Winter Stillness

Lisa Call had a lovely post on her blog yesterday. It was all about stillness and things that winter is good for (resting, regrouping, being quiet). Nice to remember.

As an aside, Lisa and I have Internet-known each other since about 1992 or 1993. We were on the original quilt listserv, QuiltNet and I was in a block swap that Lisa organized.

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Today was gray and cloudy and bitter cold. It was the first day it really felt like winter this year. Driving to work in the snow, not seeing the sun all day. Too cold to be outside.

It was fabulous! I loved it. Winter is a time to take stock in where we are and rest. To sit for a while and just let things be with needing to go muck with them. It’s such a great time to get quiet and enjoy a bit of stillness. Nothing ever seems as silent as watching the snow fall.

The short days, the cold cold nights, the sunless colorless sky – to me these are all signs of really amazing things to come. Without this quietness the brightness of spring wouldn’t feel so wonderful.

I found great joy in being in the stillness today and am reminded of the growth that will come as a result of this rest.

Happy Winter everyone!

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Getting to Know Lizzie B Cre8ive

I was listening to the Quilting Stash podcast today and Annie was interviewing Elizabeth Hawkins x2. Yes, that’s right, the owners of Lizzie B Cre8ive are both named Elizabeth Anne Hawkins. I am generally interested in hearing interviews with designers and these ladies seem to have their act together in the business end of things. Later I went and looked at their website, blog and subscribed to their podcast. I wasn’t able to find their Facebook group, so that will have to wait. Perhaps I am going overboard a bit, but I am feeling a lack of creative stimulation lately. It doesn’t seem to be bothering my production as the Eye Spy is coming along nicely.

Lizzie B is essentially a pattern company. I usually don’t do patterns, so I probably won’t buy anything from them, but they do have some nice bag patterns. If I can figure out how to make them useful, perhaps I will make one. In the meantime, I will just admire. I did find that the photos and text on their website and blog were rather small and hard for me to see. Perhaps it is time for a trip to the eye doctor!

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