tula’s little sister as Alice looking at me for eternity!

Pink Door’s Sandra sent a new layout that shows all the rosettes we have made. I think Month 12 will use a lot of blue. Hooray!! I plan to add (substitute?) turquoise if there isn’t enough for me.


On a separate Life note. I know today is bad for women. Power has temporarily won. While we regroup:

Radiate Positivity
Radiate Positivity

La Pass Month 11 Continues

La Pass Month 11 workspace
La Pass Month 11 workspace

I am making progress on the rosettes and edge pieces that comprise Month 11.

I showed you the first rosette from Month 11 the other day. I have continued to work on the month and this is what my workspace in the living room looks like while I am sewing in the evenings.

The particular sections I show above are not quite as satisfying as some of the other months. It is so fun to see them grow, however, and I am so thrilled with how the project is progressing.

La Pass Month 11 Rosette #1

La Pass M11 - Rosette #1
La Pass M11 – Rosette #1

After some false starts with basting, I have made some progress on the first part of Month 11.

The lacy looking bits in the middle ring are what gave me some trouble. I cut pentagons using the flower motifs from parts of the Alice fabrics, but I didn’t like the alternating look. I saw that someone else did all of the white and yellow motifs, so I did that as well.

There isn’t a lot of contrast in this block, which is fine with me. I think I avoided the bee look (black and yellow) pretty well despite the black and yellow in the this block. It doesn’t scream bees at me.

Tula doesn’t use a lot of yellow in her work, so I know Pink Door had a hard time with the yellow rosettes.

Careful Cutting

I usually don’t start my basting the second the BOM monthly package arrives. As much as I would love to drop everything and start cutting and sewing, I have stuff I need to be doing, such as work.

I also pre-wash all of my fabric, including the small pieces for this project. The point is that it takes me a little bit of time to get to basting. The good thing about the delay is that I get to see what other people think.

One thing that happens is that people start complaining about not having enough fabric. I have talked about my strategy before, which is to just buy more fabric if I don’t have enough. I always think it is me.

Skinny Triangles - La Pass M11
Skinny Triangles – La Pass M11

The complaining started even before my pretty pink package arrived, so when I got ready to baste, I knew I had to be careful. I also challenged myself to get all the pieces I needed out of the fabric given. I cut the skinny triangles one at a time, lining them up carefully next to each other.  I didn’t have  yards left over, but I ended up with enough to cut a few more skinny triangles.

My expectations are not that we get yards of extra fabric. I am happy to get just what I need. Who knows, though? I never participated in a BOM before. So far, I am satisfied.