Yet Another I Spy

I told you: potato chips.

Grey Cross I Spy
Grey Cross I Spy

Yes, I made another I Spy pouch. I don’t like this one as much. It doesn’t feel as substantial as the last one and I am not sure why. It has to be the fabric. It is an Art Gallery fabric, which I really like, but I don’t think it is right for this project. Since I am storing acrylic templates in them, then need a little heft.

This doesn’t mean it is terrible or anything and I do like highlighting the lining fabric through the window. It is like a fun prize. I’ll probably use this as a gift.

This is the small size. I also use the glitter vinyl. I like that glitter vinyl. Not only is it easier to cut, but it is fun. It does make the peony look a little blurry in the photo. It doesn’t look like that in person.

Maria’s Scissor Cozy

Maria's Scissor Cozy #2
Maria’s Scissor Cozy #2

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies, as mentioned. I forgot to post about Maria’s. I made one for her before. I didn’t have the same fabric, so I picked out some coordinating fabric, so the two would go together.

Maria's Scissor Cozy #2 - interior
Maria’s Scissor Cozy #2 – interior

I am really pleased with the interior of this one. It came together very well and the stripes look nice.

I closed the bottom with a machine stitch. The handstitching looks better, but I didn’t want to spend the time

Maria's Scissor Cozy #2 - interior label detail
Maria’s Scissor Cozy #2 – interior label detail

As with Sue’s and Cyndi’s, I also used the Advent labels and one of my Wunderlabels.

I have to remember to add more labels. I keep forgetting.

2-in-1 Case #2 in Process

2-in-1 Case #2- closed - in process
2-in-1 Case #2- closed – in process

I started another 2-in-1 Case almost immediately after finishing the first one. As mentioned, this is an easy bag and I wanted to get it right. This one looks a lot better and is more functional.

I was pleased with the fuchsia binding. I thought it was a less distracting choice than the black and white, though I do like a good black and white stripe.

I made certain to the get the closure in the right place. I used a slight different process to sew it on. I put the female half of the snap in then, before sewing the tab to the back, I snapped it together. This helped me align the tab with the female part of the snap on the front. Then I pinned the tab to the back and sewed it down. Somehow the measurements in the pattern didn’t work for me.

2-in-1 Case #2- open - in process
2-in-1 Case #2- open – in process

I used the same fabric for the inside as I did in #1. It’s a nice bright white. I am pretty sure I bought it with Amanda when we were out shopping in Portland one time.

I used longer zippers as well- 9 inch instead of 8inch, as the pattern suggests.  I had to be careful not to hit the metal parts, but the zipper was fully enclosed in the tabs and the binding, which looks better. I will probably use a longer zipper next time and cut off the excess. It seems like a waste, but then I won’t have to worry about that metal zipper end. Hitting with a needle is no picnic.

Almost done then I send it off to be wrapped for the guild door prize.

New I Spy Pouch Start & Finished

I Spy pouch #7
I Spy pouch #7

Remember I said that these pouches were like making candy? I gave one of my I Spy pouches to someone on my team, so I just made another one for my Cotton Candy pouch acrylic templates.

This one follows the theme of the others. I used the Anna Maria Coneflower fabric again along with some of the hexagon Tula Pink fabric for the inside.

It was fun just to sit down and start and finish something relatively easy. I feel ridiculously pleased with this pouch. Actually, every time I make one I feel ridiculously pleased.

Sugar Skull Hackney

Yes, I am definitely on a Hackney kick.

Sugar Skull Hackney
Sugar Skull Hackney

This one is an International Women’s Day gift for Gerre.

This is the fourth one I have made and I plan to make a few more. I have made them all in the large size. I could make the smaller sizes; I just haven’t yet. For some reason I like making these as gifts.

Sugar Skull Hackney interior
Sugar Skull Hackney interior

I used the same lining fabric as I used for the Skeleton Hackney. It is a good lining fabric. I haven’t used it as a background as it is pretty dynamic and doesn’t fade into the background like other fabrics.

I did the pocket a little differently, too. I made a vinyl pocket using the Glitter vinyl from Sew Hungry Hippie. There was a little bit of a problem sewing the turning opening closed, but not much. Some of that could have been from forgetting to use a 3/8 inch seam allowance on the top.

Sugar Skull Hackney handle
Sugar Skull Hackney handle

I also added a handle to this one and remembered not to sew through the lining! It was much easier to put the whole thing together.

I put a few small gifts and a card inside. I hope she likes it.

I try to make sets of things using the same fabric, but I have very little of the Sugar Skull fabric left. I thought the dots coordinated well.

Finished: Hand Bone Hackney

Hand Bone Hackney - top
Hand Bone Hackney – top

I made another Hackney. It is a gift for a friend. As you can, no doubt, see this one also uses the Timeless Treasures fabric that I used for the Skeleton Hackney.

Hand Bone Hackney bottom
Hand Bone Hackney bottom

I talked about this one in another post. I am really liking the pink zipper, of which you just get a slight glimpse. It is a fun addition to the somber skeleton fabric.

Every time I make one of these, I feel like getting a Switch and seeing if it would really fit in here. Stupid waste of money since I probably wouldn’t play with a Switch. Still, I am curious.

Hand Bone Hackney -interior
Hand Bone Hackney -interior

I used an older Joel Dewberry fabric for the inside and it is cheerful. I am making another one as a gift and I am going to change the mesh pocket for something different. Maybe a vinyl pocket?

I think the mesh pocket looks ok and I did a good job. There is something about having the zipper where it is that bugs me.

Hand Bone Hackney - handle
Hand Bone Hackney – handle

I added a handle, because I think it makes the bag more useful. I haven’t quite figured out the placement and I think this one is a little too tight. It was a little hard to get my hand around it. I also sewed through the lining as well and that caused some challenges for later steps in the process. Since the handle isn’t part of the pattern and I have to add it before the whole thing is put together, I think I am doing ok. I’ll do better next time.

Finished: Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch

Venetia's Cotton Candy Pouch
Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch

I can’t remember when I finished this pouch, but I did finish it. I remembered to check to see if I showed it to you after I mailed it. Since I haven’t had time to sew lately, I am running out of projects to show you, so I am glad to show you this one.

The zipper, from this angle, looks a little strange, but it works fine. I am not sure why it looks like that, but I will try again harder next time.

Venetia's Cotton Candy Pouch -interior
Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch -interior

The inside is also a Marcia Derse fabric and is really fun. This is the large size. It is big so you can fit a lot in it. I know Venetia brings a large bag to work, so perhaps she can use it for cords or something like that.

I am still thinking about the Odicoat and how to incorporate that  substance into more of my bagmaking. From what I know, this pattern doesn’t lend itself to Odicoat application. I’ll have to try it some time. I’d like to try it after I put a pouch together. I will have to try it on a test pouch in case it gets ruined.

Venetia's Cotton Candy Pouch -interior label
Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch -interior label

I used another Wunderlabel for this pouch and am pleased to see it not clash with the fabric.

All the Cozies

In the process of making the scissor cozies, I realized how many of these I have made. I know it is strange to constantly be looking at the various iterations of one particular pattern, but I seem to enjoy it.Scissor cozies are quick gift to make. It is also a unique pouch, so it makes an impressive gift.

Also, one reason, I enjoy making the same pattern over and over is that I am able to improve my skills at making and get a better understanding of the pattern. I am constantly trying to improve my skills and I find making one pattern a few times helps with that.

It’s fewer than I thought, but still a good number.

New Hackney

Hand Bone Hackney in process
Hand Bone Hackney in process

I showed a friend the Skeleton Hackney I made before Christmas. She really liked it so I offered to make her one. I am in the process of making about 6-8 Hackneys and one more will be easy.

The inside is a pink from a line that has been hanging around my workroom for a long time. It is one of those fabrics I love and am reluctant to use because a better project might come along for which I need it. I am trying to get over that feeling and use the good fabrics. There is always more fabric, right?

Hand Bone Hackney
Hand Bone Hackney

I have the lid on, but not the bottom, which you can see above.

I decided to center the hand bones rather than the skull this time. That means I ended up with two skulls on the top.

Hand Bone Hackney Handle
Hand Bone Hackney Handle

I have the handle on, but I am not sure I have that step in the right place. Remember the pattern does not include a handle, so I had to hack it.

My friend saw it in process and was thrilled. I just need to find some time to finish it. I don’t have much more to go, so it shouldn’t take very long.

Cyndi’s Scissor Cozy

I wanted to show you more of the details of the scissor cozies I made last month at the request of SueS. I wrote a little about the reasons and showed all of the cozies together in a previous post.

Cyndi's Scissor Cozy
Cyndi’s Scissor Cozy

First, I wanted Cyndi’s to match the Oslo tote I made her in a swap a year or so ago. I rummaged around and found some similar fabric.

I couldn’t remember if I added a D-ring to the Oslo tote and I didn’t see one in the photos on the post about that bag. Too bad, but I am sure she can find something on which to clip it.

Cyndi's scissor cozy - Wunderlabel
Cyndi’s scissor cozy – Wunderlabel

Next, I wanted to use my Wunderlabels, so I got those out and figured out placement.

As an aside, I really like those Wunderlabels. They are elegant and as long as I remember to sew one on, they work great. I am pretty sure I will buy more when I run out.

Cyndi's scissor cozy - Advent label
Cyndi’s scissor cozy – Advent label

Third, I wanted to use the Advent labels as well. Pouches are the perfect project for these fun labels and I think the recipients would appreciate them.

I did a lot of prep, which you know I think seems like a waste of time. The day I worked on these, however, I tried to have a different attitude. I tried to think of the prep as another step in getting the pouch finished. I finished sewing that day in a much better mood and feeling like I had accomplished something rather than being frustrated that I hadn’t accomplished enough.

The cozies in general came out very well and I am pleased.

SueS’s Scissor Cozy

Sue's Scissor Cozy
Sue’s Scissor Cozy

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies, as mentioned. I decided to make her one as well. She has done a lot of work int he past couple of months with a couple of extra projects in the works.

The annoying thing was pulling fabrics, but once that was done, it was just as easy to make 3 as it was to make two.

Sue's Scissor Cozy - inside
Sue’s Scissor Cozy – inside

I wasn’t sure what color to make so went with a blue, which I, then, cut wrong and didn’t have enough yardage to cut another piece. I chose the above Allison Glass fabric and was more careful about cutting. I also chose a light blue/turquoise inside. I liked the fabric, though I probably should have gone with a white as I can see dark corners in the piece already.

You can see my Wunderlabel on the inside right side of the pouch.

Sue's Scissor Cozy -label
Sue’s Scissor Cozy -label

I also used one of the Advent labels to add a little fun tot he piece. I really chose the label because of the color. It matches. Maybe next time I’ll think about the message as well.

Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch

Venetia's Cotton Candy Pouch - cut
Venetia’s Cotton Candy Pouch – cut

I started the Cotton Candy Pouch I have been wanting to make for awhile. So far so good. I have to say that cutting isn’t annoying me as much as it has in the past. I am cutting up a storm. Maybe having the supplies and fabric organized* helps?

This is for a work colleague who arranged my second contract at the company where I work and then moved to a different department. We are still getting together occasionally for lunch and to share info, but we don’t work together anymore.

She did a lot of work to get me this contract. Since it is a cross-border department there was extra aggravation. I wanted to make her something as a thank you and this is it.

Cotton Candy: sewing the body together
Cotton Candy: sewing the body together

I fussy cut the main panels out of some Marsha Derse fabric . I hope they will look ok. They look a little somber to me.

Still, this is such a great pattern. I can’t wait to finish it and see how it looks.





*I don’t think I told you about the day I spent pulling fabrics and organizing supplies for bags, did I? The short version of the story is that I looked at my list of bags I wanted to make and spent a day finding all the supplies I need and putting them together in a project box.

Scissor Cozies

2023 Scissor Cozies
2023 Scissor Cozies

SueS asked me to make scissor cozies for a couple of the officers. She bought them scissors and had them engraved. The two really went above and beyond during COVID. They entered a difficult situation, before COVID, and stepped up magnificently.

This is a Sotak Handmade pattern. Again, I watched a little of the video, but mostly read the directions and my notes on the directions. I made some additional notes to make these easier next time. I have to print some photos to keep with the directions.

I’ll write more about the specifics of each cozy later.

Gift Post #9: Black Moto Pouch

Moto Pouches
Moto Pouches

In addition to the Pink Moto pouch I made, I also made a black one.

I have said I like to make more than one of the same pattern so I can get the process in my head or smooth out the challenges I had with a pattern. These two pouches were no exception.

As mentioned, I struggled a bit with the drop-in lining on the pink version. I don’t sew patterns with drop-in linings very often, but I would be smart to make more to cement the techniques for making them look good in my mind.

Black Moto  open- with lining
Black Moto open- with lining

I used the same lining as the Skeleton Hackney, because it was handy, I think, and looks good with the black.

It is somewhat cheerful. The background fabric used for Who Am I? is the same print, but in a different colorway.

I am pretty happy with the way the lining came out. It isn’t too saggy-baggy. Since the lining is sewn separately and then inserted, it is pretty easy to sew it with a smaller seam allowance.

As you can see I added in a Wunderlabel at the last minute. That’s why it ended up in such a weird place. I am trying to be better about sewing them on intentionally.

Moto side view
Moto side view

I can’t remember what size Moto Pouches I made. I think these might be medium. They were fiddly enough without going to the small. I really admire the testers for Sara’s patterns. They have to make all the sizes whether they want to or not.

I think this a useful size. Not sure what I would use it for, but I would probably make it again as a gift. It might be good for the nephews.

Gift Post #7: Green Hackney

Green Hackney closed
Green Hackney closed

I finished the second Hackney in record time. Now, as I mentioned, have plans to make a few more. The second one always goes a lot faster than the first and I am enamored with the shape.

Cutting wasn’t even terrible for this pouch. Something must be getting into me, though it’s probably the templates. I have a set of acrylic templates for this pouch and cutting with templates is a million times easier than when I have to use a paper pattern. It might be even easier if I used a rotating mat.

Green Hackney upright
Green Hackney upright

The one problem with this pattern, as written, is the lack of a handle. I am not sure of the original intention of the bag, but having a handle I think is important. I asked a few questions of the designer and her team about when to add the handle. I got enough information and ended up adding after step 13. I think it worked out pretty well.

I love the pouch even more set upright like the picture (right). I think it looks so cool. It makes me want one, though I have no idea how I would use it. Some people sew elastic bands on the bottom in such a way that pens and such can be anchored to the bottom. It’s an idea I will have to consider. I have also seen this made as mini first aid kit. Lots of good ideas.

Green Hackney open
Green Hackney open

The same fabric that I used for the handle was also used for the lining. I am really pleased with how the stripes came out. Also, I think the inside zipper matches, without matching, very well.

The inside pocket is mesh and I think the center zipper looks a little weird, so I think I will try moving the zipper up a little, though I know that might interfere with the operation of the zipper. I might be able to move it up to where the curve starts with no ill effects. The other idea I have is to put a vinyl pocket on top and no zipper. Stay tuned for further iterations.

Sew Sweetness has a hashtag for the Hackney on her FB group (you have to be a member) and I scrolled through a lot of versions of them to get ideas. It was great.