Judy Martin Books

Judy Martin Books Nov.2011
Judy Martin Books Nov.2011

A few weeks ago, Judy Martin had one of her famous book sales. These sales involve sending her $25 and getting back 3 random books. It is a risk, but this time I received two books I didn’t have: Patchwork Among Friends (her new one) and Stellar Stars.

If you would like to win the Ultimate Rotary Cutting Reference, leave a meaningful comment (anyone who writes something similar to “Shiny! Please enter me! I would love to win” will not be entered). I know it takes time to write comments. I enjoy reading them so write me a comment that takes a few minutes.

Anyone reading this on Creating the Hive or FB or any other source where this blog is syndicated should come to this post and comment. Deadline is December 15, or there abouts.

Hope you win!


Update 12/17/2011: Comments are closed! The winner has been selected and notified.