Brain Dead Projects

It's a Merry & Bright Wrap!
It's a Merry & Bright Wrap!

I have had some time to reflect on this project. I realized that “brain dead projects” have a place in my quiltmaking process.

“Brain dead project” sounds fairly derogatory and I don’t mean the concept to be.  To me, a brain dead project is a project that I can work on that has very few decisions involved. I have put off writing this post while I tried to think of a better term.  I haven’t succeeded yet. I am sure one of my brilliant readers will come up with one.

Quiltmaking is, in a way, an intellectual process for me. My normal way of working is that something intrigues me – a block, a fabric, a tool – and I start playing with it. The circles are a good example. I saw a quilt, began thinking about how to make it and what I wanted to convey and ended up in a class. The process with the circle quilt is not over by a long shot. It is still in the percolating process.

Sometimes, my normal process takes too much thinking. The It’s a Merry & Bright Wrap quilt was the perfect project when I needed just to sew. I didn’t have to choose the colors (except for a couple of background additions) and I didn’t have to figure out the piecing. I bought the pattern, which was a choice, but after that, it was basic sewing and pressing. I only had to focus on the more technical details of putting the quilt together.

I need this kind of project sometimes. It keeps my hands busy and allows my mind to wander. When I made this top (which still needs borders) I was having a hard time and the fewer decisions the better.

I am happy with the way the quilt turned out (so far) and that I got to learn to use a Jelly Roll. Yes, my quilt looks like everyone else’s. Sometimes that is ok.