Black Strip #2 Donation Top Continues

Black Strip #2 in process
Black Strip #2 in process

I am using this project for leaders and enders, so it isn’t progressing as quickly as it might otherwise. Still, progress is good.

These are the additional blocks I made, some of which were rejected from Black Strip [#1].

It has that weird shape again and I don’t have enough additional blocks to make it wider. Not having additional blocks is a good thing in terms of scraps as it means I am working through my scraps (making room for more!). On the other hand, it is a not ideal situation for actually using the quilt. I might have to go with wider sides and narrower top/bottom when I do the borders.

Grey Strip Donation Top Started

Grey Strip - sashed
Grey Strip – sashed

I am going great guns on clearing out that black-grey-brown scrap drawer. This is the second quilt I have started using scraps to make blocks.

I want to get it done quickly, but vacation is over and work takes time, so I’ll work on it as I can.

Black Strip Blocks with Cornerstones

Black Color Strip donation block with cornerstones
Black Color Strip donation block with cornerstones

I spent some time yesterday, before I started cooking and wrapping, cutting sashing strips and cornerstones. I thought about putting colors in the cornerstones, but ultimately decided that I would stick with black. My goal, after all, is to clear out that scrap bin.

I wanted to get all the pieces cut so I would be able to sew if I had a few minutes in between the crazy. I tried  all day yesterday to press a gift and that hasn’t gotten done, so I doubt I’ll find the time. Still, I am making progress.

Comparing Black Strip Blocks

Even though I finished enough blocks to make the Black Color Strip donation top, I continued to make blocks. After all, I had more strips. I don’t have quite enough for two donation tops, but I am getting there.

I am nearing the end of my stash of black strips, but I still have a few blocks coming together. As I finish these new blocks, I have replaced a few of the original blocks you saw in the previous post. I thought I would show you a comparison and see what you thought.

I have added the dates so you can see the difference. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

All of the Black Strip Donation Blocks

All of the Black Strip donation blocks
All of the Black Strip donation blocks

I have been busy making these blocks. I should have been doing other things, but I wasn’t. I just sewed after work, then sat with my DH.

As you can see, I have enough to make a quilt. I am going to start sewing the sashing on soon.

I am thinking of using pink cornerstones and a thin pink border. I like the black and pink color combination. The problem is that this would be a great boy quilt and pink would ruin that. Red might be a good alternative. I’ll have to see.

I still have more strips and am still working on making the grey blocks. My black/grey/brown scrap draw isn’t empty, but it is much emptier. That is a huge bonus as I can actually close it now.

Black Color Strip Donation Blocks – in Process

28 Black Strip donation blocks
28 Black Strip donation blocks

I rearranged the blocks I have made and put them up on the design wall. I like this arrangement much better, but am wondering if I should add another row on top and another column on the side?

I have more scraps, so I think I will just keep making blocks for awhile and see. I can always make a second quilt where this size block has more chunks than strips. Or I can add more blocks to this quilt. We’ll see.

Progress on Black Strip Donation Top

30 Black Strip donation blocks
30 Black Strip donation blocks

I finished enough blocks since I last posted on Saturday to look at this top as a rectangle.

One thing I noticed when I was looking at the last donation top I made was that the blue top was a weird shape and I had to adjust it with a border. In this case, the number and arrangement of blocks I have made are the same as that blue strip top. I don’t want to end up with a weirdly shaped quilt, so I need to figure out if I have enough strips to make 5 more blocks of if I should put the top row on the side and save one block for another rainbow version?

Black Strip & Chunk Donation Blocks

First, I already know that black is not a color. Black “results from the absence or complete absorption of visible light. It is an achromatic color, without hue, like white and grey. It is often used symbolically or figuratively to represent darkness.” (Wikipedia) I chose a Wikipedia link, because I am lazy.

27 donation blocks
27 donation blocks

Next, I have made 27 of these blocks and my scrap drawer is still pretty full. Granted, the scrap drawer in which I keep the black also has brown (very little) and brown related fabrics, like taupe, as well as grey. I’ll have to make an improv version in black to use up more of my scraps.

Third, I was on the fence about making a black donation top. I thought it would be depressing. I am not finding this collection of blocks depressing. It isn’t primary color cheerful, but I think there is plenty of white, which is good. Someone will like it, right?

I thought 27 blocks would be the right amount, but I need at least 30 to make a rectangular quilt. I may add another column, as well. I still have strips sets in progress, so I know I can make at least 3 more blocks, then we’ll see. If I only have chunks and odd shaped scraps left, I’ll have to leave it at 6×5 and start the black improv version.

My last strip donation quilt was blue, so this is a change.

Finally, yes, you are going to see these blocks in the end of the month donation block post, but I bet you’ll forget by then.

Red Improv Donation Quilt Finished

Red Improv donation quilt finished
Red Improv donation quilt finished

Also thanks to Erin, the Red Improv donation quilt is done. This one is also more than 4 years old.

Along with the Orange Improv version from the other day, seeing this quilt finished reminds me of how great this process is. It makes me want to make more

The other color versions that I have made over time are really awesome as well and add to the idea of making more.

Right now my black, grey and brown drawer is overflowing. I have made a few black strip blocks, the first step in my process, but not enough to clear out my drawer. I talked about it with guild members the other day about cheerful quilts. Black is not always a cheerful quilt color like pink or orange. Someone suggested doing a two color version. I don’t think I am ready to branch out from the monochromatic parameters of the project so far.

White Strip Donation Quilt Finished

White Strip Donation Quilt: finished
White Strip Donation Quilt: finished

Leann brought the White Strip Donation Quilt to the meeting last weekend. It has been a long while in coming, but she quilted it and was finishing the binding. I am so pleased to see it done.

I finished the top in 2019, so it has been languishing for awhile. Fortunately, fabric doesn’t go bad. There is something about this one that I really like. Soon, I will have enough scraps to make another.

Finished: Blue Strip #3 Donation Top

Blue Strip #3 Donation Top
Blue Strip #3 Donation Top

I finished the Blue Strip #3 donation top and back in the nick of time to take to Sew Day on Saturday.

As I mentioned, it was a weird shape, so I made an effort to widen it by making the side border strips larger than the top and bottom border strips.

It is still very much more rectangular than square, but more of a bed shape than a weird shape.

I’ll have to work on a blue color improv quilt like the others as I still have quite a few blue scraps. They seem to multiply when I am not looking. LOL!

Peggy, as usual, was very complimentary and happy to receive it. I plan to make another one using greys or blacks or both. The scrap drawer with greys, blacks and browns is very full.

Blue Strip #3 Heading Towards Finish

Blue Strip #3 donation top without borders
Blue Strip #3 donation top without borders

I had time this week to work on this donation top. I was able to finish putting the blocks together into a top.

The top is a weird shape – kind of long and skinny. I probably should have put the top row of blocks on the side to make it more square. I didn’t, however, so I will put a larger border on the sides than on the top to see about making it more square.

The pink cornerstones add a little spark to the top.

Color Strip Donation Blocks Ready

Color Strip blocks laid out
Color Strip blocks laid out

I am ready to put the Blue Color Strip blocks together. I have made all the blocks and laid them out on my small design wall, ready to sew. I hope to get the quilt ready to hand in on Sew Day in July.

I looked at the previous quilts and didn’t want to do the same thing, but also am not up for a lot of fancy piecing.

It came to me in a flash to add some pink cornerstones!!

Rainbow Strip #2 Donation Top Started

I started, sort of, the next Rainbow Strip donation top. I finished the first one in September of last year. Mostly what this means is that when I am delving into a scrap bin and come up with strips, I make a Color Strip block from it.

Recently I have been making blue strip blocks and I have a lot of them. I think I will have to make a blue Color Strip donation top.

I don’t know if I will use all of these since 6 is a lot of any one color. We’ll see.

This group adds to the yellow, green, grey and pink blocks I already have.