ColorPlay: deYoung Flowers

This week’s photo was a bad choice. It is a gorgeous group of flowers and I really like the image, but there isn’t enough diversity in the colors to make interesting palettes. As a result, after the default palette, I stuck to monochromatic palettes. Green: the green looks really brown – or yellowish brown- in … Continue reading “ColorPlay: deYoung Flowers”

ColorPlay: Ruth’s Flower

DH and I went over to my MIL’s house last night to get the mail and take out the garbage. On my way up the stairs, I saw that one of her flowers had bloomed. Better late than never, I suppose. It was still perfect. I thought I would use it as my ColorPlay image … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Ruth’s Flower”

ColorPlay: Year of Colour pt.2

I am not being a snob by spelling color as “colour”. That is how it is spelled on the app/website. You can try it out Year of Colour and find out what colors you post most. I have been actively seeking out brightly colored images so my palettes would be virtually neutral free. The one … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Year of Colour pt.2”

ColorPlay: Pumpkin Pie

In honor of Thanksgiving, I chose a picture of my pumpkin pie filling in process. I make a maple pumpkin pie. I found the recipe in a Bon Appetit magazine when I first contributed to Thanksgiving about a zillion years ago. Nobody has complained so I keep making it that way. We remodeled our kitchen … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Pumpkin Pie”

ColorPlay: Shirt

I went to the Retreat last weekend. While there, SIL suggested I do a ColorPlay post on G’s shirt. I thought it would be great because there were a lot of bright-ish colors. The default was …neutral, as usual. The Earth looks a little purple. The first non-default palette is my favorite. I went to … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Shirt”

ColorPlay: Freeway View

The weather this week has been good. It has not been deathly hot and there have been some lovely clouds. I took a photo while out on a lunchtime walk, which I decided to use for this week’s ColorPlay. We are using Bella Solids instead of Kona Solids this week. I tried to click the … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Freeway View”

ColorPlay: Kahlo Detail

The image I chose comes from the detail of a painting by Frida Kahlo called The Bride Who Becomes Frightened When She Sees Life Opened. You can find more of the interpretation of this painting on the website. I saw this painting at the  Heard Museum in Phoenix. It was one of an exhibit … Continue reading “ColorPlay: Kahlo Detail”