Creative Prompt #1: Beginnings

The Creative Prompt project was inspired by many people and blogs. I started thinking about it after listening to many of the Creative Mom podcasts. Just FYI: I did a review of the CMP as well. I have some ideas for creative prompt projects that don’t involve quiltmaking, but this latest phenomenon just exploded on to the scene. A few people started talking about it after I wrote the Illustrated Journals post. Suddenly, the idea became something. I am pretty excited: excited because of the enthusiasm shown my Linda and Sherri, excited by the support shown by Julie and excited to just do it, like the Nike ad says.

Here is what I am going to do:

1. Every week (probably Friday) I will post a creative prompt. It may be words or pictures or something else.

2. I will do a drawing or some kind of creative endeavor with that prompt

The rest of the gang have said that they will:

1. Do a drawing, doodle, collage, write poetry, jot down a few words, origami, whatever every week.

2. Post a link to their efforts to the comments section.

Just see what you think of for the prompt and draw, write, collage, sew or whatever something. If you don’t like the prompt, look around and let something else inspire you.

If you want to join in, please feel welcome. If you don’t have a blog or website, open a Flickr account for FREE and post your work there.

There is more information on the Creative Prompt Page.

We’ll see how long it lasts and what comes of it.


The first creative prompt is Beginnings.

Anna Maria Horner talks about Beginnings in her blog post.

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    1. Post your drawing/doodle/collage/other art or writing work somewhere on the web (blog, flickr, website, etc) and then post the direct link to the relevant Artqultmaker blog post. Thanks for joining in.

  1. Coming to the party late, but here’s my interpretation in a photo. I promise to get more creative with my media in the future. Part of my creative goals are to be more ‘outside the box’, so hopefully this will be an interesting journey for me.

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