On the Design Wall

Design Wall 4/28/2011
Design Wall 4/28/2011

I have to clear off the design wall so I can create the samples and step outs for the quilt class. Taking a good look at the design wall made me realize that it is kind of being used as another dumping ground and more spring cleaning is required. So, before I clear it off, here is a tour.

Upper left: four patches. I cut scraps up into 2″ squares and sew them together into four patches. I use these patches as ‘Leaders and Enders’ a la Bonnie Hunter.  This means that I sew together squares rather than just using scraps to start off my chain piecing. I do this so that I can accomplish something as I am starting and ending chain piecing.

Middle top: FOTY 2011 patches. More about these later.

Upper right: Sampler quilt patterns/red and aqua quilt. I may do something else with red and aqua, but the sampler is a good project for these fabrics since I can’t think of anything else.

Very upper right: Nine patch made by the Young Man when he was a Cub Scout. I want to do something significant with it, but haven’t decided what yet.

Lower left: more four patches in progress.

Middle middle: FOTY 2010 test piece. I would like to use it to test the border treatment I want to use for the Original Bullseye quilt. I think this test project will end up higher on the to do list sooner than I thought, because I need that space on the design wall.

Middle middle towards right: rectangles for another quilt like the purple quilt. Right now these bricks are being used as leaders and enders.

Next to this series of bricks is a Big T block that will be the front of a Teacher Pillow for the Science Teacher. I don’t like the name of that blocks. I don’t have a better name, but I think Big T is uninspired.

Bottom right: hexagon test piece.

Border: all around the border are things that I enjoy looking at. I have won 2 ribbons (right) in the far and distant past, but I like to look at them to remind myself that I am able to win ribbons.

ATCs 4/29/2011
ATCs 4/29/2011

I find that a good way to display ATCs is using those badge holders I get from conferences. It also prevents the badge holders from being thrown out. I like them for ATC display, because I can clip them together.The ATCs are small and this display makes more of an impact.

It is a little quilt art gallery that I can change easily. I can change both the configuration of the badge holders as well as the ATCs displayed very easily.


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2 thoughts on “On the Design Wall”

  1. Reading your blog instead of working on getting my studio back to sewing mode! I DID make some progress but mostly only in moving things from point A to point B.
    I have my CPP on my little design wall. Not sure what will become of it. I HAVE saved all the words.
    I think I am full of excuses. 😛
    I like looking at your blog because I am almost always inspired to do things. Now if only you had a magic boot that came from the computer to my butt to make me get moving! lol

    1. Go to your studio and clean stuff! Clean stuff so you can make stuff. Just do one pile (preferably on your cutting table so you can cut).

      I don’t know yet if I will continue the CPP. I’d like to see more people participate, but I don’t feel I can do something just to get other people to do it. Still thinking on it.

      I could do a lot with a magic boot like that. Great idea!

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