Purse Inserts in General

After I posted about the Encore Purse Insert the other day, I went looking at my patterns to see what other purse inserts I had. I wanted to compare them by size and shape.

Encore Purse Insert
Encore Purse Insert

As you saw, I have the Encore Purse Insert, thanks to Sherri D.

This is a large insert at 11.5 x 5.5 x 6 inches. I am guessing it is either 5.5. or 6 inches tall. This is definitely for a larger handbag or tote bag. Since I haven’t made it yet, I can only say that I think it would  be super useful in a tote bag.

I am also wondering if it could be used for quilt travel for supplies. One downside is that it is open, so the larger bag would have to be closed. That is also on the plus side, because an open bag means easier access.

Mustang Purse Organizers
Mustang Purse Organizers

I also have the Mustang Purse Organizers. These are part of Minikins Season 3. As you know this is a 12 pattern and video bundle, so you get more than just the Mustang pattern for the price.  I made both sizes for my mom in 2021.

The smaller size is 8 inches long x 5.5 inches tall x 3 inches deep. The larger size is 11.5 inches long x 6.75 inches tall x 3.5 inches deep. The sizes are similar to the Encore, which gives me an idea of the size of Encore.* I know my mom transfers her stuff from one purse to the other using the smaller organizer.

Paint Tube Purse Organizer
Paint Tube Purse Organizer

I also have a pattern from Sotak Handmade called Purse Organizer. I have made two of these, one for Mom and one for Gerre. I haven’t had any complaints, but they are very different from the handbag organizers above.

One of the advantages of the organizers above is that they are open, so you can slip your hand into your handbag and pull out what you need. This is flatter and closed. There are external pockets as well, which means you could take it out of a larger handbag and carry with you or transfer it quickly to your work bag.

Sotak Handmade Multi-pocket Organizer
Sotak Handmade Multi-pocket Organizer

I also have the Multi Pocket Organizer from Sotak Handmade. I have not made this pattern yet. Now that I see it again, I am eager  to make it. It is a combination, it seems of the Mustang and the Sotak Purse organizer. It might be the right size to use in my new handbag. I like her patterns and this one holds quite a bit in an organized manner. It is (wide on bottom x tall x deep): 10” x 6 1/2” x 4”, so in between the large and small sizes of the Mustang.

Handy Purse Organizer
Handy Purse Organizer

I also have a pattern called Handy Purse Organizer by Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield. I couldn’t find the finished size on the blog post. There are 13 pockets – 6 mesh, 6 fabric, and one interior zipper pocket, which is useful info.

There are a lot of free patterns on the Sew Can She site. I haven’t made this one, but it is another option for purse organizers.

Am I going to have 35 purse organizers? LOL!






* I know what 11 inches is, but the numbers don’t get into my brain and I need to see a bag to actually understand the size.

Encore Purse Insert

Encore Purse Insert
Encore Purse Insert

My friend, Sherri D, sent me this pattern out of the blue. I had a really good mail week that week and this pattern was one of the items I received.

I really like the photo and I am kind of amazed at how much stuff is in the bag. This could be a handbag in itself. As soon as I looked at the pattern, I thought of what would happen if I put a strap on it and made it into a handbag itself. I just can’t help myself. 😉

It is from Studio Kat Designs. I went to the website to see what it said about and couldn’t find it there, so I think it is one they don’t sell any more. Still, I plan to make it to see how it works.


Thanks, Sherri, and go take a look at her blog. She does beautiful work!

Finished: Petunia Pouch

Petunia Pouch - finished
Petunia Pouch – finished

This was an easy pouch which would make a quick gift for a little girl as a small purse. I am not sure what else it could be used for.

This is a pouch for the Pink Project. As  I said before, this is a Sotak Handmade pattern. I thought it went together well.

Some of the binding was a bit fiddly, but not annoyingly so.

Petunia Pouch - zipper open
Petunia Pouch – zipper open

One of the good things about this pouch is the size zipper it needs. It needs either a 6 or 8 inch zipper, which I don’t use that often, though I have several waiting for projects. I am sad that the only zipper I had of the right size and closest to the color of the fabric was orchid. I suppose I could have cut down a longer zipper. Maybe I’ll do that next time.

I have to say that looking through all of my pinks and using them is really fun. I had forgotten about this Monaluna print (is that designer still around?). I like the sunbursts a lot and the pink is kind of a petal pink.

Petunia Pouch - back
Petunia Pouch – back

I am not sure the handle would stand up to carrying around heavy things. I sewed over the handles a couple of times to try and reinforce them.

This was the last bag for this year’s Pink Project. I’ll see about making some more pouches for next year. I need to make a large tote as I don’t have one of the organization’s bags to put all the pouches in. I have many tote patterns and it will be fun to look through them and choose one.

Petunia Pouch in Progress

Petunia Pouch in process
Petunia Pouch in process

I finally started the Petunia Pouch and it is a fairly easy project so far.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Sotak Handmade patterns. I have made 2-3 projects from her patterns. I watch her reels on IG and am so impressed with how easy the projects look.

Petunia Pouch in process
Petunia Pouch in process

I found this one to  be easy, so far as well AND the zipper looks good.

One thing is putting binding on everything. It is a pain, but it makes all the edges look good.

Petunia Pouch Start

Petunia Pouch Start
Petunia Pouch Start

A few weeks ago I bought a couple of new patterns when Sotak Handmade was having a sale. I am sure you saw the Little Pyramid pouches I made. I have also made a Purse Organizer from one of her patterns.

I cut out the Petunia Pouch over the weekend. This is a different kind of pouch. It has a zipper up the middle of the front. From the pattern, I can’t exactly tell how it all goes together.

I do like Sotak Handmade patterns, so I am hopeful that this is a good pattern.

Finished: Pink Palomino Pouch

Palomino Pouch #2
Palomino Pouch #2

I finally took some time on Mother’s Day to finish this pouch. It has been laying around for a few weeks. It was the  perfect project for Mother’s Day. I got to sew AND I finished something.

Palomino Pouch - end
Palomino Pouch – end

This is the second one of this pattern I have made. It is a fairly easy project, though the turns on the curved end are tight. Again, I did some fussy cutting, which I think looks nice.

I know this isn’t exactly pink; it’s more peachy, but it does show the range of pinks. I am definitely in the “give me bright pink” like the Bluestem Pouch camp. Still, this is a nice soft look

I was also pleased that the gluing together part worked for me this time. I had a better idea of how to do it and I am sure that helped.

The other thing I did was to sew down the quarter marking areas. I did a few steps over the quarter marking to tack the various pieces in place, then I went around the whole pieces. That worked pretty well, though those curves are tight for my machine.

Palomino Pouch interior
Palomino Pouch interior

The inside looks like an inside.

I used a leftover zipper and one of the zipper pulls from Sew Hungry Hippie. I also forgot to put a label inside. Oh well.

Finished: Little Pyramid Pouches

Little Pyramid Pouches
Little Pyramid Pouches

I finished the Little Pyramid Pouches in the middle of last week.

I am pretty pleased with how they came out. The zipper instructions are exceptional and I am REALLY pleased with the zippers. Mary C did give me a little info, which helped me shorten the zipper

They are a little on the large side. I think I might try the small version even though Mary C said that size was hard to turn.

Little Pyramid pouches
Little Pyramid pouches

This project was a good opportunity to use some of my shorter zippers.I don’t use 6 or 8″ very often, but I have a fair number.

I think I would choose a solid or a tone-on-tone for the accent strip (currently ladybugs) in the future. I think it would highlight the main/exterior fabric.

Still, all the Tula fabric do coordinate so they don’t look awful or anything.

Little Pyramid pouch - interior
Little Pyramid pouch – interior

I pulled out some older fat quarters of dot fabrics for the interior of all of these pouches. I was glad to use some of them that have been hanging around for awhile.

The lining is a little baggy. There were no directions for using a larger seam allowance (though I could have missed them). I’ll have to check to see and then adjust for future versions.

Little Pyramid pouch - back
Little Pyramid pouch – back

This pattern also uses ribbon or sewn tabs and those came out really well also.

You can see the bit of ribbon at the top. I used the leftovers from another project.

This was a fun project. I am going to try the Petunia Pouch next.


Triangle Pouches

Little Pyramid cut out
Little Pyramid cut out

I took advantage of the Sotak Handmade 30% off sale last weekend to buy two patterns I thought were interesting, the Petunia Pouch and the Little Pyramid Pouch. I want to make some small gifts for people at the Retreat, so I cut some fabric for the Little Pyramid Pouch out at Sew Day. I would have bought more, but she has a lot of tote bags and I already have a lot of tote bag patterns.

I have a few of her patterns already. One is the Purse Organizer. I made one for Mom and one for Gerre. It is more of a tablet carrier than a purse organizer. I like the pattern, however. Her free pattern (tutorial?) for scissor cozies is a perennial favorite. I also have the Multi-Pocket Organizer, but I haven’t made that one yet. It is very similar to the Mustang Purse Organizer

It doesn’t look like much in the image above, but I have all of the pieces cut out to make the pouch. I didn’t bring my sewing machine or I would have gotten started.

Pink Palomino Pouch #2

Pink Palomino
Pink Palomino

I started another Palomino Pouch as part of the Pink Project. I wanted to try and succeed at the gluing step that closes up the sides.

I have everything cut out, but have to find a zipper that matches. The fabric is definitely pink, but more of a peachy pink than the Pink Dot Bluestem or the Pink Piebald and I am not sure I have one that will match. I might have to use white or some other contrasting color. I do like it when the zippers look like they belong on the pouch.

Palomino Pouch Finish

Palomino Pouch Finished
Palomino Pouch Finished

The Palomino is finished! I am going to make another one right away. This pouch has only a few pieces and with the way the side panels and zipper are inserted, it is very easy to put together.

This is a gift for a friend and the fussy cutting is important.

Palomino Pouch-lining Finished
Palomino Pouch-lining Finished

It really went together pretty well, in general. I had some trouble inserting the lining. It does have the same glue closure as the Piebald. Not so great as I missed the instruction to stop at the 1/4 inch mark when sewing the lining together, so the edges shredded a bit (Moda fabric) when I ripped out some of the stitching. It would be really helpful to have a free arm when making this pouch.  Now I know, so I’ll do better next time.

No drop-in lining or binding: perfect.

Palomino Pouch-top Finished
Palomino Pouch-top Finished

The zipper I used is one of the set I bought from Sew Hungry Hippie. I wonder if Natalie of SHH collaborates with Tula on the colors? The green matched the butterfly fabric exactly.

I thought it might be a little big, but the pattern called for a handbag zipper. I tried two zipper pulls, but it didn’t work with this pouch design so I took one off.

I took the opportunity to fussy cut the side panels as well. I can’t help that these motifs run into the partial motifs on the main panels, but I still think the side panels look good.


Palomino Pouch Start

Palomino Pouch start
Palomino Pouch start

This is another pattern from Minikins Season 3. For some reason, it struck my fancy and I decided to make it.

One of the things I already like about the pattern is that you sew the zipper to the side panel as one of the first steps. That means that when I sew the zipper to the main panels, I will sew the side pieces as well.

I did some fussy cutting of the Tula butterfly fabric, as you can see.

I had some trouble cutting this out with a rotary cutter, because the side panels have an interior 90 degree angle, which doesn’t work withe a rotary cutter. I ended up drawing lines around the template and cutting it out with scissors. I used WonderClips** to keep the fold in place while I cut the pieces out.

Palomino pouch inside inside
Palomino pouch inside

This picture (right) shows getting ready to sew the zipper and the side panels to the main panels. I used some Frankenfoam and hope that works out. I used some quite small pieces. Apparently, I can’t throw anything out! Pouches are a good use for Frankenfoam, however.

Palomino pouch in process
Palomino pouch in process

This is the same picture as above, but from the top. Stay tuned for the finishing.







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Mermaid I Spy

I still don’t really have a plan for 2024 in terms of sewing. I am just not sure what type of projects I want to focus on. I am starting to think that finishing a lot of UFOs was a bad idea. It left me sort of feeling like I don’t want to generate more UFOs.

Create * Make * Dream I Spy
Create * Make * Dream I Spy

I still want to sew, so I fell back on my potato chip project: the I Spy pouches. I have some templates coming from Sew Sweetness so I thought I would get ahead of the game and make the pouches in advance. The first one I finished was the Mermaid pouch AKA the Create * Make * Dream I Spy.

Create * Make * Dream I Spy - back
Create * Make * Dream I Spy – back

I used a different coneflower colorway than I did in the last I Spy. Surprisingly, I didn’t have as much of it as I thought, so the three pouches I made are sort of scrappy. This one looks relatively normal from the front, but I used a mermaid print for the back.

I bought this fabric on a whim at Cool Cottons in Portland last year, possibly for a bag for my sister. This is the first time I have used it, however. It is a fun fabric and I am glad I will have a little piece of it for myself. I still have enough left to make something for Lil Sissy.

I haven’t put any templates in yet, but it will be used for acrylic bag templates.

Finished: Cal Piebald

Cal Piebald - finished
Cal Piebald – finished

Yes, the Cal Piebald is finished. I think it came out really well. The fussy cutting, as mentioned, looks great!

In this image you can see the long loop I talked about when I started it. I used my own hand to figure out the length and I think it is ok. We’ll see what SIL #4 says.

Cal Piebald - bottom
Cal Piebald – bottom

I also fussy cut the bottom even though it won’t be seen very often.

One of these days, I’ll have to try adding Odicoat to a finished bag to see what happens. I am thinking a lot about what happens when people actually use the bags I give them. I want them to use the bags, so I should prepare them better to be used.

Cal Piebald - back
Cal Piebald – back

This pattern has an interesting stitching pattern for the loop/handle. The directions say to stitch the the part of the loop not attached to the bag with 4 lines before attaching it to the bag. This meant that I had to calculate exactly where the loop hit the bag, thus there was a bit of pfaffing around with my hand in the loop and trying to mark where I thought the loop would end.

Note: if you make the loop the size indicated in the pattern, there is no pfaffing around.

The rest of the loop is stitched to the bag using the four lines again. I think it is pretty secure.

Cal Piebald - interior
Cal Piebald – interior

I think the lining matches really well. It is a little bit baggy, which is weird, but it isn’t terrible, so I am not going to stress about it. I sewed the lining with a fatter seam allowance, so it shouldn’t be baggy. Who knows? Another mystery to try and solve while I make other bags.

So, this is done. I am pleased. I am not sure when I will give it to SIL #4. I’ll see about giving it to her when I see her on the weekend.