Various & Sundry 2021 #2

If you missed the Altoids tin sewing kit tutorial, I have updated the AQ Tutorials page so you can find it easily.

Martelli rotating mat
Martelli rotating mat

I got a late gift from the YM that didn’t make it into the Birthday Extravaganza post, a Martelli rotating mat**. This is the nicest rotating mat that I have used. I like that the edges are round. They don’t poke me when I am trying to spin it and cut. This is useful right now as I am teaching Peaky & Spike units, equilateral triangles and diamonds. A rotating mat to cut these shapes makes cutting much safer.

I also updated the Sampler Quilt Class page. After posting the setting tutorial, I decided to add a finishing section to my Sampler Class.

Articles, Media, Exhibitions and Shows

I have posted about the EBHQ shows in the past. The EBHQ Voices in Cloth Show  that was cancelled last year can be seen virtually now

Books, Fabrics, Notions

EQ8 and Accuquilt Dies: There are new Add-ons from Lori Miller – Lori has created more EQ8 Block Libraries that work with the Accuquilt GO! Qube and Block on Board (BOB) dies. Check out all the sets she has available in her Etsy shop!

Judy Martin has an index of all of her block and quilt designs available as an ebook.

One of the items I received for my birthday was a Violet Craft seam roller.  Friend Julie swears by it. I don’t do much paper piecing, as you know, but I came across this description and it made me think in a different direction. “The Violet Craft Seam Roller is the perfect tool for all quilters & BAG MAKERS! Used in place of an iron, the rounded barrel places all the pounds of pressure right on the raised seam for a crisp press. The Seam Roller is superior to the iron for foundation paper piecing and is the perfect replacement for on-the-go sewing such as English paper piecing and retreats. Use this to flatten hard to reach seams inside your bag, tight corners, or just getting a vinyl or cork seam to lay flat!” (Italics are mine) This thought provoking description came from the Emmaline Bags newsletter.

I am sure most of you have heard that we should now be wearing masks with 3 layers of fabric. Also in the Emmaline Bags newsletter, I saw a link to Pellon Sew In Cambric Polypropylene Mask Filter Material. I couldn’t find it on Amazon, but only did a quick search. I did find 915 Cambric listed on the Pellon site, but the description doesn’t say anything more about mask making. I also found a ByAnnie product called Mask Filter Material that seems to be similar. More research is required.

Projects, Classes, Patterns & Tutorials

I looked through the In Color Order tutorials and found a lot of good ones. There are a variety of her drawstring bag patterns, too.

Need to bring your charger wherever you go? I feel like I do because my phone’s battery routinely dies in the middle of the day. Of course, since I never go anywhere now, I am just planning ahead with the Sallie Tomato video tutorial on making a Key Fob Cord Keeper.

Charlotte Hawkes has another scrap mystery quilt project going.

Gnome Angel has tutorials for all of the Farmer’s Wife 1930s Sampler** blocks.

Other Artists

Sarah Goer has list of goals for 2021. I like it that she included life and business goals as well as quilt goals. I also really like her quilt goal “use pretty fabric.” That should be a goal for all of us.

Valerie made 36 quilts last year! WOW!

One of my friends, Sonja, has been doing art on paint chips. I know this sounds crazy, but her work is fantastic and these aren’t ordinary paint chips. The Kelly Moore Essential Color Set is like a tablet of small art canvases. You can see the fabulous work that Sonja is doing on her KM Color Set on her Instagram feed. Pokey Bolton spoke with Sonja in an IG Live Interview.








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