Pineapple Work Continues

I am studiously ignoring the Pineapple problem and trying to soldier on. These are the nine blocks that now have corners on them and fit fairly well together. I am tempted to sew them together, because I think it would give me a boost. One thing I did, without thinking, when I started cutting corner triangles was make too many of one color. Now I am just making two of each. I am hesitating sewing these together because I don’t want too many of the same corners to be near each other. These look fine, but…. I guess I am not feeling confident in general about this project.

Author: Jaye

Quiltmaker who enjoys writing and frozen chocolate covered bananas.

6 thoughts on “Pineapple Work Continues”

  1. I saw these yesterday and wanted to make sure I came back to tell you how great they look! If I needed pick a word to describe them VIBRATE would be the one!

  2. I covet these blocks. I want to send you some dots, and I’m curious how another black/dark backgrounded spotty fabric would play just as the last teensy piece of the corners… or red? Or sky blue? Wishing either of us lived closer to the other! Cami

  3. Jaye, darling, don’t overthink! The blocks are fabulous and the corners are such a tiny part of the overall design that I don’t think you need to worry about them being too-much-alike. Go ahead and stitch them together! – TFQ

  4. Thanks to all of you for your support! I appreciate it as it is really keeping me going with these frustrations.
    Jeanne: I stitched two together and will post them soon.
    Camilla: Send away! I love dots and will take all I can get. I will send you the instructions for making gift bags, if you think it is something that you might want to teach in your shop?
    Deirdre: I love the colors and am thrilled with how they look singly. If I could get them together, I am sure I would love that look, too! LOL!

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