Quick Update

My weekend was completely embroiled with quilt meetings and family events. I had a few minutes here and there, but never seemed to be able to settle down to write. That meant that none of the posts I usually prep on the weekends got done. I didn’t get any sewing done and didn’t write any book reports, so I really didn’t have much to write about any way.

I stayed home from work on Monday and sewed all day except for going to they gym in the morning and taking the Young Man to an appointment.

Grape Basket for English Teacher
Grape Basket for English Teacher

I cut this block out at the BAMQG meeting on Saturday and then sewed it together on Monday. I have made a lot of baskets in my day and found this one to be a bit on the tricky side. Exhaustion could have played a factor. 😉

I chose the colors to go with the pillow I made for this same teacher last year. You can see the 2010 pillows and compare.

I was also held up by the labels. I have the Young Man draw on a piece of paper to make the label. I have to mark the seam allowances, so his art does not get cut off and it took me awhile to site down and do it. Now it is done and I can progress.