Supplies I Like and Use

Supply List Below are the basic supplies I use when I teach my quilt class. I have also included others supplies I like and use when I make my own quilts. I will update this page as new items come to my attention. Most of the  links are affiliate links. If you click and buy, … Continue reading “Supplies I Like and Use”

Various & Sundry 2018 n.6

I am kind of slacking on Various & Sundry posts this year for some reason. Oh well, life, I suppose, or just busyness. Doing Good I have mentioned Covered in Love projects before. Valerie of Evening in the Garden Quilts contributes regularly. If you need just need to sew, this group will take all the … Continue reading “Various & Sundry 2018 n.6”

Book Review: The Fussy Cut Sampler

The Fussy Cut Sampler: 48 Quilt Blocks from Your Favorite Fabrics by Nichole Ramirez On first glance, this is a block dictionary. In leafing through the book, I see some classic blocks and others that appear to be modern adaptations of classics. The difference is the fussy cutting and the modern fabrics. The book has … Continue reading “Book Review: The Fussy Cut Sampler”

Finished: Hansel and Gretel Set

ColorPlay and the Creative Spark will return soon! Yay! This set is finished! A little more than a year after I got it, it is finished, signed, sealed and sent off. The quilt in this set was probably the easiest part. I did a pillowcase binding and then sunk the threads. It is a pretty … Continue reading “Finished: Hansel and Gretel Set”

QuiltCon 2018 Day 2

ColorPlay and the Creative Spark will return soon! Day 2 of QuiltCon 2018 started out slowly. We didn’t have any classes and our lecture wasn’t until late, so we lazed around a little bit in the hotel. It may not have been the wisest move, because I poured hot water all over my hand and … Continue reading “QuiltCon 2018 Day 2”

Book Review: NY Beauties and Flying Geese

New York Beauties & Flying Geese: 10 Dramatic Quilts, 27 Pillows, 31 Block Patterns by Carl Hentsch I am a fan of both Flying Geese and New York Beauties. The recent combinations of the two that have been cropping up on Instagram are very appealing. While I have about a thousand projects on my want-to-do … Continue reading “Book Review: NY Beauties and Flying Geese”

Finished: Boxcar Tote

Nota bene: Clearly, I have to make sure I have two extra days worth of posts ready to publish before I go on a trip. I returned on Wednesday night from Phoenix, but have been so busy the past two days that I didn’t finish either this post or the ColorPlay postI had planned to … Continue reading “Finished: Boxcar Tote”

Creative Spark #12: Go Window Shopping

“Retail, in our capitalist society, has cornered the market on creativity in so many ways” (pg.53). I have to say that the opening line makes me happy and sad. Sad, because retail=shopping=spending money, sometimes unnecessarily. Happy, because creative people work in retail who create beautiful environments that are free to peruse. We have to just … Continue reading “Creative Spark #12: Go Window Shopping”