Birthday Wishes!

How lucky am I ? I got a blog post all about me, except for the little bit about Jake. Kristen is the best. Thanks, dear!

Happy Birthday, Jake and Jaye

Today is also Jaye’s birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JAYE!!!! i met jaye on a fabulous quilting yahoogroup about 7 years ago – maybe w little more than that now – i met her when lydia told me i had to join the group – all the cool people were doing it *heh heh* it turned out that jaye actually lived within 100 miles of where *I* lived, so we’ve gotten to meet a handful of times. of course, i have since moved, so i’m now closer to 300 miles away from her, but we managed to meet up last year. i wish we could get together more often. she has an amazing son – irene and i got to visit with him as well last year when we met up. anyway, you should check out her website b/c it’s got lovely bright colors and she always has creatively inspiring tidibits. check out her flowering snowballs and her pineapples and her thoughts on dots! maybe even leave a comment and wish her a happy birthday!
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