Pies and Points Progress

Pies & Points blocks - June 2022
Pies & Points blocks – June 2022

I have made a few more blocks. I don’t want to lay the quilt out symmetrically like in the class handouts. I want the eye to follow the lines around the quilt and find some surprises. For now, the surprises will be the Pie blocks placed strategically around the quilt.

Pies & Points blocks -problem
Pies & Points blocks -problem

I don’t know if that idea will work. As you can see from the arrow, the blocks to do not fit together in all directions.

It isn’t that I couldn’t piece those pieces together and I may still do that. I want to consider all my options. This is one of those design challenges.

Pies & Points Returns from the UFO pile

I took a class from Victoria Findlay Wolfe at QuiltCon about 1, 000 years ago (well, 2016). I think I mentioned that every time I rewrite my quilt to do list the same projects are listed as UFOs. I decided that some of these are going to get finished. I backtracked a little and decided to work on one then see how it went. Of course, I want to finish them all, but every journey requires the first step. My first step is Pies and Points.

I have also been in desperate need of a quilt project. Why starting one or jumping back into one was difficult, I don’t know.

The first step for actually working on the project was positive. I found the project and all the pieces were in the same bag. Yay! I had been talking about this project to myself for a few days, so I feel happy that I actually did something.

Pies & Points blocks from class
Pies & Points blocks from class

The second step was positive as well. I put the blocks I have made (4) on the design wall and I still like them. The background might be a bit boring, but well see how things go after I make a few more blocks.

American Jane Plus Donation Quilt

American Jane Plus Donation top
American Jane Plus Donation top

I left work early on Friday and spent the time sewing. I hadn’t worked on this project since May and wanted to get it done. I thought I could make a start.

As shown in the previous post, I had a bunch of pieces for this community quilt cut and blocks sewn together. I still really only needed to find one 5 inch square to finish the last block and put the quilt together.

I started rummaging through fabric and found a piece that would work fairly quickly. If charm packs would add 3 more squares I would be super happy. Of course, who knows if I will ever make a Plus quilt again?

American Jane Plus Donation back
American Jane Plus Donation back

Once I finished that last block and cut some background fabric, I was able to finish the top pretty quickly. I had time, so I went rummaging for fabric again. I wanted to find some pieces for the back. I was hoping for one piece, but my hopes were dashed. I found a large piece of yellow solid, but it wasn’t large enough so I added some red and green. I finished just as my DH texted to tell me he was coming home. Perfect!

I am going through my charm packs and trying to use the ones I like, but don’t think I will use for my own projects. As soon as I select one, I pull it out and start thinking about (or even deciding immediately) what I will make then I get busy. This one was inspired by one of my quilts that Joelle quilted. I saw it finished and thought “I should make another one of those”.

That one used the donation squares that Peggy requests, so it was smaller. This quilt is about 41×41 inches. Nice size.

Frankly, I almost never use charm packs so I don’t know why I buy them. Well, I do know. I want just a little bit of the fabric, so I buy a charm pack.

Charm packs make great Chubby Charmers. How many Chubby Charmers does one girl need? I have three already, after all. I have a Lintott Girls book, Layer Cakes, Jelly Rolls and Charm Quilts**, so I should look there to find some patterns I might like to make. I might make another HST Sawtooth Star quilt. I don’t think I am quite done with that pattern.








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Ends n.14 (Typewriter)

Ends n.14 (Typewriter) donation top
Ends n.14 (Typewriter) donation top

I finally put the black, red and gold ends together to make a quilt. There is some leftover typewriter fabric in the top, thus the Type writer moniker. I have to distinguish between these ‘Ends’ quilts somehow!

The main parts of the fabrics used in this quilt come from the first Stepping Stones quilt I made for my nephew for his graduation in 2013. Yes, they have been hanging around for a long time!

I didn’t have enough to make it quite as wide as I wanted, so I added the red and gold solids.

Ends n.14 (Typewriter) donation back
Ends n.14 (Typewriter) donation back

I didn’t have enough to make the back so I had to rummage for fabric. This quilt might work for a boy quilt.

See all of the Ends quilt on their own series page.


BAMQG IRR, January 2019
BAMQG IRR, January 2019

I may not have mentioned that I ripped out all of the Big Stitch quilting on this project. I am preparing it to go to Colleen.

To do so, I had to find some fabric for the binding. I wanted the main turquoise used for the background. I couldn’t find it anywhere.

BAMQG IRR Corner with possible binding
BAMQG IRR Corner with possible binding

I did find a slightly darker solid turquoise that I think will frame the piece better than the same color. I know the differentiation is hard to see, but I think you can see that the slight difference looks good for the binding.

I still haven’t done anything with the bits and bobs included by the others who worked on it.

La Pass Month 8 All Basted

La Pass Month 8 basted
La Pass Month 8 basted

I cut and basted a few of those damn triangles at a couple of meetings last week, but did the bulk of the work at Sew Day. I divided up the different shapes and alternated the skinny triangles with all the other shapes. I got the basting done and was able to do a bit of stitching before Sew Day was over.

I also sewed in the evening, so I have a good start for Month 8.

Yellow Improv In Progress

Yellow Improv Donation Top in progress
Yellow Improv Donation Top in progress

I decided I needed to get this one finished. All the projects left on my design walls when I put them away were a lot less interesting when I saw them again. I didn’t want to toss them, but I did want them finished.

I started it last year sometime. The first time I talked about it was July, which was right before we dismantled my workroom. I was concerned at that time that I wouldn’t have enough scraps to make a decent sized baby quilt. It’s still a concern as I am piecing tiny scraps together and expect to have no yellow scraps left.

I spent time over the weekend making good progress.

2022 Cutting Chart

2022 Cutting Guide
2022 Cutting Guide

I finally figured out what I was cutting during 2022.

This guide details many fewer pieces than previous years. I have a lot of pieces I have cut and need to make into quilts, so I am scaling back.


3 1/2 x 12 1/2 – this piece is for the Half Hexie Star quilt

2 1/2 x 4 1/2 – blue gradation quilt

2 1/2 x 2 1/2 – FOTY 2022

2 1/2 x 2 1/2 -I cut 2 1/2″ squares to have them handy in case I need them. I can’t seem to give it up.

1 1/2 x 2 1/2 – pieces for another Scrap Dash. I am not sure I am cutting all the pieces I need to be ready.

1 1/2 x 1 1/2 – More for another Scrap Dash

I am not sure what happened to cutting charts for 2020 and 2021. Can we blame that on COVID? Based on my 2019 cutting chart, I may need to cut more for the pink gradation quilt. I also need backgrounds for the Spin Wheel quilt, which I’d like to get off my to do list this year.

HST Sawtooth Star

HST Star - making legs
HST Star – making legs

I made good progress over the weekend on the current donation quilt. I talked about it the other day. Talking about it really made me want to get it done so I could hand it in at the meeting next weekend. It has been a long time since I have made a quilt.

I didn’t know how this was going to shape up as the picture I saw was small and not very attractively styled. I knew that it wouldn’t look hideous regardless, so I stayed the course.

I had sewn a bunch of HSTs from the charm pack I had. To make the legs, I needed to rip off some of the white triangles in order to make the legs. I decided I didn’t want to make giant Flying Geese and would make the legs into giant HSTs.

HST Star - foreground complete
HST Star – foreground complete

I was able to get the foreground part of the quilt done on Saturday, which was great.

The white brightens up the slightly subdued colors of the charm pack.

Finished: Scrap Dash

Scrap Dash finished
Scrap Dash finished

As I mentioned when I talked about Gelato the other day, Scrap Dash has been languishing alongside Gelato while I worked on La Pass. I got it back at the same time I got Gelato back.

I don’t get to count the yardage in my 2022 spreadsheet, because I already counted it last year when I got it back from Colleen. I know I should have waited, but I have no self control.

Scrap Dash finished (back)
Scrap Dash finished (back)

This will be a gift for one of my SILs. She doesn’t know yet, but I’ll tell her soon. There is a method to the madness of the back of the quilt. The bluer print fabrics on each side of the fish are shells. There is a small piece of red-violet sea urchin fabric at the bottom making this is an ocean themed back. Except for the batik and the tone-on-tone blue, all of the back fabrics are from the Kaffe Fassett Collective. SIL swims quite a bit so I thought having this type of themed back would be entertaining.

I decided I want to make this quilt again, so I am back to cutting super tiny pieces. Of course, I can use the leftovers I didn’t use from this version.

Finished: Gelato

Gelato finished
Gelato finished

After months of not sewing down the binding, Gelato is finally done. Catching up with La Pass really propelled my quiltmaking forward. I was able to finish a bunch of projects that need a bit of hand sewing and I got to work on the Half Hexie Star project.

I got this quilt back in the middle of last year, then I got a job and the giant puzzle and La Pass and my schedule went to hell in a handbasket. I enjoy stitching down the binding. It is very satisfying.

Gelato finished (back)
Gelato finished (back)

Now it is finished. Hooray! DH held it up for me so I could take some photographs. Writing about it here really makes it done in my mind.

I originally made this quilt for my niece, thus the Chrysanthemum back. I think I will give it to a friend who has recently had his leg amputated below the knee. He had an accident about 10 years ago. After multiple surgeries and infections, he decided (and is at peace with) on this course. He will appreciate the front and the thought, I think and won’t mind the flowers. We’ll see.


Busy Quilt

LFL's Busy Quilt - front
LFL’s Busy Quilt – front

Lindsay sent me a picture of the ‘Busy Quilt’ she made for her toddler (my baby friend). What a great idea! It’s a really good idea for a baby gift if you want to make a gift for later – or you don’t get around to the gift until the baby is one.

It also reminded me of the Fidget Quilts that BAM made for people with Alzheimer’s. Lindsay’s, of course, is much more vibrant. The Tula Pink fabrics make the piece visually interesting.

There are also some differences. In the middle, there are clips to move around that section. This is something to watch out for when making it for a patient or a toddler. Nobody wants the recipient to choke. I am sure Lindsay knows Baby A well enough to put the clips on when she is old enough.

The bottom middle has woven yarn or string with beads and buttons to move over the yarn. There are also laces, which make me think of the Dressy Bessy-update pattern I bought. I never made it for my niece. Now, perhaps, I should make it for Baby A?

LFL's Busy Quilt - front excite
LFL’s Busy Quilt – front excite

Lindsay also used mesh to good effect. The bobbles are a great choice as are the Curiouser and Curiouser faces.

I am so fortunate to have such talented friends.

Starting Gelato

Gelato Jelly Roll
Gelato Jelly Roll

A long time ago, in this galaxy, Friend Julie gave me a jelly roll. I don’t usually like jelly rolls, but I like this one.

One reason I like it is that the serrated edge isn’t deeply serrated, so the width is actually pretty close to 2.5 inches. Also, the strips seem to be pretty much cut on grain.

Molly's Jelly Roll Top - June 2021
Molly’s Jelly Roll Top – June 2021

At Sew Day, Molly was working on a jelly roll quilt. She also didn’t want to cut up the jelly roll into squares so she was using the strips almost as is. She made a cut in the middle where the color really started to change and inserted a KFC fabric.

Molly’s quilt got stuck in my mind and I couldn’t get it or the jelly roll in my workroom off my mind. I tried to stay focused on Scrap Dash, but the jelly roll kept creeping in.

One good thing about Sew Day is that I get to be inspired by projects on which other people are working. It is also a good thing about the guild.

Gelato Start - June 2021
Gelato Start – June 2021

Almost as soon as Scrap Dash was ready to be quilted, I opened the Jelly Roll and started putting strips on the wall. I want to add the background to the outside of the strips.

I didn’t realize the fabrics were ombre! This makes the project much more interesting. Just putting them on the wall is exciting.

Gelato Jelly Roll Open
Gelato Jelly Roll Open

I am starting out keeping the strips in order. I may move them around later after I see what I have. I am also planning to use the Art Gallery fabric I used as a background for Scrap Dash as a background for this quilt.

Finished: X Quilt

Finished: X Quilt
Finished: X Quilt

I finally finished the binding on the X Quilt!!I feel like I usually get the quilt bindings done faster. This one felt like it took forever.

Fortunately, I had a deadline and I got the quilt done before the deadline. I watched some Midsommer Murders with my Mom and was able to sew while I watched.

I took the photo in a hotel room. The best position was laying it on one of the beds. I was pleased that the quilt fit, with an overhang, on a queen sized bed.