Design Wall Monday – February 2019

The last time I did this was back in November. I am not sure why I don’t do it more often. I guess I don’t think about it unless I happen to have a photo of my design wall handy. In this case, Vicki, over at My Creative Corner 3, asked for a picture of what was on our design wall. This is a two birds, one stone kind of post.

Design Wall - February 2019
Design Wall – February 2019

Not much on my design wall this week. Mostly its because I am in between projects -sort of.

Design Wall Feb 2019 - annotated
Design Wall Feb 2019 – annotated
  1. [The Damn] Lobster – Yes, it is still there glaring at me. I really need to do finish this piece. I had an inkling of wanting to do it last week, but it passed.
  2. Fabric of the Year 2018 (and maybe 2019) squares – I am now two quilts behind in the series – 2017 and 2018. FOTY 2017 has been on the design wall recently and will be again. I am re-sorting and counting rectangles so I know the dimensions. I still want to do my Ellsworth Kelly idea for FOTY 2018. I haven’t decided even what shape to use for FOTY 2019. I wondered yesterday if I should combine FOTY 2018 and 2019. It doesn’t fit with the series so far, but if I want to explore the same idea I could just do it once, though doing it twice using the same shape would allow me to use different greys or a black on each one.
  3. Jenny One Block Halo quilt block – This is a test block for the Jen Kingwell/ Jenny from One Block quilt I call Ring Toss.  I thought about making a quilt using this pattern after I bought the templates at PIQF. I really like the templates and the idea of the quilt, but the pieces are too small. This block requires more space. I designed the block in EQ, surviving a rare polygon error, and have yet to print the templates in the larger size. My goal is to try a block in the larger size and see if I want to commit to that quilt. I won’t have the templates, so it won’t be as convenient. I might just give it up. As you know, I have a lot of projects and don’t need anymore.
  4. Spiky 16 patches – These are the blocks for the third Spiky 16 patch donation quilt. I haven’t put it together yet. It is pinned out of the way so I could fit the Green Thing on the design wall and see what I was doing. I haven’t unpinned them, but now that I have finished the other two donation tops on which I was working I can make these blocks into a top.
  5. Mini pre-anything potential donation block – I had one leftover 9 patch from the Octagon 9 Patch. I want to make a donation block out of it, but haven’t quite gotten to it yet. The pieces surrounding it were potential improv additions.
  6. Green donation block in process – as I finished the Green Thing, I needed some leaders and enders, so I  went back to the regular BAM donation blocks and this one is progressing.
  7. Jen Carlton Bailly blocks that I cut wrong – Well, I cut the two circle blocks wrong. The HST is waiting for something to be done to it. I used its sister to try out another technique in the class.
  8. Improv donation block – I did like using up scraps to make the Green Thing. It became unwieldy and heavy and not ideal, so I am not sure I want to do another that large. Yes, I could make it smaller, but I like even baby quilts to be on the larger side. I decided to try making some blocks instead. If I make a bunch of 8.5 inch blocks, they will fit with the 16 patches the guild makes. I can also make enough of them to put together a quilt with just improv blocks. This might be the only one. We’ll see.

I am linking up with Small Quilts and Doll Quilts, the hosting site of Design Wall Monday.