PIQF 2009: Last Thoughts

I am very grateful to have a show of this magnitude nearby. I always leave feeling like I must go straight home and play with fabric. I usually don’t get to play with fabric, but thinking about it is half the work.

While I don’t always like the quilts that people enter, I respect the fact that:

  1. they entered the show
  2. they had the discipline to get the quilt done
  3. there is an abundance of color
  4. the vendors show up, create beautiful booths and have fabric for me to buy
  5. quiltmakers have taken the time to get their quilts finished
  6. people are trying new things
  7. quiltmakers are still in love with their machines and continue to push them to the limit

I would like to see the Mancusos shake things up a bit. I am not sure how, perhaps rearrange the quilts and vendors, have a tote bag or ATC display, have a display of blogger’s work (there are some great bloggers not the least of which are Posy Gets Cosy and Sew Mama Sew).  It was nice to see some new vendors at the show (due to Houston being held at the same time) and the vendors being rearranged a bit.