Various & Sundry #23

Quilt World News
Modern Day Quilts had an interview with Denyse Schmidt. I agree with a lot of what she says, though I don’t think I would want to be a monk.

Speaking of Denyse Schmidt, did you know that Free Spirit will be re-releasing Flea Market Fancy again? I haven’t heard when, though. Soon, I think.

There was a very article on Jean Ray Laury in a recent issue of QNM. The article is more about her life than about her death, which I wrote about in March. It is an article I am going to cut out and keep. Lots of good inspiration.

Some photos of Burning Man with a sewing twist. Love the Steampunk look of the vehicles. I think admiration of Steampunk is a whole segment of my personality that I have not even begun to explore. I’ll have to go there a different day.

I checked into the whole Carolina Patchworks business using some contacts and resources at work. No lawsuit has been filed; she received a cease and desist letter, which is, as you might imagine, a letter. A nasty and scary letter, but a letter. As with many legal issues, things take time. People bluster. People propose. People think. People counter. All of these steps take time. Emily is smart to keep her mouth shut on the issue and I urge you, regardless of how curious you are, not to ask her.

I think Emily did the angry designer a real service by not naming names. From the comments to Emily’s post, it appears that people are angry and will boycott the angry designer, if they knew who it was. I am not saying this is fair or a good thing to do. I am merely commenting.

I don’t know how I found this image, but I thought it was interesting. Trees have been on my mind since the Primal Green show ended. Also, having Jill participate in the Creative Prompt Project again has made me get interested in paper cuts/Scherrenschnitte. I know about it from Austria, but haven’t tried it recently. I’ll have to see what I can produce.

Creativity and Process
Maureen sent a short list of books about fear and the creative process from the Brainpickings newsletter to me. How many of these do you have? How many have you read?

Sarah has a picture dictionary of hand embroidery stitches. Big deal, you say? This is cool, because she has organized them into stitch families – all of the back stitches together, all of the chain stitches together. Sarah also uses pretty colors. I could have really used this when working on Kissy Fish.

Christina has a very clear tutorial on making a machine sewn Cathedral window block. I never thought of making one, but looking at her instructions make me think that I could try it. Or add it to the Sampler class! Watch out, Frances. 😉 I like Christina’s blog as well. She says in one post “ new hobby is napping. And that’s how mid-November just sprung up on me out of nowhere.” That is how I feel. She also made me laugh, which is always a good thing.

Katie of hte famous Katie’s Quilting Corner podcast has tutorial on making half square triangles (triangle squares) using the paper fish method. In her tutorial, she has a printable sheet for the fish and the HSTs come out the same size as the HSTs using 5″ charm squares in my Triangle Technique tutorial.

I am not the only one. One of the editors at C&T enumerated her works in process and, while I know a lot of people have UFOs, I feel better when I see someone else put them out there.

Many of us are heading into the holiday time of year, which is also the I-have-no-time-to-post-comments-to-blogs time of year. Remember that your bloggers love comments so take a moment to read a post and comment on something in it. Thanks!