On the Design Wall

Design Wall 4/28/2011
Design Wall 4/28/2011

I have to clear off the design wall so I can create the samples and step outs for the quilt class. Taking a good look at the design wall made me realize that it is kind of being used as another dumping ground and more spring cleaning is required. So, before I clear it off, here is a tour.

Upper left: four patches. I cut scraps up into 2″ squares and sew them together into four patches. I use these patches as ‘Leaders and Enders’ a la Bonnie Hunter.  This means that I sew together squares rather than just using scraps to start off my chain piecing. I do this so that I can accomplish something as I am starting and ending chain piecing.

Middle top: FOTY 2011 patches. More about these later.

Upper right: Sampler quilt patterns/red and aqua quilt. I may do something else with red and aqua, but the sampler is a good project for these fabrics since I can’t think of anything else.

Very upper right: Nine patch made by the Young Man when he was a Cub Scout. I want to do something significant with it, but haven’t decided what yet.

Lower left: more four patches in progress.

Middle middle: FOTY 2010 test piece. I would like to use it to test the border treatment I want to use for the Original Bullseye quilt. I think this test project will end up higher on the to do list sooner than I thought, because I need that space on the design wall.

Middle middle towards right: rectangles for another quilt like the purple quilt. Right now these bricks are being used as leaders and enders.

Next to this series of bricks is a Big T block that will be the front of a Teacher Pillow for the Science Teacher. I don’t like the name of that blocks. I don’t have a better name, but I think Big T is uninspired.

Bottom right: hexagon test piece.

Border: all around the border are things that I enjoy looking at. I have won 2 ribbons (right) in the far and distant past, but I like to look at them to remind myself that I am able to win ribbons.

ATCs 4/29/2011
ATCs 4/29/2011

I find that a good way to display ATCs is using those badge holders I get from conferences. It also prevents the badge holders from being thrown out. I like them for ATC display, because I can clip them together.The ATCs are small and this display makes more of an impact.

It is a little quilt art gallery that I can change easily. I can change both the configuration of the badge holders as well as the ATCs displayed very easily.